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Strength Bar Lessons

Our goal is to find the best way to teach languages. One of the key initiatives we're working on is to make our lessons adapt to you. Already, the Duolingo practice sessions use everything we know about your language abilities -- what concepts you know, how well you know them, etc. -- to generate exercises that help you refresh what you've learned so far. Going forward, we want to make the lessons themselves more adaptive to each user: from choosing examples that introduce new words while letting you practice old concepts you haven't mastered, to rearranging the tree to suit your learning goals.

As a first step toward this vision, we've been testing out a new game mechanic for lessons, and today we're starting to test it with 50% of our entire user base. In this new format, the goal of a lesson is to fill up a strength bar. When you answer exercises correctly, the strength goes up, and when you get them wrong, the strength goes down. There are no more hearts, and there is no need to redo entire lessons when you've lost all your hearts. Instead, if you are comfortable with the material in a lesson, you'll be able to breeze through it, and when you don't know it as well, you'll have to do more exercises until you master the concepts in the lesson.

As part of this test, we're trying out two visual designs for the strength bar. One is a simple green bar similar to the one used in the placement test:

The other is a larger, centered bar that includes the skill icon:

So far, the test shows that new users are more engaged with this format, so we're hopeful it will also be a success with existing users. If it does succeed, this new lesson format will pave the way for a more adaptive Duolingo experience, so I'm very excited.

As usual, we'd love to hear what you think!

P.S. Since this experiment replaces the heart system, we've automatically refunded anybody who purchased a heart refill through the store. : )

December 3, 2014



I think that's a great idea, Luis!

Being able to continue practicing the same material until you actually reach the right amount of strength seems less disruptive than having to restart the lesson each time you lose three hearts. I'm no expert in language acquisition or learning, but it seems that repeating concepts as often as necessary, for a significant amount of time, within one exercise, may be a great idea for really getting those words and concepts down. That seems to work for me, anyways. :)


Same here Lavinae. This sounds like heaven has finally answered our prayers. Everyone in Group A needs to ramp up their learning so this thing can beat the A/B test. I want it, please. ;)


Well, if they are judging it by points earned, then I am doing less now than before the test started. I have done four perfect lessons, earning 40 points, since yesterday, when previously I would have earned 52 points. I like the idea of not having to redo lessons for making too many mistakes, but really feel penalized for doing a good job. Unless they bring back some kind of incentive for a perfect lesson, I don't like it.


so, no more lingots from a perfect lesson? that's a bit dissapointing.... (yes, i know that they are useless, but i like collecting them)


Same here, but if you complete a whole skill, you'll still receive your two lingots. Not receiving one lingot is a disappointment for me as well.


I agree. Getting a lingot for a perfect lesson added some fun to the game. I was disappointed to learn. They did away with that feature. I hope they rethink that option. Plus not getting extra pointing, 13, for a perfect lesson was disappointing as well.


You are right. And I like the Lingots for the bonus functions


And no more bonus XP either, leveling up will now take up to 30% longer...


I have the new system with the old type bar. Less frustrating yes, but Im not sure the motivation is quite the same. I hated losing a heart and it made me less slapdash. It was an incentive to finish with full hearts. Now i will finish eventually and feel a bit cheated to finish with no error and no corresponding pat on the back. Is it possible to get an extra couple of points or a lingot for a perfect lesson? It doesnt matter that it is a worthless currency, for me the reward system works. I have to say I have really really enjoyed Duo Lingo (been obsessive even!) and I have tried at least a dozen, if not more, other courses many thanks :)


For new lessons, I prefer the old system (hearts). To refresh lesson (without timer) I'd choose the new one.


I'd like to see this version A/B tested!


My thoughts exactly.


New lessons is the time when I HATE the hearts system, not when I like it (which is never)! Imagine starting a new skill, then getting 5 questions wrong because you're just starting the skill when you're only a few questions away from the end of the lesson! This new system seems like it would fix everything about that, so they should definitely introduce it because it would be a HUGE improvement. I can't even comprehend how ANYONE can like the hearts system.


Part of the test group! (Centered bar) During the heart system, I was always checking words even if i knew them - which was actually hurting my long-term memory. I've noticed that for something to stick in your mind, you need that active recall process happeneing (i.e. you won't memorize by reading something 15 times, but by reading it, trying to recall, reading it again, trying to recall more, etc. - at least for me). So for me, this system works better and I don't feel so paranoid about making mistakes.

In contrast, as for the centered bar, I guess they're still working out knicks, because my icon always shows the broken-egg rather than the actual skill's icon, although the color is matching fine. The number shown next to the egg confused me though. I think I would prefer it without a number there. Or maybe just a countdown to the number of correct responses? The current way it just counts up total responses (wrong or right).


Right! Exactly! I, too, would always check and thought about the same thing -- it was hurting my ability to recall! This new way I can already tell that I'm not checking as much and I'm more likely to try to recall it! And recall is just like a muscle -- you've got to use it or you'll lose it!


A number is totally fine with me. It's a good question whether they should rather implement a countdown, though, because if you have five wrong sentences, you'll need to translate 27 sentences in total and that is quite a lot if you ask me. Thus, a countdown might be a great idea, but I obviously don't know what other people will think concerning this question.

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I don't think a countdown's appropriate. The bar acts like a countdown - you can see how far you've still got to go. The number is counting how many questions you've done. If it switches to a countdown, you've twice got the information of how far to go and nowhere got the information of how far you've been to get to where you are.


You're right. After reading this, I'd also stick to the bar like it is now. =)


I see your point. I guess I just would prefer the bar without a number then, personally.


This evening I found I'm in the test group, simple green bar subgroup.

After some lessons and practice, I'm a fan. Going back to the Android app and its hearts is going to be a real wrench. The new system fixes my main problem with DL. I'm not much motivated by lingots - buying hearts seems like cheating - so crashing out of sessions, especially near the end, double specially when down to a careless mistype, or (worse) phone keyboard autocorrection or DL rejecting UK English, was punishment without significant reward.

The upshot was DL was starting to remind me of my school French experience (1974 O level, for UK old-timers). For a flavour of this, check out the scene in Life of Brian where Brian has his Latin corrected at gladius point by John Cleese's centurion. I had many Latin lessons just like that - minus the cutlery, just with the same threat level.

With DL starting to feel like the punishment/reward system was all downside, the most important thing was At All Costs Don't Make A Mistake. Don't use your memory, but check the word translations, and as much else as you can. I've never managed to learn any language to a useful degree, and know that especially with French I am terrified, incoherent and tongue-tied when actually in France, because I'm sure I will make a mistake. I suspect that, in reality, if you want to learn to speak a language, you have to take the plunge, try, and make a bucketload of mistakes all over the place. With the new system I am far more relaxed about making mistakes, because they're not going to chuck me back the beginning of a lesson, and so I'm not checking nearly as much.

TL;DR: Bravo! Thanks for the change.


Thanks for your great story!


That French teacher must be a great traveler because I had her in HS in NY. The last language I'll try on Duo will be French. I'll finish hoch Klingon and still not go near French. I loved your so wise statement re no longer using other aids to do the sentences. Guessing is a highly prized skill in language learning and now we can "afford to go out on a limb."


I fear change. You probably don't remember me from the Great Half-Heart Removal Drama of... whenever that happened. A year ago? I was quite vocally opposed to the change.

So far I like this change, though. I'm in the blue bar test group. I think the bar looks great.

I feel like this change addresses the problems that the half-hearts sort of mitigated. I've got anxiety and a learning disability. I'm a lot less nervous about making mistakes with the bar, which is a wonderful thing. I still don't enjoy making a mistake, of course. I just don't feel as much tension.

Sometimes I have a bad day. My mind feels fuzzy, and I make more silly mistakes and have memory lapses. The three hearts could be brutal, and deciding whether to use a refill was actually kind of draining. I haven't had a chance to try the bar on a bad day yet. My guess is that it will be an improvement. A potentially longer lesson sounds less discouraging than three (or possibly four) strikes.

I'd rather feel like I'm working towards a goal than trying to avoid imperfection. I'm glad that I get to spend more time on something when I need it without repeatedly seeing Duo looking tragic because I failed.

I really like the idea that failure is what happens when you give up, not what happens when you make mistakes.


I agree !00% with Phobic. I stopped using Duolingo for three months after the Great Half-Heart Removal Drama. When I came back, I dropped Spanish and concentrated on German, because without the extra half-hearts I was not able to finish lessons. With this new system, I am simply learning and that is all. Phobic expresses all this perfectly.

The bar keeps changing color and there are all other sorts of graphic changes as the staff experiments. I don't care about all that. "I'd rather feel like I'm working towards a goal than trying to avoid imperfection."


it sounds like fun


on the development ................................................................................................................................................................................................................ and the developers


Will Lingots be replaced?


I would like to know the answer to this as well. How do we earn lingots from no on or are they going to be replaced?


You still earn lingots from streaks, moving up levels, and completing a section on the tree.


I liked earning lingots from perfect scores. I also liked the bonus XP from unused hearts.


How about filling the progress bar with no wrong answers awards a lingot?


Yes i agree with this. I have no motivation to get a perfect score now, and getting a lingot was a good motivator. I hope they put it back.


Fair enough. I was just answering My-a's question about how lingots are earned from now on. It sounded like he/she thought there were no other ways to get them.


Oh yeah I kinda assumed that was the case, but personally I kept practicing each lesson till I got my perfect score and got a lingot. I guess getting rewarded after a perfect score keeps me motivated and makes me try harder, so it's sad if they choose to get rid of "the perfect score lingots" completely. I liked how someone suggested you'll get a lingot if you answer all questions right without errors, just about the same way than with hearts :)


and useful comments ;) immersion also counts too


If they are. I will be pissed. I have 1,147.


Daaaaaaang. I guess that's what happens with a 400 day streak! (congrats, btw!) I have 65. LOL!


lol i was part of the broke immersion test group where you'd get a lingot for every upvote lol, tbh i wouldn't really mind if they all disappeared there somewhat obsolete anyway...had to get that word in there ;P


@luis I think this is a definate improvement on the way lessons are taught and removes on of my annoyances, which was that you may "lose" the lesson by losing all hearts and have to start all over again to get back to where you were, (which may have included typing out loads of things you knew really easily) so it wasnt drilling you on the stuff you really needed, aka the stuff you got wrong.

One suggestion, this new format is cool for lessons but for practice, my annoyance with the heart system was during practice, imagine you get all answers right EASILY and then fail the last three, then you have "lost" the practice session so to speak, with this new incarnation imagine you have 5 mins free and want to do a quick strengthen, I wonder if it allows you to stop before you hit the "goal" i.e the end of the bar but the stuff you have strengthened already is still strengthened? So basically if every correct answer strenghens something that would be a great system it would mean you could drop in and drop out all day when you have a few minutes rather than being ties to try "win" a practice session


This is a great idea! I really wish this would be adapted. Since I have Duolingo on my phone, I often do a few lessons from time to time wherever I am. It would be great if I could just leave a lesson if something else needed my attention.


when you say the bar includes the skill icon, does that mean the icon of the tree skill you are practicing? for me it always shows up as the cracked egg


We're looking into this now - thanks!


I can confirm this error. Thanks for looking into this one!


To me it shows the icon of the lesson i'm in. I'm writing this ten hours after the post of "bchan" and "MultiLinguAlex".


The new system is great. Just one point to criticize: When you fail certain answers, they consequently don't show up in higher frequency but you will finish your lesson with random questions that you may already have answered correctly two or three times. I think it would be good to somehow prime the system a way it gives you more questions you actually struggle with. Not sure if I was able to make my point with this description?!


Agreed. Right now questions I've already answered correctly reappear later on in the lesson. It would be great if longer lessons could present me with more new content or content I struggled with earlier. As it is now I can spuriously pass a lesson I haven't really grokked by re-answering the stuff I got right when it comes up and never see the stuff I got wrong again.


This sounds awesome, Luis. Doing away with the "losing your last life on the last question" tragedy is a welcome change. And the "progress bar" look seems to be a better visual indicator of the learning process than the "lives remaining" model.

Unfortunately, I can't give more feedback than that as I'm not part of the test group (an expected situation really, as I'm obviously in the special list of reject accounts that only gets to test the lame features :) Looking forward to this test succeeding and being given to all users though, it sounds/looks awesome!


