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"Dal suo punto di vista lui avrebbe avuto tutti i motivi."

Translation:From his point of view he would have had all the reasons.

July 10, 2013



"he would have had every motive" sounds more natural in English than "he would have had all the reasons"

why is the first not accepted?


Can someone help me here. This was marked incorrect as a used the plural 'reasons' not 'reason' is motivi not the plural though?


In English, "every reason" and "all the reasons" are essentially synonymous.


why was "every motive" not allowed?


perhaps it is because motivi is plural for motives/reasons. had every motive would be 'ogni motivo'.


could this be her point of view? Maybe from her point of view someone else had all the reasons, or does that not work grammatically?


Your creativity is stunning. "The man can have had every reason from the woman's point of view" might grammatically be correct but sounds a bit surreal, as if they share one mind.


'all reason' not accepted :(


because here reason is singular you can't say it like that in English " all the reasons or every reason"


My answer was wrong but came up with the corrected version of 'From her point of view he would have etc.' On this discussion page it says 'From his point of view he would have etc.' Do does that mean it can be either or is DL wrong?


I think it can be either. We don't know the context of the sentence.


Every reason marked wrong but much more natural than all the reasons in English. Have reported it


I agree absolutely. "Every reason" should be the correct English translation. You can't translate literally from Italian into English, no more than you can translate literally from English into Italian. But who knows, maybe "ogni motivo" would have sounded better, even in Italian.


I have tried this multiple times and every time one or more words is missing from the available list. Very frustrating!

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