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"Do I need to set the table?"

Translation:¿Necesito poner la mesa?

3 years ago



I put " necesito a poner la mesa." Why is the a not needed here when it is so often in other places where the infinitive is used?

3 years ago


I get the feeling that "tengo que" means "I must" while "necesito" means "I need."

2 years ago


My spanish teacher told us that "Necescito" should be used with an object for something you need to have, like "Necescito zapatos" and "Tengo que" with an action, something you must do, like "Tengo que comprar nuevos zapatos."

2 years ago

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I think most sets of verbs do not need "a" between them.

Voy a comenzar a poner la mesa. = I'm going to start setting the table.

That example has two common uses of "a" between verbs seen on duolingo. "is/are going to + verb" and "start + verb" . Maybe some other uses between verbs but I cannot recall them at the moment.

3 years ago


If you want a long, intimidating list of which verbs are connected with which prepositions, here it is: http://users.ipfw.edu/jehle/courses/VRBSPREP.HTM It's a good idea to learn the preposition together with the verb right from the beginning, when you are first introduced to the verb.

3 years ago

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Intimidating, indeed.

2 years ago

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I put "¿Yo tengo que poner la mesa?" Is this really wrong to put "Yo" or at least put it at the start of the question? ("¿Tengo que poner la mesa?" was given the okay)

2 years ago


necisito que poner la mesa?

why would this be wrong?

2 years ago


"Necesito" isn't used with "que" . . . I can't really give you any special reason why. It just isn't. If you read Mavry's comments above you will see that you could, however, say "tengo que" and that would be an even better answer.

2 years ago


What about "Preciso poner la mesa?"?

1 year ago


I learned that 'tender la mesa' means 'to set the table' from my native Spanish speaking partner. He confirms that it is correct, and more commonly used (at least in Guatemala) than 'Poner la mesa.' My answer "¿Necesito tender la mesa?" was rejected; I have reported it.

11 months ago


I put "necessito poner la meza".... so I guess mispelling shows a clear misunderstanding of the material now... ¿yo no hablo espanol?

9 months ago


I wrote "Tengo DE poner la mesa?" But it's wrong... what do you think?

7 months ago


It's wrong. There are several ways of indicating necessity, but you do need to pair the right preposition with the right verb:

  • Tener + que
  • Haber + de
  • Necesitar (no preposition)

(Also you may run into "es necesario que . . . " followed by a subjunctive instead of an infinitive. But save that for later.)

7 months ago