I can't count how many times I've slammed my fists down on my desk out of frustration because I failed the lesson on the very last question.


Is that on the numbers lesson? ;)


Just wondering, why is it that an hour ago I had the new version, but I've now reverted to the hearts? It's a shame; I really liked the new one :(


I was in the 50% but I got curious and tried to buy a heart refill. When I did that, I got switched back to the old way. From the one lesson I did with the green bar, I like the concept a lot. I think I would prefer the second bar with the achievement at the end though. It's a nice reminder of what I'm working towards, and I like the design better.

And maybe it would be nice to include a way to still earn a lingot for doing a lesson perfectly, in order to keep the rush from that reward. Lingots will not be useful to recover in the lessons anymore, but we can still buy a lot of extras with them, such as the timed practice quizzes and bonus lessons. For all I know, this could already be the way it's set up - I just made mistakes while doing my lesson so I didn't find out. Other than that, I think it's a great update to the format!


Second bar is great!


May I disagree, please? While "heart system" had it faults, like, as somebody said "losing the last heart on the last question" or, something similar, what this "new bar" essentially didn't change is the fact that you loose your progress, or "heart" in old system, because of wrong spelling or wrong hearing even though one knows the answer. I find that far more frustrating than "losing the heart at last step". While "punishment" is needed for wrong answer, I certainly don't dispute that, I find hearts much more motivating (once you pass beginner's frustration), because they make me repeat a lesson over and over again: getting a lingot or maximum experience point.

I see people here are enthusiastic about this new bar, however, I would be happy if I could be given a choice to choose between new and old system. Thanks.


I agree, it would be nice to be able to choose which system to use.

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Hmm. I liked it at first, but when I got to the end of the lesson and realised no more bonus XP and no more lingot for a perfect lesson... no thanks. Duolingo has worked brilliantly for me because of the gameification. Losing a heart was always frustrating when it was for a Duolingo error, but when it was for my own error it was a little push to work a bit harder. Building my XP, building my lingot hoard, maintaining my streak, that's what drives me. (Needing to learn the language to communicate with my in-laws at my wedding didn't motivate me, but my score in a game does!)

So losing the ability to earn lingots and the bonus XP for finishing a lesson well... that's half the game gone. There's no reward for being good any more. (Yes there's still the 2 lingots for completing a skill entirely, but I don't have that many skills left to earn - at one lesson a day, I'll have exhausted German in a couple of months. So for me Duo is largely about revising and strengthening my skills.)

Under the old system, around 90% of the time I would finish with full hearts, get 3 bonus XP and a lingot. In 11 months of daily use, I have never failed a lesson utterly (although I did once lose all three hearts). So under the new system I don't think I'll see any actual benefit, as most days I'll answer 10.5% fewer questions (17 vs 20) and not even get any bonus for having finished well.

Maybe it should be optional. There are clearly a lot of people whom this is going to suit, but there will surely be others of us whose learning style goes against this.


My thoughts exactly! Good to know that I'm not the only one not happy with this change. The gameification was the whole bloody point, right? The award-loss system is what has kept me motivated. I also agree it should be optional, that would be great.


Mine too. Among many other things, I immensly enjoy "gaming dimenson" on Duolingo.


Think about one you are here in the first place, if it was only to gain lingots (which are impossible to spend anyway) that might be the main problem


I have mixed feelings about the lingot, but I want every XP credit that I can get. I just did a timed practice and learned that you still get XPs for every right answer in the allotted time so I'm good with not getting a lingot at the end since Duo didn't give them for timed practices even before the change. I do understand the feeling of getting the lingot at the end of the untimed practice as well...so as I began, mixed feelings on the lingot issue.


I like this change, much less frustrating. However I have two comments:

1) It seems much easier to get through a new skill (perhaps too easy)

2) Related, I find it will often repeat the early questions from the lesson, which lets me get through. I.e I will be struggling with the more complicated lessons, losing points on the bar, and then it will give me the simpler definitions, allowing me to finish. Perhaps have a system where, if you answer a question correctly, it won't ask it to you it again that lesson?


I agree. If you breeze through questions in a particular lesson, you shouldn't get those questions again in that lesson. I've found this frustrating about Duo.


After doing more lessons with the blue progress bar, I noticed something. I feel like I'm not paying much attention to it, which is great.

I definitely notice that it looks cool, and I do notice and react to changes, but sort of in the back of my mind. When the bar goes down I absently think something like, "Awww." When it's nearly full, I feel sort of encouraged and pleased. I look at the bar when I finish a lesson and feel satisfied.

This is such a new feeling that I think I must have spent a lot of time looking at the hearts and fretting. I remember being very aware of how many hearts I had, and doing a lot of mental calculations about how safe I was, and if I was doing poorly, whether it was worth it to use a refill or not. I think I focused on the hearts quite a lot.

With the progress bar I suddenly feel so immersed in the lessons. It's amazing. I don't even notice time passing.


One concern about new system: if you fail many times questions will be repeated. I noticed that questions I ansewred correctly and wrong appear at the same rate. Ergo you could pass a lesson answering only the easy ones and ignore (on purpose or not) the tough ones, assuming 67% rate of correct answers. I didn't spend a lot of time testing it, but can someone confirm this is true.

If yes my sugestion is to use better repetion system like for example:

if (any of the words correcet answer 3 (or 4 depends on words per lesson)) then that word no longer appear

this way you only repeat difficult words

if (tough words correct answers3(4) BUT strengh bar is not completed0 then easy words appear again

this allow you to actually fininsh the lesson

bottom line is that you need i.e. 3,4,3,3,4,3 correct answers to pass not 6,5,1,2,4,1 (per word learned)

I hope my 'pseudo thought code' is clear. Besides that: no hearts system is better, i like it.

EDIT: i did a little test: in 1st lesson in German course I passed using this system:

-answer correctly on questions with Mann and Junge

-answer wrong on question with Woman (dont even remember German word :) )

This should be about enough to pass assuming linear distribution of questions. During my lesson i HAD TO answer only 2 times correctly on (WOMAN) questions to pass, and about 20 times wrong. My point is that you can pass a lesson almost comletelly ignoring tough questions and not learning 1-2 words properly at all.


Thank you so much for putting this in! I haven't tried this on any of the harder lessons yet but I'm tired of holding my breath and still getting an answer wrong for the fourth time on the last question of a lesson!


I agree! I am a terrible speller, and I literally slap myself for misspells and hold my breath for words I don't remember how to spell. I'M SO HAPPY NOW! MY LIFE JUST GOT 15% BETTER!


I agree too, spelling mistakes are really my nemesis, a demon more or less. When you learning a more than a single language, then it adds another dimention in the problem. For example, many occasion I used french 'elle' instead of 'ella' while practicing spanish. I felt like blowing up everything when I lost who lesson due to those silly mistakes.


It's less stressful working through a lesson or skill strengthening exercise, but there was a sense of satisfaction from completing them without losing any hearts. Also the possibility of losing all hearts, when I've made some errors in haste, did tend to help focus me.


you can still complete without making a mistake and, many times, errors had to do with duolingo more than anything else. and it was frustrating to lose a lesson due to one of those.


Well actually I prefer it for lessons, but think the hearts (gamification) could be part of the skill strengthening. Perhaps it just requires a reward for no incorrect answers. It's disappeared for me now though!


I was quite shocked when I left to watch an episode of Sword Art Online, to come back and find the lesson format had changed! (For the record, I have the centered strength bar)

So far, I don't really like it, but I've only done one lesson. +I won't miss having to restart the lesson if you 'die' on the last task! -But I did just do 30 questions strengthening one skill, so if it's like that on all lessonss I'll probably find it tedious very quickly.

EDIT:: Start a new lesson. Back to hearts. Well that was fun and confusing!


30 questions is not bad, if you had lost the three hearts on the last (20th) question of the old setup you would have had to do 40 questions overall. Unless you made three mistakes in the first 10 questions answered, this new system is actually beneficial for you.


I don't know why, but normal lessons have always felt like less than 20 questions. Maybe it was seeing the bar decrease that made this method feel longer. I dunno, I didn't like it.


30 questions? if you had done it without making a mistake more than 3 times (the previous requisite) it should've taken you MUCH less....Unless, you depended heavily on paying through your mistakes with lingots.


I made a lot more than 3 mistakes, but I think the fact that I wouldn't lose hearts and have to restart meant I didn't care as much or check my answers... So that didn't help!

And I can say that I don't buy heart refills. Probably why I have 570 lingots...


Having read through many of the comments in this discussion I am obviously "out of tune" with most people here! I much prefer the hearts system and in fact just backed off without completing a session because I got so frustrated trying to get to the end of the bar. With the old system if I failed on the first attempt I would often go and refresh a previous lesson just to change my mind set and then go back and have another go.


yes, and i miss the crying owl!


You're not alone! :)


I agree! I've got "out of my system" couple of times trying to finish a lesson...


Also, while it is less frustrating, the fact you sort "get off the hook" for making stupid mistakes like writing "it" instead of "he" is actually bad for the learning process. Again, mainly in German where you have three translation for "sie" and you have to pay attention.

Since it's so frustrating to start a lesson all over again, I paid much more attention in the old system to avoid failing. So yes, if this was a game it was much nicer this way. But this is about learning languages so even though I'm pretty sure I'm a minority, I hope you consider this as more important than the fact people are more entertained now.

A few things I would like to be changed if you go back to the old system (which you won't but a girl can hope) is first of all the fact that you have to scroll down a tree so much to get to the current skill I'm working on. The other is that after you finish a practice you get the option to practice again, but if you fell you need to go back to the home screen or refresh, which gives you the same sentences.


Just finished my first lesson with a strength bar. It's a great idea, because it makes me practise as much as I need. And running out of hearts was so frustrating, especially if the reason was mishearing a word I'd never seen before at the very end of the lesson!


I'm worried that it might be too easy. I hated losing hearts, but with the progress bar I just keep hacking at it until I reach the end. Maybe that's the same result with less rage. I would hope so.

But, I lost the experiment after just a couple of tries. Will I get it back?


Already tried the new format for learning a few skills and I've got to say I like this a lot better. Failing from running out of hearts and having to start over is rather mentally disruptive and I tend to make the same mistakes again when I get to them. I feel like this new system helps reinforce the weakest words/phrases.


I'm in the wrong 50%, I'm NEVER included in these test phases. I look forward to giving it a go soon!


I really like the new bar system, and think this is an improvement on the hearts, however, it wold be great to get a lingot if you answer all 20 questions correct first time. This was a real motivation for me to repeat lessons until I earned my lingot. It was nice getting the extra XP points for not losing hearts, but it's the lingot I miss most.


I agree. Winning a lingot for getting all 20 answers right the first time was a great incentive for me.


I like the idea of not having to restart lessons, and to keep going until you've sufficiently mastered the material. Since I know that, like myself, many people liked earning the extra points for perfection, you might allow them to earn the Lingot or extra points if they completely fill the bar without a mistake. Or, since people like the know their level of mastery on any given topic, you could also have a default timing system that times each lesson. Depending on how fast you fill the bar, you can get differing amounts of bonus points. 3 extra for 1 minute, 2 extra for 2 minutes, etc. Those getting 3 would also get the bonus Lingot. Just some extra ideas to put out there for consideration.


How come even if I answer all the questions correctly I don't get a lingot?


I dislike this. I use the hearts to tell where I am on the chart. If I can't make it through an exercise with a perfect score, I know I need to keep practicing. Now there's really no way for me to know that.


There you go. You put it right.


¿No más romper mi corizón? Those hearts were full-on creepy: the pile of bloody mess when you crashed the lesson; the flask of bloody refill. Eeeyeew! The strength bar is a lot more positive. No more feeling of dread when out of hearts and half a lesson to go. Sometimes I would just start the lesson over rather than risk getting almost through and getting slammed. Big improvement.


If we no longer earn lingots for correctly completing a lesson, how will we earn lingots to purchase extra content such as idioms? Will we continue to earn lingots for completing sections, ten day streaks, etc.? Will we be able to continue to use lingots to earn bonus lingots for maintaining a ten day streak?


They are rather hard to spend at the best of times.


