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Can elle be 'He'

I got this question:

Mark all correct translations (more than one can be correct)

He takes my food.

<pre>1 Elle prend ma nourriture. 2 Elle tient ma nourriture. 3 Elle pose ma nourriture. </pre>

Can 'Elle' be 'He' or is it a mistake of Doulingo's?

EDIT: Doulingo marked the first answer as correct. Where and how can I report it?

October 20, 2012



All are wrong. 1) could be right if it started "Il ...". Report it or maybe Remy will pick it up.


Agreed, they're all wrong. The sentences should have used il instead of elle, but technically the first choice is the correct choice if it had used il.


@eranbrodet's edit - Use the feedback tab, middle left.

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