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  5. "Perché tutto questo odio?"

"Perché tutto questo odio?"

Translation:Why all this hatred?

July 10, 2013



"quest'odio" - would this be OK? It did not accept it


Googling suggests it is used, but it only had 26000 hits (which in google terms is tiny) so it probably just wasn't thought of by the people filling in the databases. Report it if you think it should be allowed.


It is correct, but it's not what the voice said. Besides, they are interchangable


I wrote: "Why all of this hatred?"

I was marked wrong. Why is the inclusion of the word 'of' enough to have it marked wrong?


Because the correct answer compilers didn't think of it? Or thought of it and decided against. Because "Why all this hatred?" is used as is in English and there's no 'of' in the Italian sentence?


Your translation is correct.


I have the same question as Frances679245. The question mark at the end suggest that we deal with a complete sentence. Therefore, I was looking for the verb in the sentence, and find the only possible one in odio (I hate), subsequently I translated the sentence as "Why do I hate all this?". Thanks for any explanation!


I believe, in the Italian, as in the English the verb is implied rather than stated here. Why (is there) all this hate/hatred? If odio had been the verb then it would have been probably Perché odio tutto questo?


Thx!!! I guess word order matters.


You're right. I had the same question so I entered the original sentence into Google Translate & it gave Duo's answer. Then I entered 'Perché odio tutto questo?' which became 'Why do I hate all this?' !


Why cannot this be translated as "Why do I hate all this?" Odio can be both a noun and the first person singular of the verb


Yes, I got it like 'Because I hate all this' :)


Why ya'll hate'n? (Please no dislikes xD)


We need a special DL section just for ya'll southerners


Did you try to play this sentence in the slow version? "Perchè" sounds like a demon.


'Hate' and 'hatred' are strong and powerful words for strong and powerful emotions which usually have gruesome consequences and are able to ruin lives. As far as I understand the Italian word for this is 'odio'

DL translates this word also with anger, which - in my book - is a world apart from hatred. While anger is more an uncontrolled response on mostly unspecified triggers which make you feel "attacked", hatred is often an almost "cultivated" and declared emotion towards a target-group of people.

Kids can drive their parents up the tree and the responding emotion might be anger, but it will never be hatred.

I am sure there are enough words to distinguish anger from hatred. If our language(s) do(es)n't make that distinction our thoughts will follow. This way the meaning/assessment of hatred as an emotion and consequential behavior will be trivialized and that's why I will report every DL translation from odio to anger as wrong.


What is the meaning of the sentence?


It is rhetorical. A general statement not meant to be answered.


It means why is there all this hatred (towards something/someone)?


Oh thanks. Isn't there a verb in the sentence?


There doesn't seem to be.


I'll give an example. You are reading the posts for a DL exercise and you see lots of users who seem very angry with DL or sometimes with the Italian language because their translation was not accepted.

You think to yourself: Perchè tutto questo odio? (smiley face goes here)


Perfect example! Thanks


I first understood it as Why everybody hate this - but I guess it would be Perche tutti odia questo


the sentence "Why everybody hates this" translate into --> "Perché tutti odiano questo", Tutti is plural in Italian not singular as it is in English.


That is a really good question actually.


A perche tutto questo serio?


L’elisione è la soppressione (dal latino elisionem ‘ferita’) della vocale alla fine di una parola davanti alla vocale iniziale della parola successiva

• Con questo, quello, alcuna, quanto questo avvenimento ▶ quest’avvenimento quanto altro ▶ quant’altro

Why quest'odio is not accepted? Mr. DL would you please explain?


Actually the phrase quest'odio is understandable, so why DL doesn't accept it as a correct version?


Don't hate the player, hate the game!


Because it feels good


Doesn't the accent go the other way?

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