"Museet har många tavlor."

Translation:The museum has many paintings.

December 3, 2014

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Is tavla related to the French word tableau, or is that just pure coincidence?


According to Wiktionary, it originates from the German word tafel, which is in turn derived from the Latin word tabula, which is also the origin of the French word tableau. So it's a cognate but not a loanword, which is hinted at by how (in my experience) French loanwords are usually much more similar. If originated as a French loanword I imagine it would look like tablå.

Source: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/tavla


En teckning, flera tavlor? Seems quite a leap....


Tavla = painting with a frame Målning = painting Teckning = drawing Skiss = sketch Ritning = (blue) prints


Does it absolutely have to be painted though? Could a framed work of art in charcoal be a tavla? A framed print of the Mona Lisa?


"målning" has to be painted, but "tavla" is more general, and can be drawings and photos etc. It is also used in some non-artistic words like "griffeltavla/svarta tavlan" (black board) or "stentavlor" (stone tablets)


The singular of "tavlor" is "tavla". "Teckning" is "drawing".


Sorry, but this is wrong. Tavla is a general term for a picture; a painting is en målning. Therefor "... many pictures.", should be accepted.


Why is it wrong to say here pictures instead of paintings?


A picture can be a photograph or a sketch

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