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  5. "They are on the horse."

"They are on the horse."

Translation:Tá siad ar an gcapall.

December 3, 2014


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after only using the mobile app for a while, I eventually found out that the web version is more complete. This would be an excellent thing to tell folks.

April 28, 2015


Where do you find the rules or notes about a section? I just seem to find things out along the way but reading the grammar rules would be helpful.


You will find them on the Web version of the course, under the "Tips and notes" heading that goes with each skill.


Maybe it would be helpful to have links to the relevant tips and notes sections in the mobile app, so it opens in a browser. Although most of the time, some helpful friend answers my question here in the comments. I like the overall feeling a lot


I tried chapall and it didn't work.


Probably because we're working on eclipsis and not lenition. :)


Lenition works in other situations.


When do you use eclipsis and when do you use lenition? Do you use them in different scenarios or are they interchangeable?


My question exactly! Would really like some clarification on this.


I've forgotten the rule - why is it "gcapall" instead of "capall"? Thanks!


In a prepositional phrase such as ar an …, the governed noun can be either eclipsed (gcapall) or lenited (chapall). Lenition is preferred in Ulster Irish, and eclipsis is preferred elsewhere.


so why isn't the lenition "chapall" accepted here

EDIT: nevermind! i tried it and it actually worked!


This is not availible in the mobile app?

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Sadly, no. I only use the mobile app for review. For new lessons, I always make sure to use the desktop site so I can take notes from the "Tips and Notes" page.

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