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  5. "I am counting on you!"

"I am counting on you!"

Translation:Jeg regner med dig!

December 3, 2014



Am I correct in assuming that "regner" is more rely than count? I ask because in this lesson we also have tæller, which is also translated as count, but tæller appears to come from the same root as "tally."


In other contexts, the word "regne" means to calculate (it can also mean to rain) while to count is "tælle". You could think of this sentence as "I can calculate (or work) with you" in the sense that, like numbers and math, I know I can rely on you to work as expected, like you're not suddenly going to make two and two be fifteen :)


I have seen regner as 'figure, calculate, (and now) count on. this new one may only be when conjoined with another pronoun.


jeg stoler på dig, should be right


Isn't that "I trust you"?


If we are calculating something together, would I also write "Jeg regner med dig."?

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