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this!!!!! Thank you Duo! I got the second bar (the blue one) and I love it. I think this is way better than hearts. Muito obrigado Duolingo!!!


THIS IS GENIUS. This is so much better than even ideas I've had on how to improve the current system. It removes the frustration and just focuses on learning. I'm so excited, I really hope this does well.

Womp. I checked and I'm not in the test group. :( I know you wait for tests to have definite statistical relevance so that you're sure to make the right decision when you implement a new feature, do you know how long that normally takes?


I have had to be away from Duolingo the past week and a half or so. I came back today to find the hearts had been replaced.

My heart is not broken over this.

Buh dum bum.

Seriously? I love it. It is a vast improvement. It also has more of a mental "gym" type feeling to it, ya know? Reminds me more of Lumosity, which I also love. Great work, guys.


Far more motivating to practice my skills now. Bravo!


I think this idea is brilliant for many reason and will be very effective for learning but there is one thing I'm not sure about. I found that when I ran out of hearts in previous lessons it was very frustrating but that frustration gave me determination to complete the lesson and put more effort into it whereas I find this method more tedious and it doesn't give me as much motivation as it did previously. I think there should be more of a reward for completing a question so that it keeps motivating you to go forward because when the bad has an equal effect to the good I can find it slightly discouraging. Other than that one thing I think this method is a lot more effective in teaching that the previous one and should be a success. Nice work!


Echoing what has been said a dozen times, I think the new mechanism is clever and useful. I anticipate that my grit will be tested as much as my language skills are tested--I have been known to quit for days if I couldn't get past a lesson!


I dislike the new system. I just completed a lesson perfectly and did not get a lingot or 3 bonus XP. Please return to the heart system.


I didn't know about this change until I started a lesson and as soon as I saw it I rushed over here to say how amazing I thought it was.

I am so glad I am in the test group. I think it is an excellent improvement it is always so demoralizing when you lose hearts particularly when you are on the last question and haven't got any hearts left.

I started a thread before about the annoying lesson failure music which I felt that creates a negative association with failure which is not good along with the red colour scheme. Both types of stimuli which have been shown through psychological research to not be conducive to a positive learning environment.

I think this is a much improved version as it greatly removes the whole notion of pass or fail and only focuses on improvement of the learner.

It also means that people will only finish there learning sessions on a positive which is an important part of creating the habit of learning. With the recency effect we remember what happens at the end most. So if someone is tired, has struggled with a lesson, failed and then stopped for that session they are likely to remember that negative experience than all the previous positive experiences throughout the session. This means that when they are thinking about starting another session that they associate duolingo with the negative experience of the last failed attempt which could reduce the likely hood of them studying in the future.

I had the simple green power bar which on seeing the other one in your post is actually really boring. I think the blue one looks better and I think that even adding some cool animations at the end might be interesting features. Perhaps if you complete the exercise very quickly the end of the power bar could explode or something. My only concern is that to large/visual a power bar may be a distraction but i think it is unlikely to be and I am sure that your testing will ascertain the truth.

I hope this trial stays and is a permanent feature if not please leave me on it even if you change everyone else back.

I was really disappointed when you removed the correction option after each question where I was able to check my answer and add the correct accents or spelling. I think this should still be an option for people to choose as correcting your work is a valuable and powerful way of reinforcing the material and correcting learned errors.

Thanks for the great feature I hope it stays.


I started here a couple days ago. I couldn't really understand the scoring system, and when I looked people kept mentioning losing hearts but I could see no hearts. I have the blue bar with the icon. The number at the end was a bit confusing, since it grows higher the more I struggle. It's like golf, but I didn't intuitively grasp that. But then whatever number was there when I finished I couldn't determine how it was impacting my rewards/levels. Because it doesn't.

To game the system for motivation, you could award a token if someone aces the questions, 3/4 of a token if it takes 22 questions to finish, 1/2 a token for 25, 1/4 for perhaps 30. The icon image could have quarters fade away as questions are missed to graphically show this. Partial tokens from different lessons can be combined, but unawarded portions are still available if someone wishes to try to lesson again. It would be an incentive for a person do go back and do practice sessions, snag the unattained loot from those now simple early lessons as they grow more comfortable with the language.

In that way you might retain some of the immediate reward that I'm reading was in your former system while doing away with its harsh penalty of crapping out on a lesson and needing to start over if you miss too many questions.


This is much better than the hearts system! I was making silly mistakes and having to redo lessons again and again! Much better way to learn the language! :)


I am not in the test group, but I can honestly say that I actually like the heart system. It keeps me on my toes, reading carefully, and checking my spelling as not to lose a heart or 3 :) As frustrating as it is, I don't personally think I'd like to see it any other way


Thanks for this explanation, I was wondering what happened to the hearts.Kind of miss them but don't miss that false focus on getting through without losing a heart. Now I can focus more on learning.


Nice! It is absolutely more demanding and exciting at the same time. It seems indeed as a much more efficient way of learning! Thank You!


I love the new system, but I'm sad that I've now lost a way to gain extra experience and lingots from completing lessons without making a single mistake. There should still be bonuses for not making mistakes.


Yes, this is how i feel too. Part of learning is repetition, and I really think the lingots were motivators to repeat a lesson till we got it perfect. The more times you repeat a lesson, the more words and sentence variations you'll see. My fave thing to spend lingots on is the progress quiz which costs 25 lingots.


Boo! The hearts and heart potions really made it feel more like an RPG for me. I hope you reverse this decision as the gaming elements was one of the appeals. Also, what about the XP bonus for clearing a level without a mistake? And what do I spend these over 900 lingots on if not heart potions. No more giving out 4 to someone on the discussion board with a "have a drink on me". This really sucks.


The loss of perfect lesson lingots and extra XP is seriously demotivating for me. Those two things helped me push myself to get 100%. Now it's going to take that much longer to level up, and seemingly will be much harder to earn lingots.


All for trying out new things, but perhaps people could have an option in the end? I much prefer the heart system. Encourages me to pay more attention, be careful, and helps by being a sort of "test-like" system for when I'm actually ready to move on to the new lesson, or when I need to keep persevering with the current one, despite frustrations. It's a great measure of "where you're at" and progress. Obviously sometimes you need to just move on sometimes and come back, but I get a thrill out of going ahead then coming back and finally getting three hearts!


As a very experienced and successful user I offer the following comment for the new strengthbar: It sucks! Here are the reasons:

<pre> - 10 points is the maximum one can earn under the new system. With 3500 points separating levels for me, this amounts to 350 practices. With the heart system, I could and did trim 30% off by earning 13 points by completing the lesson with no errors. - There is no bonus Lingot for a perfect lesson. I found the bonus Lingot very motivational, and this was the reason to be perfect! What do we have now? </pre>

This "great" new idea from Duolingo ranks right up there with another idea I hate: The Coach, especially on the Android, where you've made it mandatory to enable it.


You can get 20 if you use timed practice, but no lingot.


This is going to sound mean lol, honestly not intended ;P

Lingots are completely pointless especially when you get a certain amount

and 30% is the maximum you could shave off and if you could three star all the way thrugh every time thats a good sign to move on,,try immersion or a different site. ^^


Thank you so very much for this one. There are a couple things I really like about this: 1. The frustrating restarts. It was awful to be forced to restart after missing the last question. Especially in something like Dutch where because of the way the beta is moving, it can't really give article hints, so one wrong article and you have to go all the way back, which was very disappointing. 2. Typos. My keyboard is going, so sometimes it misses letters: sometimes I type something out and hit enter only to realise half a second later the s key (one of the keys dying) didn't work, and then I get to watch as the heart shatters. 3. The coloured bars are so pretty! Maybe create different patterns for lingot rewards? Like a snowy patterned bar for winter? I doubt it's too much of a difficulty graphic-wise. And you can rotate between which ones you want in your options.


Why not let each user choose for themselves? Or make this bar-system (or the heart-system, if the other one becomes the default) purchasable with lingots? :)


I absolutely support this. It could be a buyable item in the store and that would be so much better.


How wonderful is the blue strength bar!!! Is better that the green strength bar ... ^^


I tried it and I think it seems like a much better game mechanic, particularly that you don't have to redo a lesson


We don't have to redo a lesson, but is this good? The idea was that if we got 3 or more wrong, repeating the lesson would help us to retain the words and usage better. The bonus lingots and xp were motivators. I like the new system which just adds more questions rather than making you have to start over, but i want them to reward learners for finishing with a perfect score. We always have the option to redo if we want more practice, but adding the bonuses back would help.


Thank you very much! It happened to pop up during one of my lessons and I must say, it made me make sure I wrote everything correctly so that I could finish! This is also very good for those (including myself) who run out of hearts on the last block to save us from frustration :)


While I haven't read through all of the comments on this thread, I think I have something new to add regarding this new lesson format.

First of all, I love it. I love not having to pay so much attention to how many more lives I have, and instead I can just focus on the sentences. I think one new and great advantage of this system could be giving partial credit for having "almost correct" answers. They normally counted for full credit, but you could pay attention to what you missed if you stuck around the page long enough. Instead, if partial credit was offered (like .7 or .8 of the increase a normal correct answer would receive), there would be a greater incentive for me to focus on which words I am misplacing accents on.

I loved Duolingo before, but I think this will make me fanatical about it. Thanks a lot development team!


I think this is a good idea, because I've gotten very frustrated with the heart system sometimes, though it did challenge me in a good way. But, like a lot of others, I do miss getting lingots. They made me strive to do better so I could get them. Perhaps it's my american mentality ;) Thanks for this new system though, DuoLingo! I love practicing! You're the best :D


It's nice, but I wish you would continue to give one lingot for finishing with a perfect score. I noticed that I did not get my lingot for finishing without mistakes this time. Disappointing.


Also i wish they would put back the little box that said how far from the next level we are.


Hi Luis... I will miss earning a Lingot for finishing the lesson without errors... It will be so much harder for me to earn Lingots now. I like to use Lingots to buy the language tests.


Are you trying the double of nothing option in the lingot store? I get a lot of use out of that.


I do not like the new system, it seemed more motivating to practice and try to pass the lesson with full lives, so I had to repeat it; besides being able to win the ingots to maintain full lives allowing acquire additional lessons and extra bonus experience for completing the lesson with three lives


Brazilian people seem to like it too! https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5783700$comment_id=5786256

Now they ask about "no more full heart lingots"? "Speaking" and "three option" sentences?

One of them suggested they could mark a difficult word themselves, so the system would bring it up more often.


I feel a lot more free to guess and make mistakes with this new system, and as an ESL teacher I can say that feeling free to make mistakes is incredibly helpful in learning a language.

Thanks for this great improvement!


I got the blue bar and I love it. Just please add the lingots back or come up with some system that allows us earn lingots when we have a perfect score :)


I am in the test group (blue bar). I must say I have to agree with those that would at least like to have the OPTION of choosing the old heart system - while this new system does remove the frustration of losing too many hearts and having to start over again, I feel that the old system also introduces a nice challenge aspect by setting the 80-85% threshold for passing a lesson that is now lost with this new system. Getting the extra points/lingots for unused hearts was also rewarding at the end.

I want to second the suggestion that was made previously - please implement this new system as a REVIEW option, but keep the old heart system. Or at least give us a choice.

As always, thank you so much for maintaining this amazing free language learning service. I cant even begin to tell you how much it has helped me learn German.


I've seen both bars, and I have the blue one, which I find way more satisfying. It has a little goal to reach. And bubbles.


My bar is red! Does everyone else in the test group have either a green or a blue bar?


I think it has to do with the color of the lesson. I have had red and blue and both were the same color on the lesson icon.


Thanks. I see that now.


I have a green bar.


So far the system seems to work well, but the 1:1 increase/decrease makes it too easy compared to hearts. Something like 1:2 would probably be better. Also, without bonus XP, it looks like I'll be stuck with something like 302/400 XP forever. Not being an increment of 10 is going to drive me insane!


One of the big issues I have with duolingo is the lack of opportunities to practice a word within a lesson. For example, I just finished the unit on "Objects". One of the lessons had 8 new words. Of the 20 questions provided, there were - at least 5 "click on the picture" type questions - 5 "repeat after me" questions - 5 "click the only 3 words out of the 4 provided that make any sense" questions (for some reason it only does this on Android)

Which left 5 translation questions. And there were a couple words that I only used in the "repeat after me" screens. To me, this seems silly. I used the word "fuentes" once during the test, and the context didn't allow me to really know what it meant. I searched the web, which said it meant "spring" (duolingo asked me to translate "Yo tengo mis fuentes" ... and said it meant sources ... now I'm really confused).

