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Learning Swedish on Mobile

I understand Swedish is still in the beta phase, but does any one know when it will be supported within the app?

December 3, 2014



I asked this on another thread and one of the course contributors indicated that it may be available on the app before Christmas, but no promises.


Yes, I was also wondering. Danish and Irish are also still in beta, and they are available as mobile apps (as you have noted about Dutch), so hopefully it will arrive soon.


Simetime after it leaves Beta.


The Dutch course is available on mobile and it is still in beta.

If I recall correctly, Dutch (the last course to be released before Swedish) took approximately 3 or 4 months after the beta release to be released on mobile.


You're correct, sorry I had'nt noticed that. It looks like it is one of the last actions before graduating out of Beta and it will also rely on resources from the app development team so will need to fit in with their schedule.


Aww that sucks. Oh well.


Oh, thank you! I suppose it won't be too long then.

[deactivated user]

    I'm really very anxious for app support as well! There are days I'm just not at the computer much or not home and I don't want to ruin my streak! Can't wait!

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