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  5. "Usually I eat a sandwich."

"Usually I eat a sandwich."

Translation:Normaal gesproken eet ik een boterham.

December 3, 2014



Where can this adverb "normaal gesproken" go in a sentence? I wrote "Ik eet normaal gesproken een boterham" and it was accepted, and I see in the default answer "normal gesproken" is at the beginning with the subject and verb inverted.

Can the adverb go anywhere in the sentence? If so, which times should the subject and verb be inverted?


Second this question! Although I did it the other way around = I put "normaal gesproken" at the start and it just felt right to me to invert the subject and verb, but I don't really know why! :¬P


Yes, normaal gesproken usually is at the beginning of the sentence. Then the subject and verb should be inverted. It's like "today i ate a hamburger" -> "vandaag heb ik een hamburger gegeten"


Does "normaal gesproken" mean "generally speaking"?


Something likevthat, I think it's closer to normally.


With "normaal gesproken," do we also invert the verb/subject? And does this happen with other times we start a sentence with an adverb as well?


as far as I know, yes, after an adverb there is subject/verb inversion.

I'm only learning Dutch, just like you guys, but I've only heard (this far, just watching a movie occasionally or when my husband speaks Dutch with his family over Skype) 'normaal gesproken'/'normaal gezien' at the beginning of the sentence.


Ha, it's funny to look back on this question I had a year ago and know the answer. ;) It turns out that if you start the sentence with anything other than the subject, you invert the subject and the verb. Hope this helps anyone else confused here. :)


I have a technical question: how do you use bold and italics here? I haven't been able to find my way around it. Thnx!


Hey, sorry for the late response. Bold and italics use asterisks. Here's a link to a post on formatting: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2591660


No worries! Thnx for replying!


Shouldn't "Ik eet vaak een boterham" be correct as well?

What is usual, is happening often, and therefor I think "Ik eet vaak een boterham" should be a correct translation of "Usually I eat a sandwich"


I usually eat a sandwich. I normally eat a sandwich.

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