My point is that I'd love the opportunity to use each word in a few different contexts, and soon after I learn them. If your new skill meter will provide this, awesome! =)


Fuentes has more than one meaning so just remember that in the future.


I feel this is a good motivational idea. Really takes off the pressure of losing all my hearts. :P

Although being awarded something extra (like extra XP) for completing the lesson without any mistakes would also be great, similar to the number of hearts remaining that got converted to XP.

Keep it up, Duolingo! :D


I just tried the new feature (I got the green bar) and I was really disappointed because the lack of hearts takes away from the gaming aspect of duolingo - and I have to admit that is the reason why I keep coming back. It was so addictive. And now you can't loose a game anymore. Every lesson I complete gives the same number of points now, so there is no real motivation to do well in the lessons in order to impress your friends with who you are competing. With the bar it is less obvious to me when I make a mistake (it is less painful), and that makes me more sloppy. I am looking forward to a more custom duolingo experience, so if we have to loose hearts to get that - so be it. I find it quite hard to judge how many more questions I need to answer in order to complete a lesson. It would be nice to have a % number in addition to the progress bar.


Yes, I understand you. If they announce a gamified tool and don't deliver it, it's incoherent. The goal of Duo is to offer the best way to learn a language. So, I think they are progressively figuring out that the structure of a game isn't the best to achieve it, and they are cleaning out the house little by little. As luis said, "we are just a startup". That means Duo has a lot to learn, as much as we do.


The type of question that you get wrong is repeated until you nail it, whether it be Subjunctive, adverbs, pronouns etc. This version hopes to identify the type of exercise that you're weak on an re-test that. I agree that the hearts provided more of an element of gamification, but when you complete the tree you'll question the worth of the hearts system as it becomes clear on review that there is still a lot of stuff that wasn't understood or retained, despite going through the whole tree.


this is great! I like it way more than the hearts. It was getting so frustrating when I only had time to do one lesson but I didn't pass it so I felt like I wasted by time. Now I can feel like I'm always making progress every time I do a lesson instead of feeling like I'm getting worse.


It is SO much better this way! I love it! For one, I was much more likely to just give up for the day after I'd tried a lesson a few times and lost all my hearts each time. Especially when I was just losing hearts for stupid mistakes, like typos (sometimes it lets them pass, but sometimes it doesn't. And also after having failed a time or three, if I was down to 1 or 0 hearts, I'd be much more likely to peek (cheat) at a translation site or something when I wasn't positive on something just because I didn't want to risk having to do the entire lesson AGAIN. Instead, having done only one lesson with the new method, I can already tell you that I'm more likely to try to think a moment or two longer withOUT looking anything up, and take the chance that it's wrong. In the long run, this will strengthen my own ability to recall the correct rules/answers without being so quick to just go "Ugh, I don't want to go through this whole lesson again so I'll just look it up!". GREAT change! Thank you!


I'm also in the test group and I have to say that it is really nice this way. I don't actually want to go back :-)

There are just a few points that I would like to elaborate on:

1) There is no bonus experience for making fewer mistakes which eventually means you are allowed to be a little more sloppy. Specifically, I set my daily goal to 50 exp. In the old system this meant that I can get this done in 4 lessons/practices only if I make no more than two mistakes in total. Else I will have to do a fifth one. With the new system, though, I have to do five lessons anyway and therefore I do not feel as punished for making mistakes as in the previous one.

A possible solution would be to take some of the old system into the new one by having again three containers at the top when you start (maybe stars?), one of which is emptied whenever you make a mistake. For every full container remaining at the end of a lesson, you get one bonus exp. Maybe you could also buy more containers for lingots in the store? Not a refill, but an additional container. Wouldn't be too bad since the containers no longer determine whether you pass a lesson or not.

2) There is no lingots for perfect scores anymore. In the long run, this means that there is no reliable way of getting lingots easily which means the lingots will increase in value. This might be intended or not, but I actually like it.

3) This is a very personal one, but I don't like odd numbers... With the new system, you have to answer 17 questions, or 19 questions, if you make one mistake, 21 questions for two mistakes etc. This is always an odd number :-/ Couldn't you have chosen 16, or 18, or the previous 20?


does this make it impossible to earn new lingots, unless you've done it perfectly the first time? I haven't got any new lingots :(


I believe you can still earn lingots by keeping your streak alive or by reaching an increment of 10 day streak. I have no idea what to do with all my lingots now that I don't buy extra hearts though.


I like it!

I often lost hearts if I made typos in English which was really frustrating. Also I'm not made to go through repetitive sentences just to get to the end of the lesson. It seems to go much faster.

However, as there are always different opinions, I'm wondering if it would be possible to give the user a choice in "Setting" that way you would keep everyone happy.


I have the second bar (it's not just blue, it changes colour!). I really like it! I think it will really help beginners maintain motivation, as I know of some people who have given up completely after becoming frustrated with repeatedly losing all of their hearts during the first few lesson.

What I like most about it is that it now hurts a lot less when Duolingo makes a mistake (e.g. not yet recognising an alternate, valid translation). I have no problem with the site not knowing every synonym for every word, as it is always developing and improving, but I must say that when it caused me to lose my final heart and fail a lesson or ruined a perfect lesson, it stung!

The one criticism I have is the loss of reward for a perfect lesson, but I am certain that this will be back very shortly!


I really don't like it! First of all, if you make a lot of mistakes the sentences repeat themselves so I end up finishing a lesson cause I remember the answer not cause I know it. When I have to stop and start again, there is a less chance of that.

Also, you left the lingot prices and points awards as they were. So in away it costs me more to get the same items from the store since I have less options to earn them, and more time to reach a new level since they are now heart bonus points.

I'm learning German, so I also don't like that when you choose a translation with the help of a picture it comes up automatically with the "gender". Getting that is a very important part of learning German


This is a far better system for improving our language skills even though I believe there are some pertinent questions that need to be answered (see the thread started by jrikhal).

One major reason I liked the older system was the bonus points and extra lingot users received for completing a lesson without making any mistakes. There are many of us who saw that as a major motivation for studying hard and playing.

Unfortunately for us now, there are not extra points for completing with a perfect score. Each lesson awards a flat 10-point score. This means it's going to take about 33% longer to level up.

In addition to the speedy levelling up, the lingot awarded was used for a variety of things such as buying timed lessons, unlocking special lessons (e.g. idioms) and especially for some users who are often on the road, streak freeze. As it stands now, there is a reduced lingot award frequency and so people's spending will be less.

With the double-whammy loss of extra points and lingots for perfect scores, there is no real motivation for getting a perfect score. Kindly bring back those two additions since they spurred on a lot of us.

For now, I'll exclusively use the android app to accumulate enough lingots and speed up my levelling up.


I did enjoy the heart system for the sheer fact that it added a competitive nature to the game which helped push me a bit. I don't mind the new system either so long as there is a reward system added. Someone else mentioned it will take longer to level up because you can't earn more than ten points, so there needs to be a way where you can earn more than ten for getting all answers correct. Also LINGOTS. I loved getting lingots when I finished a lesson without error and these new lessons don't have any sort of reward for this accomplishment. Please do something about this! Lingots and the streak counter are my two favorite parts about Duolingo!


It seems like I am in the minority opinion, but there were a lot of things I liked about the old "heart" system. The fact that you only get three strikes makes you pay attention to what you are doing, and although I too felt frustration at losing a heart over a clumsy error, I thought the challenge was worth it. I also liked getting the heart bonus. At a time when sloppiness is writing is all-too-common, a language-learning program that demands precision and rewards it is a very good thing. Could the heart system be brought back as a user option?


The new strength bar is "Wunderbar!" : D : D : D

The more I use it, the more I love it. No more time wasted trying to save that last heart.

Mucho motivating improvement to the learning environment.

( The color of the new strength bar varies. Sometime blue, sometimes red, sometimes green, apparently matching the color of the lesson icon.)


A year from now, new members will be reading old comments and going "what's all these hearts they're talking about?" :P


As now new users wonder what are those trees older users talk about :P


I still see them called trees, although they're somewhat less branch'ey :D


Thank you. I now feel far more free to make mistakes without worrying about those damned hearts. Please keep it this way.


I like this a lot, I think it works better, especially if, say, you do still have to start the exercise all over again (maybe) if you bottom out on your strength bar. I am in the test group with the big shiny central bar, and I like it.

I only have one complaint: When still on the hearts system, I was up to some figure ending in a nine, and now because there is no heart bonus, and you just automatically get 10 points for the completion of each exercise, I AM FOREVER STUCK ON A FIGURE THAT ENDS IN A NINE AND THIS IS REALLY, REALLY BUGGING ME. I don't care if my score gets rounded down by four or nine as opposed to up by one, I just want a nice round number as my final digit! D:


You can earn extra XP by translating. Just click "immersion" to go to the list of articles. You do not have to translate a whole article - you can stop after a paragraph. A bar at the top shows how many XP you earned on the translation so far.


I don't have time to read the entire comment section, so forgive me if this has already been posted. But my beef with the new system is that there didn't seem to be an option, at the completion of the test, to review the questions I got wrong. I really liked that feature in the old system. It made even my mistakes valuable to learning. Can you bring that option back?


Edit: After having now perused the comment section, I just have to say I am surprised at how easily so many people's self esteem was affected by the old system! Do you guys really learn better if your feelings aren't hurt? If the answer is a HONEST yes, then I guess the new system is an improvement. But are you sure you really learn better? Or do you just think you do?

My feelings weren't hurt by the old system and I don't feel an ego boost from the new. I really wouldn't care which system was used EXCEPT for the fact that I don't like not being able to know (with reasonable estimation) how long a lesson is going to take. I fit lessons in here and there on mini breaks throughout my work day. If I fail a lesson, so what, I'll go back to it later. But if I get stuck on some crazy lesson that ends up being 44 questions long, and I run out of time, what do I do? Give up? And do the whole monster over again later? That's a negative in my book. Officially, count me as a vote AGAINST the new system. But, if they can bring back my ability to review mistakes at the end of the lesson AND provide the feature of being able to "freeze" or "save" a lesson's progress, and return to it later, than I will begrudgingly accept the new system.


I'm very positive to the new system. I've used it now for a couple of days and I feel that the learning flow has improved. Before when I got my third wrong answer, I first got the annoying loosing sound plus I got angry (with myself), then I had to restart the lesson and do several parts again that I already answered correctly.

Honestly I don't know if I do a lesson faster than before. But the essence is it does FEEL like I do it faster and that I learn the lesson well.

BUT: I miss the lingot for each perfect skill and the extra XP and I would like to repeat the proposal from LewisH65:

"13xp and a lingot for no mistakes in a lesson, 12xp for 1 mistake, 11xp for 2 mistakes, and 10xp for 3+ mistakes."


I like this suggestion. However I think where DL may disagree is, once you offer a lingot for a perfect score, the frustration goes up again. The reason is, people will feel compelled to redo the lesson until they get that lingot so if you make that typo at the very end, all the frustration of the old system comes back. I suggest that we be allowed to earn a lingot for each 100 XP of translation, or other ways, and leave the new system as is.


Having some frustrated people because of the last question being wrong seems better to me than having a lot of more frustrated people because they never earn a lingot with their lessons again. Nevertheless, I upvoted your post because that might be actually the reason why DuoLingo abandoned the lingot.


I think this system is a bad idea. First of all this will be in long way more frustrating than previous one. After fixed number of exercises, people could think about mistakes, take a short break and redo or do another topic. Now, they will have a never ending exercise, after which people think that finally is the end and never do it again.

Second thing is the challenge. When people ended with 2 or 1 heart, the next thought was that next time they would do it better and faster. Now the feeling is flat.


this literally just changed for me. Let's see if it goes well... I know that other users really hated the lack of "achievement" when they lost their lessons one or 2 answers away from the end so this could be a great thing. I'll let you know how I found it soon.


