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"The girl designs clothes Wednesday and Thursday."

Translation:Pigen designer tøj onsdag og torsdag.

December 3, 2014



Should there be an om before onsdag og torsdag?


This is my question as well. I have no reason, just language intuition. Maybe having seen "enough" substantives makes me want for some separator.


Either way is acceptable really, but then you'd have to add an -en after onsdag and torsdag


Why is klæder instead of tøj wrong in this phrase?


I'd like to know, too. I used it because I'd like to have a similar word to the Norwegian klær.


Using "klæder" would sound more formal or archaic (like using "garment" in English) and "tøj" is much more common


Perhaps I wanted to sound archaic! (u_u)


Formal does not equal wrong.


Okay, so stick with tøj in Danish then!

Just as an aside, I think I did klæder here, and it didn't work.


Thank you for the complete answer


Can I also say "Pigen designer tøj om onsadgen og torsdagen."?


this translation is very "american". In the US and particularly the press they've got into a habit of saying so and so happened tuesday or toozday as they would say. eg president obama said toozday - to me this means president obama said the word toozday or tuesday. If he said something on tuesday then it should say president obama said on tuesday. I don't know what the danes would say but I put a på in but it was rejected. I was gutted. There is nothing wrong with american words as alternatives such as city for town or sidewalk/pavement. But this particular usage just grates with me as it doesnt make sense. You say tomato, I say tomato, you say either, I say either, let's call the whole thing off. (discuss: tomatö/tomätö iether/either).


wouldn't clothes be tøjer rather than tøj because she is designing more than one clothe.


"Tøj" has no plural form if it means "clothes" in general.


I guess, "tøj" here is used like a substance - like water or sugar.


pigen tegner tøj - why isn't this acceptable?


"Tegner" means to draw something, while "designer" means to design something.


I have the same question as EmineKarak: why “pigen designer tøj om onsdagen og torsdagen” wrong as it is an action that is repeated every week?


I also used klaeder … and would use either om or paa. The sentence said to be correct doesn't sound right.

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