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"Chas an eochair agus d'oscail an doras."

Translation:She turned the key and the door opened.

December 3, 2014



Why is 'opened the door' not acceptable, as opposed to 'the door opened'?


Translating it as “opened the door” would have required another after d’oscail, with the English translation eliding the second “she”.


Would d'oscail an doras really be the best translation here? I feel it says the door opened...something.


Both oscail and “open” can be either transitive or intransitive, so d’oscail and “opened” would be acceptable in their intransitive sense.


Would the briathar saor work here - 'osclaíodh an doras'?


Interesting, so you must always repeat the subject in sentences with more than one clause? In English we could say something like "He woke up, got out of bed, ate breakfast, drank a cup of tea....etc.etc.etc." without repeating "he," but you would have to repeat the subject for every verb in Irish?


Remember that in English, the subject precedes the verb (so it’s easy to elide repeating the subject); but in Irish, the subject follows the verb (and only the autonomous verb conjugations don’t have subjects).


Thank you, that makes sense.

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