So far, I feel is FANTASTIC. Great changed to avoid demoralizing people while still requiring that they get to a stage where they succeed more than they screw up.

You might want to add some other "lingot sink" though or there will be "lingot inflation" since there's nothing really of worth buying once you've purchased other things.

Maybe something like "one time boost" for only skill, or usable only once a day? I don't know. Something that doesn't help the user too much but that he can still think valuable and that it depletes after usage.

Anyway. Good job.


I'm loving the Doulingo Evolution ^_^ Too bad I'm not in the 50% though




This system seems better and a lot more practical than the heart system for sure. But are the lingots going to be completely replaced?, since their primary function was to buy hearts.


What is the number next to the skill icon? It doesn't seem to have anything to do with the number of XP's one earns at the end of the lesson. And I really miss being able to earn more than 10 :(

If you decide to fully adopt the bar system, will you at some point start to make a difference between "half wrong" and "fully wrong" answers? Or maybe reward more for more difficult/longer sentences?


If I'm thinking about the same thing it's the little number near the egg and represents how many cards you've answered in the round. 17 I believe is perfect, but since you just go back a bit for mistakes it lets you know how many you've done.


A great idea, I love it. The old system didn't bother me (I like to keep a sense of perspective about these things), but I prefer the new one. Keep up the outstanding and original work!


I'm in the 50% and no doubt loving it. Now looking forward to this feature being implemented in the iOS app.


I have a question , any answer is appreciated :) after a practice I found that I am one of those 50% being tested this feature on but it disappeared quickly! Is it possible to bring it back?


I love this!!! It is so much better for me!

The best part of it is that I take more risks, do it entirely from memory, don't look at reference material. If I get something wrong, so what? I'll get it right the next time and I'LL LEARN THE LANGUAGE. I don't know if you can measure this change in my learning with quantifiable data, so I want to be super, super clear that this makes me less cautious because I'm not afraid of having to repeat an entire lesson. Not all of us are whizzes.

And I appreciate so much that you let us in on the process.


Much better! I always wanted something like this because i heated the hearts system! Thank you! :)


I want my hearts back...the gaming hearts thing is part of the excitement of completing a lesson, I miss the compassionate crying owl!


I'll miss the little bugger even though he was a reminder of my failure haha :'(


I've already completed several lessons with the second bar and it is 100 times better than the heart system. I'm not freaked out about hearts, not failing when I only have 1 more exercise. I love the egg at the end that tells me how many questions I had to answer before I got to the end. This is such a great compliment to the new Coach added in. Please keep it up!


Question: What is the number at the beginning of the lesson? (cf. "I love the egg at the end that tells me how many questions I had to answer before I got to the end").

I'm curious.


It starts out at 1. The egg I guess was a mistake. It's supposed to be an icon of the lesson you're on.


Thx for the answer!


Much better system! Of course the heart system feels more like a game but I am more concerned with learning than games so that doesn't bother me at all! If anything, I would just stick to experience points and rewards and their implications. Like many have said, you could be rewarded for using accents or streaks of correct answers that follows through different lessons. Also, I think if you worked on making your lingot store larger and the ways in which you are rewarded lingots, then the experience would be all around better (while maintaining the gaming satisfaction). As of now, there isn't much in the store that I want, making the receiving of lingots sort of pointless. Just my thoughts, thanks duolingo staff! Good luck in furthering your development!



I think I will really like this new system. The heart system was very frustrating for me and if I ever lost all of my hearts half way through a lesson, I would sometimes just give up half way through. Since I knew I probably wouldn't be able to complete it anyway.

I really hope I get into this test. :D


I just completed my first lesson for ages and I liked it. I had been working on translations because I got frustrated with having to start lessons from scratch when sometimes the mistake wasn't my fault. I very much like the new format. I especially like the way doing lessons and translations keeps words strengths full.

Overall, I think the emphasis on improving the learning experience as well as the translations is important. I had been doing most of my learning with newspapers and online translators because I found it much quicker in boosting my vocabulary. The more time we spend on this website instead the better.

Merci bien


That's an excellent idea. Rather than 'failing' when we run out of hearts and having to start again, we can just work at it until we understand things.


I really like this system! I used to be stuck at a single lesson for days in the past. Now I will actually get past those!. I can also do repeat lessons much easier now.


I like this way better than the hearts, because it was super frustrating to get 99% of the way there and have to restart.


I like this much better. It allows you to keep going even if you make more than 3 mistakes, and allows you to retry things you struggle on without the frustration of having to do the whole lesson over again. Thank you for the change, I love it!


I like this new system. It makes for less stress and less rage quits over silly mistakes early in the lesson.


It seems like a great idea, but I would love to be able to choose which system to be able to use if the new system is rolled out to everyone. It seems like Duolingo would have lost some of its game like attributes with this new system.


Great Idea!

That would be a nice feature to see... "Pick Your Game Mode?" I feel as though it would satisfy all parties, both those that want the old system and those that want the new one.


But from the lessons I have done with the new version, so far it seems to be slightly easier. Perhaps I am mistaken and I just don't have to restart the lesson repeatedly.


Not really, they are simply switching from a number of lives to a life bar.


I question whether the user's time alone will function as an effective source of motivation. Still, I'll wait for the devs to look the over the data over a longer period of time before allowing my no-change-ever mindset to hate the new system.


Is timed practice still around, group A?


I still have it. I'm blue bar.


I get the idea of using the bar instead, but couldn't you keep the reward bonuses for finishing a full lesson without missing any like how it was before? I just felt it was more rewarding when you managed to get a lesson done with full hearts and you'd not only get 14 XP instead of 10, but a lingot for having full hearts. I don't know, I just don't like not having those extra little bonuses that came with doing very well on a section.


Just want to say I love the new strength bar idea. I had pretty much given up on Duolingo in favor of other language learning options. because of the frustration of getting to the last question, getting it wrong and then starting over from scratch. I will be spending more time practicing with Duolingo thanks to this change.


My bar is a combination of the two. It's green but looks like the blue one; it's slanted and has the skill icon at the end of it. The heart system was sometimes irritating but it was also rewarding to finish a lesson without a mistake and then receive a lingot at the end. I also repeat lessons a lot, both to refresh/strengthen my skills and to earn and save lingots, after all, the progress quiz isn't cheap. On the other side, I do like that instead of repeating an entire lesson after all hearts have been used up, the progress bar would just go back down. A combination of the two would be best though, the progress bar with a lingot as a reward if no mistake has been committed. Anyway, THANK YOU very much! Lingots or no lingots, heart system or no heart system, this site has been very helpful.


Add me to the list of thumbs-up existing users. The heart-loss system was making me crazy, and discouraging me from working through lessons in order. I would choose to gain my daily points by skill tests or translating, or attempts to test out. Since I do believe that progressing through the lessons in order is valuable, I'm happy to have a more realistic way of doing it. The strength bar gives us the chance to persevere and work past our mistakes, rather than just being kicked off. Thanks for the continuing development!


In my opinion, this upgrade is really outstanding. Small change but able to give me more motivation and make me study more willingly, not desperately avoid losing hearts.

I must say, when I had my first glance of the bar, I was really glad!


1 year user, larger bar. I liked it from the first second I saw it. I don't care for the 3xp less and for the hearts, which I only used to give away. They could be replaced for "xp money cards(i don't know, a little paper of dolar with the number of xp inside)", something different to congratulate people for their great comments and useful help in the process of learning. Now I won't redo a lesson anymore when losing 1 single heart.


ok, this is a good idea, but the progress as it was shown before, it was a lot better than now, when it's shown with XPs. why did you change this, also?


Please God let me be one of the 50% getting this


This is so much better! Great idea!! I'm not terrified to make a mistake anymore which really helps because that's how you learn - through trial and error but also from being relaxed. It really got frustrating to not complete a lesson because all of your work (and time spent) was erased when you forgot if a noun is masculine or feminine or maybe you just mistyped a word. Now, I'll go ahead and rely on my memory to see if I've really learned something rather than using a translation service to check the sentence.


I've just seen the new strenght bar during a Dutch lesson . I didn't mind the heart system, it actually helped me to reach more points :)


I've got the red bar, and while at first I was a little skeptical and thought I would miss the hearts, working on congiutivo has made me a believer. It's a much more satisfying and less frustrating system especially when one is prone to typos in one's own language and hitting the return tab instead of the shift. Nothing was worse than losing a heart before even typing in an answer.


It's good but I think you should learn from KhanAcademy by making a wrong answer cost more than 1 point. Otherwise it's far too easy and misses the point of mastery-based learning which gamefied learning is all about.


I lost count of how many times I got frustrated because i lost 3 hearts due to dumb typos. This new way, I'll still get penalized for mistakes, but I won't lost everything


No ingot and extra experience reward, but prevents a lot of frustration! Thank you!


Maybe I missed it, but how do we earn lingots, now? I completed a lesson with no mistakes and I got nothing.

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The new system is working just fine, but please enable us earning lingots while practising again. :)


I find the negative reinforcement of going on for ever for making stupid mistakes leading me to make real mistakes. I find the notion that the new system is more positive extremely strange. Here every mistake is penalized and there is no reward. I just quit in the middle of a session in disgust. I may try again later.


At this point, would it make sense to make the two practice sessions more similar. In timed your strength bar would start at 50% and go up based on the difficulty of the answer ( not unlike immersion ) and go down based on time ( and possibly wrong answers ). You could also scale the timed for the level they are on ( the higher the level the faster the bar ticks down ).


I like the new format, but I do most of my lessons on my Kindle app, which is more convenient for me, and primarily use the website for languages that are still in Beta, translation, and timed practice. On the app, I like and use the heart system; it's a little disconcerting when the heart refill I thought I had bought isn't there because it was taken back and the lingots refunded. I'd just as soon keep any extra hearts I buy until the app is updated to the new system.


I think I might really like this. It feels better; it encourages effort by giving a non-rigid incentive to move forward, rather than filling the user with anxiety and frustration by punishing them as they fail. Also, the whole, "you'll have to do more exercises..." approach just feels better, like it will make me know it to move on, rather than allowing me to slip by.

I haven't used the new system many times yet (only once so far, and it went very well -- I'm about to go do more, so I might have more feedback shortly), but this is the first thing I'm genuinely excited about here for some time, now. I think you guys might have a winner with this.


jrikhal raises a very good point above: "to pass a lesson is far easier (in term of required level of knowledge) than before. Indeed you now only need to be able to answer correctly to little more than 50% of the exercises in order to validate (it can be very long --- see below --- but you'll finally pass it without being better than 50%+) when in the last system you needed at least 17 good answers over 20, so 85% of correct answers."

I feel the strength deduction for missing a question should definitely be bigger (by at least 2x or 3x if not more) than what is added for getting a question correct. Otherwise, yes, it's a bit too easy to pass a session.


Forgot to follow up! Yes, I quite like this. Feels much less "adversarial" now, if that makes sense. Makes me want to learn, practice, and in general visit DL more.


Aww but no more bonus Lingot for full hearts!


Is it my computer? I can no longer get help by hovering over the words!! I sunk!! I never used Duolingo like a game anyway. I just want to improve my Spanish, so bars or hearts are all the same to me, but I have to have my helps!




I noticed, I didn't get my lingots either!


I'm in the test group, and that is fantastic! It works so well, and it takes a lot of pressure off. The one bad thing is that the lingot store has very little to offer, so it needs even more now. But that idea really works, well done.

Not too sure about this one though...


That... really reminds me of The Sims.


I can actually see where you're going with that - well done, you used the toilet, comfort up by 5 points, or something?


I like the green bar but I miss the extra XP for getting through the lesson with hearts. I'm all about XP so I was using the timed lesson for strengthening (up to 20 XP per session) but I just learned that sometimes Duo goes to previous lessons and adds words/phrases so I've gone back to the beginning to redo my lessons thus far. I am disappointed that "redoing" only gets you 10 XP per lesson when it was possible to get up to 13 before. I haven't had a problem with having to redo an entire lesson due to making more than 3 mistakes since my beginning lessons, but even with making one mistake, you would get the 12 XP. Also, I just redid the lesson for verbs, present 2 and purposely answered questions wrong to see if I would get different questions the farther into the lesson I went and it was basically the same questions over and over. I will try this method a few more times using the "redo" buttons because I want to be tested on all of the words that are supposed to be covered.


