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Sinterklaas Poem Submissions [Winning poems announced!]

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Sinterklaas Poem Writing Event

Please post your Sinterklaas poem entries here! As a reminder, you have until December 5th, 23:59, EST to submit them! You can refer back to the original Sinterklaas thread for all the information on the holiday

Event description!

In light of this celebration we wanted to organize an event. Let’s celebrate Sinterklaas together! Dutch children, adolescents and even adults, when celebrating Sinterklaas with family, friends and even coworkers, engage in gift-giving and poem writing. That’s right. You do not just give a gift to someone you’ve most likely been paired up with anonymously, you also have to write a poem, often in addition to wrapping or hiding the gift in a way, shape or form that resembles a hobby of the other person. For instance, a swimmer would receive a gift box in the form of a pool, a gamer would receive a ‘computer’ containing his gift, etcetera.

Example of surprises:

Since we’re here either learning, practicing and/or teaching Dutch, we challenge you to write a poem. This poem does not necessarily have to be in Dutch, although it would be great to see what you can come up with. Your poem can be written in Dutch, English or both: whichever language you feel the most comfortable with! We will award all serious attempts with 1 lingot. The best five poems will receive a special mention and lingots as well! :)

Specific instructions:

Poems should…..

  • Be at least four lines long
  • Rhyme
  • Should include at least two of these words: Sinterklaas (= Saint Nick), paard (= horse), december (= December), pepernoten (= ginger nuts)
  • Do not use a Sinterklaas poem generator! We’ll know >:|

Here are some other Sinterklaas-related words that you could use in your poems:

  • de staf = the staff
  • de mijter = the mitre (Sint’s hat)
  • de baard = the beard
  • de mantel = the cloak
  • de ring = the ring
  • het sinterklaasboek = the book of Sinterklaas
  • de zak = the sack
  • de chocoladeletter = the chocolate letter
  • de speculaas = a kind of ginger cookie
  • het cadeau = the gift
  • de stoomboot = the steamboot
  • de schoorsteen = the chimney
  • de haard = the fireplace
  • het dak = the roof

Tips for writing a Sinterklaas poem

Dictionary which helps you with rhyming Dutch words!

Some traditional Sinterklaas music while you write!

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