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"I do not need to learn anything else."

Translation:Ní theastaíonn uaim aon rud eile a fhoghlaim.

December 3, 2014



Could I use -Ni gá dom aon rud eile a fhoghlaim.- wwould it convey the same message?


That's what I entered. Interested to know if it is acceptable.


I also said that. I don't know why it wasn't accepted. Maybe there is something incorrect about it


There is a certain overlap in the phrases, but to me, there's nonetheless bit of a difference between "ní gá dom..." and "ní theastaionn uaim..." The first, to me, come across more as "I don't have to / am not compelled to" and the second doesn't have that implication of compulsion. I could need to do something, but not have to, in the sense that no one will make me do it if I choose not to... If that makes any sense at all....


Could you use 'níl' instead of 'ní theastaíonn'? i.e 'Níl uaim aon rud eile a fhoghlaim'


Would this also be correct? "Níl de dhíth orm aon rud eile a fhoghlaim."


Why can you not put "uaim" at the end of the sentence here?


What was the translation? It doesn't offer one here that I can see.


"Ní theastaíonn uaim aon rud eile a fhoghlaim". I wrote "Ní theastaíonn aon rud eile a fhoghlaim uaim" and it was wrong.


You can only put a noun (phrase) between teastaigh and ó. So if you're using anything with a verb, it'll come after the ó whih directly follows teastaigh


In that case, would "níl aon rud eile uaim a fhoglaim" also be correct Irish.


Is a verbal noun phrase not considered a nominal in Irish?


What's a nominal?

The verbal noun in rud a fhoghlaim is a verb.


A nominal in English just means a noun, or a pronoun, or noun phrase, or anything acting like a noun. Phrases like 'to learn something' (verbal noun phrases, where it's in the name!) are nominals in English. For example, you can say, 'to learn is a godly act' - because it's in the subject position, you can tell it's a nominal. I guess it must not be the same in Irish, if you can't put a VN phrase between teastaigh and ó.


Is níl aon rud eile a fhoghlaim uaim wrong?


Yes. See halcyondais post above.

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