Initial observations on this: definitely helpful for learning when I have time to engage for a while. More opportunity to wrestle oft-forgotten phrases into the memory banks. However, sometimes I want to just dip in and do one quick session and feel like I've achieved something - even if only a little. And to get that little trumpet SFX as a reward. In those instances a bar trapped in no-mans land between success and failure is a little ... frustrating. Maybe you could introduce a mini game with fewer Qs to run alongside this more challenging format?


Yes, having a mini game with fewer questions and maybe 5 XP would be good.

I often find myself desiring to do a quick lesson in maybe 5 minutes or less. I however decline when faced with the idea of being trapped for 10 to 15 minutes on one exercise.


Additional comment - it would be good to force you to repeat the sentences you got wrong, and/or have a list of which ones you got right and which ones you got wrong at the end. (I'm also holding out hope for a way of flagging a sentence specifically for a "practice this one more" or flashcard system)


Is there a timeframe for this experiment? How long until the rest of us are able to use the new system?


I've had the red bar now for 24 hours and have done half a dozen lessons, and what I'm finding is so brilliant about this change is that because I'm not afraid of losing hearts and having to start all over again, I'm much more willing to experiment with the language. It has changed my whole approach and I think I'm learning much more.


I am in the test group and now can say that I really like a new progress bar. It is useful not to think about typos or mistakes and just learn the topic.

But I have read all comments and, summarizing all the positive and negative opinions, agree with users who do not like an absence of extra lingots and points. Lingots motivated me too, no less than learning new words.

I think a good way would be to keep an old encouragement system (now we have three indexes: count of all questions in the current exercise, count of all right answers and count of mistakes — maybe it is possible to calculate an optimal limit of mistakes and to give extra XP-points and lingots if user do not exceeded it) and use new progress bar — this is a great idea.

Lingots are necessary because, for example, a possibility to buy the Streak Freeze when it is needed — a very good argument.

Thank you for your working! :-)


I can't say whether I like or dislike it yet, probably because it is a change I am not used to yet. It does seem like a good idea... There is one thing I would like, though. Little marks on the bar to show how many correct answers are needed to fill up the bar. Maybe it's just me, but I liked the bar before, since it showed how many questions were left.


I just revisited some Spanish lessons and stumbled upon the bar-system. I have to say I like it. It lets you end on a positive note - not just finished even if you got it wrong.

On the other hand I wonderd how you are going to include the lingot-earning-system. Since I do not have immediate use of the languages I learn, I need another goal and that was as of some days ago earning lingots with getting all right answers in going through the lessons. Now I don't have that.. I don't really have enough time atm to engage in immersion or discussion to earn anything..

On that note I'd welcome more uses for lingots.. maybe some interactive games? like memory - word+picture or word+translation ... maybe buying some play-slots with the lingots instead of getting access to the game all the time ...

did I mention that I like the bar-system? ;)


I admit that this new system makes me feel more motivated, but I think it's less fair than the old system in following points:

1) To finish the progress bar -with no mistake- I need to pass 18 questions, while with the old system only 15 questions were required!

2) Finishing a test with no mistakes gave 3XP extra and 1 lingot. With the new system I get 10XP in any case and no lingots!


I agree with some of the comments here. There are a lot of merits to this bar deal, but 13xp and a lingot for a perfect practice/strength builder was good motivation. I could keep on top of the daily goal with four solid practices if I didn't make mistakes. Now it takes five, whether they're sloppy or perfect. And I get no lingots. That's less encouraging.


thank you! this is perfect! please make these changes for android app too) I'll be honest, with the old system I used to cheat sometimes, I kept looking into discussion threads to find the correct translation when I was in the very end of the lesson out of hearts and didn't want to redo the whole thing! Keep up the amazing work:)


I liked the hearts. I liked the suspense, when I got things wrong: would I survive to the end. I liked earning a lingot when I did a lesson perfectly I even liked broken heart image: It shared my disappointment made me laugh.

I do not like the strength bar. It has no suspense. It does not give any reward. (Where's my lingot for a perfect lesson?) It can make the lesson really long.

The experiment is on the website but not the iPad app. My heart refill was removed on the app even though it still uses hearts. Now DuoLingo works differently in two places.

I am so tired of experiments I could cry. Duolingo is no longer a free service. It is a service where we donate hours of interface testing in exchange for learning a language. I don't know how their expertise in user interfaces gets monetized, but they must have a reason.


I agree, I liked the hearts too and the fact that you could do a quick lesson - now I seem to spend hours going backwards and forwards along the strength bar. The temptation is to guess more whereas with the hearts I would go and look something up if I only had one heart left. I know I can still do the same but somehow I don't.


I like blue one more (I have this), but I think there's must be Lingot for perfect answers, because they're not useless to me. I buy every 2-3 weeks Progress Quiz and this stuff is expensive. I can't finish 15 skills every month, I need work hard on each of them. So it would be better to make something between^ new system with lingot award. Hope to be heard.


I agree with this. Either put back the lingot and bonus points for perfect scores, or give us another way to earn Lingots. For example, give one lingot for each 100 xp worth of translation. What do you guys think about that idea?


Now, couple of days later I feel a bit more acquainted with "bar system" and I would like to share some of my experience and proposals, as I still feel "heart system" is more rewarding and motivating.

"Bar system" proved to be much more friendlier when one is immersing himself/herself into new lesson for the first time. Therefore, I believe that "heart system" is better and more appropriate when taking tests or just checking out the skills.

I understand it is frustrating when one loses his heart or whole lesson because of typing mistakes (and not only because of it!), but as I am simultaneously on the French course right now (in a real life) my professor says that I am absolutely the best in writing out of all other people in all other classes, and I surely can claim that it is so because of Duolingo and its insistence in correct spelling! It just takes a lot of patience and some time for total beginner to get used to correct writing, but what language is easy at the beginning?

Another thing I would like to see improved, actually being put back is - "reward" system. Getting an extra experience or lingot for finishing a lesson or test with less mistakes as possible is truly rewarding and motivating to me. I like "buying" myself a different things in store, like additional skills or keeping up my day streak, etc. It is also easier to "compete" with your friends.

So, yes, leave the "bar" but, please, don't abandon the "heart" system and don't entirely abandon the gaming dimension.

Thank you, Nektarije


For this system to really work to its maximum potential (and this might be complicated to do). Doulingo should recognize the specific excercises that you fail in the same lesson and repeat them or very similar ones to the one you failed. This in order to really assure that you realized and corrected your mistake. It has happened to me that i might have failed a specific excersise but Doulingo gives me some random other excersises that i am good at and so i dont really correct my mistake, if im lucky (or unlucky) enough i wont get a similar excersise to help me learn by the end of the lesson. This might solve some peoples doubt about this new strength bar system, that i love since the first day i got to try it!


I feel that the new system has good qualities: it allows users to work through tricky lessons and learn the skill no matter how long it takes them.

However, there is an aspect that I do not like: the unilateral scoring system. While it was indeed irritating to lose on a lesson because of running out of hearts, it worked within the established system to motivate greater care in typing and focus. It also allowed users who excel at particular tasks to earn themselves some bonus points if they achieved perfect results. While I am not whining about the loss of extra points, I wish to point out that part of the motivation and attraction of duolingo is the video-game like quality of leveling-up. Now that all lessons are the same point value the levels lose their mysticism and become instead about simple calculation. I do not feel motivated to do more lessons than necessary as I know exactly how many lessons I need to accomplish to achieve the next level. For me as a learner of foreign languages, this was a key and unique aspect to the duolingo software: the motivation to do more than strictly necessary.

It seems that the current points allotment runs counter to the general directive.


I has been said many times, but I also support lingot rewards for a perfect score with the new strength bar format (and the same for the timed practice). Other than that I really like the strength bar, it's much more motivating than the three heart format!


My feelings exactly!


I have over 250 days playing Duolingo and although the power bar seems like a logical improvement I have found myself strangely, and almost immediately, demotivated by the change. The power bar system has made the exercises more of a drudgery for me to complete and I get less satisfaction when I do pass a level than when I did with the heart system (my heart used to be beating to not get another one wrong when I was on my last heart, which made it fun). I play on finishing my Italian tree (which I will do tomorrow) and soon cease playing thereafter. Being a Product Manager myself, I realize you can't support both methods (especially when the new way is showing increased engagement metrics), but it would be great if the existing users had a way to toggle between the two methods. I know which one I would choose.


I agree with you wholeheartedly.


I totally agree with you about motivation with the heart system vs. the power bar. I am a lot more motivated with the heart system. It has more of a "game" feel. I also feel like it motivates one to be more careful and thoughtful with answers, to avoid losing a heart. I have the power bar on my desktop, but still have the hearts on my android phone. I used to like to play Duolingo on the desktop because of features I can't access on my phone like reporting and changing settings. But now I almost exclusively use my phone app because I really don't enjoy the power bar.

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There are way too many comments to read, so I am going to offer my opinion without reading further. I liked the hearts because it was like a game, with lives to lose. In fact, Duolingo's motto used to be something like "Learning, gamefied." I also liked getting extra xp by finishing with all my hearts. I dislike that I now get 10 xp whether I struggle forever or ace the lesson.




thank you for the great opportunity to learn Spanish. Till today and so far it really motivated me to work hard. But now I am in the testgroup and only receive the strengthbar at the end and no more extra points or a lingot ( it is like a diamond for me ;-) ) when I finished my lesson without using the hearts, I miss the extra motivation to pay attention to achieve a lingot or extra points! So can I please get out of the testgroup and bring me back to my hearts/lingots........ I've never been asked or asked myself for a new system and I don't want to be in a testlab.


I think it is important, that if I fail, then the "penalty" is the same, as losing a lesson. so if I lost 3 hearts at the last question, I had to redo everything, and while it is a bit tedious, it helps you learn faster. so as long as failiure is punished appropriately, it is fine (actually it is a pretty good idea, tbh)


its only on the site, and not for timed practice :(

the first one hits me harder, I like to do the new lessons on my phone


YAY! Now I won't fail on lessons or have to buy new hearts! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :DDDDD


That sounds really good. I have been getting really frustrated with lessons in some of the languages that have more questions than others when I lose my last heart on the last question. I just don't feel like going through the whole thing again for no gain. I wish I was in that test group:~


Does this begin today? If not, will we have advance notice about whether or not we're in the control group?


thank you guys so much for your work! love the new system


Aww :C I still have the hearts.


This is actually pretty neat, but I just bought a heart refill...my lingots! D:


I did a lesson but then the screen flashed that the system changed, I heard a sentence being said in the background, then the page reloaded and I got the old system.

This was about an hour or so ago, I think. maybe half an hour.

EDIT: just started a lesson and now it works fine. Must have been Joe Pesci huh :p

EDIT2: Aww, no more free lingot for making no mistakes?


Wow. I so like this. And what wonderful timing... just yesterday, I had to re-do a lesson 3 times because I ran out of hearts, and I even had to buy hearts and everything to get through it all. So yeah, I really like this new method. Very exciting! =]

And, BTW, I got the blue bar. Really like it. ^_^


I did one lesson with the strength bar and think it is great! Unfortunately I came back 20 minutes later to do another lesson and now it is back to using the heart system. What a tease! :) How do I get the strength bar back?


This happened to me just now, too. I want the blue bar back!


I had a centered bar - and now suddenly Im bakc to heart again! ???


That is perfect! I go for that idea. :)


Excellent !!! I love it. I do prefer this style. It gives me more motivations. In the old format, sometimes I lost the last heart for the last question, then I had to do all over again.


Whether or not we lose hearts is not that important to me, but for a user like me that is not as dedicated or consistent as I wish I was, when I come back after several days (or longer), is there a way I could know whether it's more important to a) start a new lesson or b) strengthen weak strength bars? Also, are you saying the refresher lesson will go quicker if we do really well at the beginning? Thanks for the continued improvements!


Aw, I still have hearts. D: I'm really curious and want to try this out.


Aghh!! This is great :D


Lately I seem to take two tries to finish a practice session with the occasional silly error and the forgetting of words. I think this is the best mechanic for this kind of platform, at the very least for the practice rounds. A job very well done, Duolingo developers!


I really like this new format, and look forward to the adaptive lessons! Thank you for continuing to create such a great experience


Awesome idea, just knowing you were involved in making it makes me think it will be ingenius already.. hopefully i'm in this test group! P.S Will you change the mobile apps to adapt to this system as well? Gracias :)


I have itttt! :D Except.... I don't use the website, I use the app.


I'll be interested to see how this works in action as I never had a problem with the heart system.


Like this format much better! Am more willing to trust my memory and move forward quicker. Not second quessing myself. Have the bar with the egg at the end, Si Si Gracias!


Well i love it seriously this website hasn't done anything wrong so far lol


I think a wrong answer should go two steps back, otherwise it's too easy - get one wrong, then get asked an easier question and get it right (particularly if it's a simple Q type, like the multiple choice).


I am one of the 50% in which the new system is being implemented. I definitely approve, it was very frustrating failing a lesson and having to redo the entire thing from the start and wasting my time on stuff I already learned.

Good job.


Cracked Egg showed for me too...I had to do 20 answers to get to the end but I liked it ;) no broken hearts, yaay!


Just finished my first lesson using the new format, and so far I really like it! The stress factor of trying to get through the last question or two with no hearts left is not something I will miss.


Always good that new things are being tested.

However, I have some doubt/questions:

First, some (the majority maybe?) may prefer not to be forced to restart a lesson, some other (like me) prefer to be (coldly) said that they don't know enough and asked to come back (later).

Secondly, since a wrong answer makes you lost the same amount of the progress bar as a good answer makes you gain (I have been told so by Duo staff, if wrong please correct me ;)) then :

  1. to pass a lesson is far easier (in term of required level of knowledge) than before.
    Indeed you now only need to be able to answer correctly to little more than 50% of the exercises in order to validate (it can be very long --- see below --- but you'll finally pass it without being better than 50%+) when in the last system you needed at least 17 good answers over 20, so 85% of correct answers.
  2. [less important since user can quit the lesson] With the heart system, a lesson never last more than 20 exercises when, with the new system, it can potentially last for ages if the user answer in average around 50% correctly.

I personally would test with (good_answer= +1 \& wrong_answer= -2) or (good_answer= +1 \& wrong_answer= -3) or similar, and calibrating the required total to pass the lesson so that with 17 correct answers over 20 you validate the lesson as within the hearts system.

So in average, users will probably like it more (and it'll be statistically seen on how much they come back often for example) since they'll validate more easily (=with knowing less in average) but does it means they'll know more at the end since they'll be asked to know just more than 50% all tree long? I'm curious to know what the A/B tests will show and, moreover, what they would show for intermediary setups with the new setup but with 3:1 or 2:1 ratios).

Last question: if we answer only wrongly, do the progress bar go to negative values ? ;)


Since the lesson will keep repeating the same material until it's completed, then hopefully most users would eventually learn the things being taught and be able to complete it. I think it would be very rare for someone to be stuck in a lesson for a long time.

I'm with you that I have no problem failing a lesson. But I think this is an overall improvement for the strengthen skills lessons particularly. I don't like failing those, not because I don't like to fail in general, but because it means that I will be re-tested on things that I know perfectly and got correct in addition to those things I didn't know that caused me to fail. With the current hearts system, it feels like a lot of wasted time redoing things I'm very comfortable with so that I can learn the other things that I don't.


Indeed, that's one point that is avoiding the thing to last too long. But it doesn't imply that the user will necessarily know far more than 50% at the time he'll finally pass the lesson. ;)

Yes, as suggested by YuMoises, having one (hears) for new lessons and the other (new system) for refresh lesson could be great. Well, I think it's worth being statistically tested by Duo.

"With the current hearts system, it feels like a lot of wasted time redoing things I'm very comfortable with so that I can learn the other things that I don't."
I don't follow why it's better with the new system? The exercises, the system asks you, are supposed to be the ones with vocabulary, grammar, (other things?) than you know the less within the lesson, no?


"The exercises, the system asks you, are supposed to be the ones with vocabulary, grammar, (other things?) than you know the less within the lesson, no?"

If you're going into a single section on the tree and doing the "Strengthen skill" button there, yes. But I usually do the Strengthen Skills button that's on the sidebar and pulls material from anywhere in the tree. In those sessions, I often find it gives me quite a few translations that I don't even have to think about. I just type it in, get it right, and move on. But then if I fail the session and retry, I'll get those same translations that I know very well and have to type them in again. I feel like if you get it right, it shouldn't give them to you again when you retry it, and instead switch it with other things that you need to review. That's the ideal solution, I think.

This new system isn't the ideal solution, but I think it will at least reduce the number of failed sessions. Hopefully the way it works is that it will keep repeating the ones you're getting wrong until you either fail or complete it, and not repeat the ones you get right. That way, you keep reviewing and practicing what you need to learn and don't waste time with what you already know.


Clearly, the system (with heats or the new counting system) shouldn't give you the same exercises after failing (in "pulls material from anywhere in the tree" version).

It's clearly a glitch in the selection of displayed exercises.

Yes, but I would say that the algorithm that decides which exercises to display is independent of the one deciding when (based on correct/wrong answers) it's considered you merit to pass the lesson.


Maybe perhaps if you are repeatedly stuck in the lesson it'll eventually tell you to take a break? Like a popup or something?


Could be but popup are not liked by users so Duo doesn't use it.


Well, I mean if it takes you to an entirely new screen with big words saying "TAKE A BREAK" and you're like a couple right answers away from completing the lesson it's going to be as annoying as having no hearts and failing on the last question.


Try looking at it another way: under the old system, if it takes you (say) 10 tries to get through a lesson, if you look at the aggregate correct/wrong ratio over all those tries your percentage could actually be below 50%.

What the new system does isn't really that different, except that your multiple attempts aren't separated out. And under the new system, it's mathematically impossible to pass with 50% correct.

That aside, you're focused on the percentage necessary to 'pass', as if 'passing' were the point. But really, the point is drilling. (Hence the strength bars.) If it takes you 50 questions to 'pass', you aren't learning less than if it takes you only 18 (or whatever the minimum number is).


["under the old system"] Yes, but you had progressed between each session (for sure). Indeed, if you validated after X attempts on the lesson, it's that you had less than 85% of correct answers at each try before passing then had once 85% or more. So you progessed, well "did better the last try".
And in the case "your percentage could actually be below 50%.": then you would have progressed even more! Since it means you had in overall less than 50% but more than it one the last 20 consecutive questions.. what a progress! ;)

"And under the new system, it's mathematically impossible to pass with 50% correct."
All the contrary. With strictly more than 50%, you'll mathematically pass any lessons (under the condition you give it enough (potentially a LOT) time, of course).

"That aside, you're focused on the percentage necessary to 'pass', as if 'passing' were the point. But really, the point is drilling. (Hence the strength bars.) If it takes you 50 questions to 'pass', you aren't learning less than if it takes you only 18 (or whatever the minimum number is)."
I disagree. If, you can statistically answer 85% of any set of 20 exercises then, strengthening enough times, the system will lead you to knowing how to answer (which is considered here as "knowing the things taught in the given skill) of 85% of all the sentences of any skill. On the other side, the other system will not bring you there.
Not saying you can't reach 85% of "knowledge" for each skill (or more, as in the old system) but that the system requiring only 50%+ to validate (again, if you give it enough time on each try), then it's not pushing you at the same level.

Of course it's balanced with the fact that some will be less discouraged with the new system and, so, will come more and so progress more.
I'm just saying that testing to set up the new system with an average requirement of 66% (so ratio 2/1 for the points taken/given) or 75% (so ratio 3/1) could lead to good surprise for the learning process IMO.


Shorter response: the difference between theory and practice is that in theory there is none. ;-)

Slightly longer response: your objections are essentially theoretical, based on highly improbable hypotheticals, and thus not particularly serious.

Longer response: For example, you make the point that the old system enforced 'progress' by imposing an 85% bar to 'passing', and argue that in theory one could pass under the new system without progressing. But in practice, repeated drilling that results in 'passing' will, in fact, result in learning progress. So there's no practical difference there.

You also pose a hypothetical situation in which someone passes with slightly more than 50% (not 50%, because passing with exactly 50% is, as I noted, mathematically impossible). But seriously? Not gonna happen. Nobody is going to stick with one lesson through 100 or 500 or 1000 exercises--not unless they're incredibly obsessive and trying to prove a point. (Which, now that I think of it, is most people on the internet...so maybe not so improbable. Joking.)

I'll just add that what they've tried to do, under the old system as well as the new, is strike a balance: standards for 'advancement' have to be rigorous enough to entail real learning, but not so strict that frustration drives people away. IMO, a 2:1 or 3:1 negative-to-positive ratio would tip that balance in the wrong direction.


But if you lose the same amount for a wrong answer as you gain for a right one, you need to have more right answers than wrong by a given amount (it looks to me to be about 20 questions, but that's just an estimate). It is not possible to pass with 50% unless you drag the lesson on for so long that the 20-ish questions you have to make is a very tiny percent of the total.


Well indeed if "you drag the lesson on for so long that the 20-ish questions you have to make is a very tiny percent of the total" you could even pass (thx to an easy "20 in a row" which are each time more chance to happen as long as you try more and more exercises) pass even with less than 50%.

But I was saying 50%+ (for example, 51% or 50.1%, ...), not 50% exactly. ANd in this case you'll statistically pass any lesson if you you drag the lesson long enough (but without needing at all an easy 20-in a row this time). See "4. bis" in my second answer to zfungcello.


Short answer: If you take into account the failed questions in the beginning of a progress bar session, you have to count in previous failed sessions in the heart-based version as well. Thus, the percentages are not that far apart.

Long answer:

Preface: I - sadly - am not part of the group this feature is being tested on so any statement made on its functioning is merely based on the above post and its answers.

@jrikhal: I have read all posts your both above and below this answer. I think that you might have a flaw in your reasoning.

You say that in the progress bar version you can pass although you have answered many questions wrong and then have a series of 20 to 25 questions (depending on your mistakes) of which you answer 20 right.

Well, it is almost the same in the hearts based version: If you don't know your stuff, you might fail an unlimited number of lessons. Only if you answer 17 out of 20 consecutive questions correctly, you pass.

My point: If you count in the "history" in one scenario, you have to take it into account in the other one as well. In both versions, you can have hundreds of questions wrong before being successful.

So, the exact percentage might differ slightly (20/25 or 17/20 or whatever) if you only take the last so-many questions that result in passing a lesson. But that ist fine tuning and has nothing to do with your reasoning.

Postface: I am very much in favour of this new concept. So much so that, as I am part of the control group, I even think about actively reducing my amount of time I spend on this site. But on the one hand that would not help me learning languages. And on the other hand this kind of conscious change of behaviour would render the A/B-testing useless and is probably the reason why the Duo-team has previously not shared which tests they are currently conducting.

One last remark: Any corrections on my English will be much appreciated, although the stream might be a better place for this than this discussion thread.


@nawick: Indeed, my first paragraph about the possibility to pass with less than an average of correct answer below 50% apply to both system. In both: luck can save you.

But this wasn't my main point (of my other comments). And the fact that if your level is that you answer 50%+ correctly (let say 60% for the the examples) will automatically leads you to pass (if you give it enough exercises) only a to the new system.

If your level is so that you answer in AVG 60%, then in the long run you'll have a +2 every 10 exercises. So, in the long run you're fill the strength bar and will at a point fill it entirely (again if you give it enough time).

On the other hand, since you can't "give it enough time" in one session in the old version (after 20 exercises, it ends), then you can accumulate a little positive progress in the long run.


What I know is that I am absolutely sick and tired of practicing a mountain of easy things 2 or three or four times, so that I can get to the handful of things that cause me to fail

I want to work on the errors I make, until I get those problems corrected. I don't want to work on things that don't require work.

I've been yanked from the test group. But I saw enough to see that the progress bar is an improvement over hearts. If it becomes even more adaptive, so that it lessens the amount of English practice I am doing, as I need it less, and if it accordingly increases the amount of (e.g.) French practice, then that would be exactly what I've been waiting for. In the end I want all of my translation to be out of English into French.


Oh my. I never knew anyone who got kicked out of the test group before. :-)


Mine changed... I used to have the green one, now I have the blue one!


The questions you posed are very interesting. After reading this, I tested out a few of your concerns (I am in the test group), and I believe that the system would still be very effective. First, your concern about the mathematical necessity to pass the lesson is, I believe, slightly incorrect. This is due to the fact that, fortunately or unfortunately, the loss for a particular wrong answer can be the equivalent of two correct answers. Say that a user got the first four questions correct and then began to alternate wrong/right/wrong/right; they would never finish the lesson, but rather get stuck in the middle of the bar. In fact, they might even regress a little if the question is a "select word" question. I think you would at least have to be getting a 4:1 (four right, then one wrong) ratio of right:wrong to pass the lesson. Second, to answer your last question, getting questions wrong forever simply leads to more and more questions, for there is no negative bar. I'll check it again, but I believe that the algorithms would still require the user to have a strong grasp of the material.


Thanks for the answer.

"the loss for a particular wrong answer can be the equivalent of two correct answers."
I'm not following you? If you loose the same fraction of the bar with 1 one question than the fraction of the bar you gain for a worrect question then 1 wrong answer (even a particular one... ?) will be equivalent to one correct one.

"Say that a user got the first four questions correct and then began to alternate wrong/right/wrong/right; they would never finish the lesson, but rather get stuck in the middle of the bar."
Yes, that's exactly the problem (IMO) I was reffering too in me "Secondly.2.". ;)

"In fact, they might even regress a little if the question is a "select word" question."
Why only for those questions? The fraction of progress bar gained or lose for those exercises is not the same than for other ones?

"I think you would at least have to be getting a 4:1 (four right, then one wrong) ratio of right:wrong to pass the lesson."
Not at all (again if you gain the same with a correct than you lost with a wrong one). Imagine, in average, you have 51 correct answers for 49 wrong (over 100 questions). Then, in average, every 100 exercises, you'll gain 2. So, statistically, if you do enough exercises you'll end up with as many points as you need. And it's even more easier since you can't go in negative values.


I believe it requires 20 correct answers for a perfect. If you get one wrong, you have to replace that incorrect with a correct. Yes,I got stuck in the middle and passed a lesson with 46 questions - I got 13 wrong and 33 correct. My mistakes caused me to receive more questions and get more practice.

It's not like the old version ever 'coldly' told you to go study more - doing the lessons and practices is how this program teaches. You aren't expected to get one hundred percent every time.


Thx for the answer. Mmm... so it seems for you a correct answer is worth the same as an incorrect one (seems different for zfungcello).

;) I used "coldly" because it seems a lot of people don't like it and find it frustrating and demotivating. Personally I like the old version. ;)
But, I just said it was saying to you that "you don't know enough" [in order to pass the lesson) and to "come back later". The "come back later" (which can be immediately) part is indeed exactly "doing the lessons and practices" again i.e. "to study more (with Duo)" in the Duo's language/conception

  1. I did Spanish Basics 1 to test out my observation, and I believed that this is due to Duolingo's importance rating of different questions. For instance, if I get two "hard questions" (definition depends on the situation, but usually a translation is a hard question) right in a row, and then mess up an easy question (such as a "select word" questions for the gender of a noun), Duolingo may take away all the credit I earned for the two previous correct questions. This is an argument for the hypothesis that a 50 percent may only be barely enough in specific situations to even keep one afloat, so to speak. This also implies that not all answers are necessarily equal. I apologize for my lack of clarity in the previous post.
  2. Sorry for the misunderstanding here. I trying to address what I thought was your larger point about the potential lack of effective instruction of the material in the beta methods, rather than this problem of getting stuck in a loop, which you had already pointed out.
  3. As I explained in number 1., the "select word" problems are worth little for correct answers and a lot for wrong, especially if one demonstrated more advanced skills previously. In a Spanish lesson, I came across four or five of these questions in a row, applying the right/wrong alternation strategy to test the math, and I regressed.
  4. Based on my observations, I am still skeptical of this claim. I am willing to admit that one will eventually be able to pass with perhaps a 2:1 right:wrong ratio, but, due to my observations in number 3., I do not believe that a 51:49 would be sufficient. For instance, if you get the first two questions right in a lesson, and then the third wrong, you will go back to zero, regardless of the mathematical difficulty of the questions. It also takes fewer wrong answers to regress in the bar than it does to progress in the bar. An example: it took me 13 correct answers to get within 1 question of completing a lesson, but only 9 wrong answers to get back to 0 points. This provides evidence against your fundamental assumption "if you gain the same with a correct than you lost with a wrong one".


Great feedbacks/infos (even more for someone like me that haven't any of the two new bars)...

  1. Ok, so different types of exercises seems to have different earning points.
    Question: for one given type of exercise, do you earn the same amount of points if you do it correctly than you lose if you fail?
    If so, then the 50% thing doesn't not so obviously fail. ;)
  2. Ok, it seems to answer my question. ;)
  3. Indeed the assumption (I had the "info" by a Duo staff member) "if you gain the same with a correct than you lost with a wrong one". is wrong if all exercises aren't worth the same and that, for a given exercise, you don't earn the same for correct than you lose for wrong.
    Then with no more info about the percentage of each type of exercises, the exact fraction of progress bar earned/lost with correct/incorrect answer, we can't answer the average % of knowledge needed with the new system.
    We need more info from Duo. ;)
  4. (bis) "51:49 would be sufficient. For instance, if you get the first two questions right in a lesson, and then the third wrong" but you're "2 then 1" is not a 51:49 ratio but a 66.66:33.33 ratio...
    A 51:49 ratio says that in average (among a huge number of try), you'll answer 51 good answer over 100. So in this setting (meaning, if you have 51% of correct answer in average), by the law of large numbers, after a large enough number of try you'll have almost exactly 0.51(this_huge_number) of good answers for 0.49(this_huge_number) of incorrect. So the difference (0.02*(this_huge_number)), which is the "net number of good answers" is as big as you want given that you try enough exercises. Of course and again, without "if you gain the same with a correct than you lost with a wrong one", it doesn't give the 50% thing.


Yes, thanks for all your interesting observations and questions. Your question in this post is hard to gauge, principally because the questions often alternate between difficult-easy and pure visual cues from the bar can often be unreliable. In theory, however, I think the answer should be yes. It might be best at this point to direct our principal mathematical questions at the staff who are working on the algorithms for the new bar.


You make some great points, but this is what I think... 1. Yes, it may SEEM that a lesson is far easier then ever before. But, like Luis said, "we're trying to make lessons more personalized then ever before". If you find a lesson a breeze, then why spend the extra time on the lesson, when you could work on another lesson and learn MORE. However, I do think that they should raise up the minimum amount of lessons to about 13-14, so you can still get a good chunk of questions without spending too much time if you already get the material. 2. As Luis said, he's trying to make it more personalized, if it takes ages, then it takes ages. And, as you said before, you can exit out of the lesson. One thing I do agree with is making the "wrong answers" larger then the right answers. But, instead of 2 or 3, maybe 1.5. I would love some feedback, so I can get a better view of your opinion so we can (hopefully) add some valuable ideas to Duolingo. Cheers.


Thx for your ideas and points.

  1. As said, I understand "easier" here not about the time spent but about "how well" you need to master the concepts/rules/grammar/vocabulary/etc.
    And in both old and new systems, if you know very well the skill then you'll pass the lessons within 20 answers, so no gain of time in this case with the new system.
  2. "they should raise up the minimum amount of lessons to about 13-14"
    It could have this good effect but on the other end, when trying to progress down in the tree, I guess some users will be discouraged if they need 13-14 (often times 2 or 3 skills per row) in order to unlock new skills. [not speaking about when you completed the tree of course]. It's the reason why Duo keep this number lower.
  3. About the ratio: 3, 2, 1.5, 5, 10 ;) ... A/B tests would tell what's statistically the best. That's what I'm suggesting. ;)


you can't be wrong indefinitely. the questions you failed come back, and you don't even need to hover the words because you remember them.


I tried the strenght bar for two lessons and it seems to me that the previous system (with hearts) was more diverse. I had to use my mic all the time learning the pronunciation while now the only excercise (or 90% of the lesson) is translating text from the language I'm learning to the other one. Is it a bug or was I just unlucky to have such lessons?


I got the one with the skill icon. It looks so nice and it is better than the heart system.


I made three accounts before I finally got a skill icon one. I tried it out and it was amazing.


I think you should be able to choose which system you want, in settings or something like that. That way, the lingot sytem's effectiveness isn't lost, since you can still get heart bonuses, and for learning new skills, the strength bar reinforces the new material until it's concretely understood.

The heart format helps to gamify Duolingo, and keep it motivating. Personally, I rely on motivation from the heart method to maintain my streak, but I also want to learn German very thoroughly. So, both methods should be available to the user.

I fight for the Users!® (TRON:Legacy)


I think i liked how it kept track of how many i got wrong and gaining more points for the lessons and earning lingots. i like buying things from the store. how do we earn lingots in this trial test to buy stuff?


Also for the spanish progress test you can buy, is there a way you can you see what you got right or wrong?? the first time i took it i was really looking forward to seeing my mistakes.


I like the bar idea more than the hearts. The hearts were just frustrating to me.


any chance of having the second bar displayed in blue, please? the green one isn't very good.. its a good idea though!


I also much prefer the blue.


Nice improvement, gracias


I've found an issue: the old strength bar is still in the timed practice - or was that on purpose?


I am in the test group with the simple green bar. It's different but I'll reserve judgment for a while. There are lots of comments that perhaps the penalties shoud be tougher than the rewards. It is a tricky one but how about this model; correct always = +1, incorrect = -1 for the first two mistakes but -2 for the third. Then back to -1 for the 4th and fifth, -2 or even 3 for the sixth and so on? Failure can also be motivating. I chose to use the PC version because it is more challenging and i have to really concentrate on spelling, endings and acents.


I don't really like it, this new format seems less challenging to me as there's virtually no way to fail the lesson. I'm also already missing the heart bonuses at the end, to be honest :P


I like this bar system it is not quite as frustrating as loosing all ones hearts well almost.


This is much better than the heart system!!!!!


So much more encouraging! Rather than just giving up after losing all my hearts, this time when the sentences I had just got wrong came back up, I got them right.


Great! I already have it! I think this new feature might be pretty good. I am about to test it myself so I can give you my honest opinion. Thank you again for the nice work.


I just miss earning my lingots and extra xp points. Can you please give us lingots for a perfect lesson in the new system? Now I've to work harder to earn my lingots :(


I'm part of the test group, but I have a green centred bar with skill icon. I really like it. I did more skills today that normal, and I put it down to the bar and quitting when I would have lost my last heart on the last question because of a typo or something like that.


I love this idea! But... Is it possible to integrate this new bar with the 'timed practice'? I've always been a big fan of the timed practice and the way that it encourages me to think and produce quickly... but, since I spend a lot of time reviewing, I feel like I'm not making the most of it. Is there any support out there for this?? (Please say yes ;))


So has it got easier or harder? I have been using it for a little while today and I'm undecided. On the one hand, sometimes you could scrape a pass in a lesson with 'only' 17 out of 20 correct, but now you know that if you keep going in a lesson you will pass eventually just by sheer persistence, regardless of how many wrong answers you give.......... What I will say is that I liked the motivation the previous system gave to finish a lesson with the full 20 correct answers and get the bonus lingot.. Either way, I love DL! :D


I like the new bar system, I was starting to get frustrated with the heart system. Thank you for the change, it seemed to make my practice easier: )


Want to reiterate, posted earlier for the the first time ever. With limited time it was so frustrating to loose all credit when the hearts were used up. This system gives you credit and keeps you motivated. As long as you keep giving lingots for streaks this system is great! Please don't take my new bar with egg at end away!


I already miss the hearts and the bonus for finishing a lesson correctly, the extra xp were a motivator. For me, something about this new system just doesn't feel right.


I'm now a lot further from level 14 than I was before because I cannot earn more than 10 points per lesson. This is frustrating. I finished most lessons with hearts to spare, but now there is no reward for making no or few mistakes. One idea would be to lower the points totals required to move up a level.


Yeah, how do we earn lingots now? Just wait until we level up? I don't get it.


The strength bar so much better than the hearts, in my opinion! I miss a lot more questions in one skill, but that's because I don't have to restart the whole thing if I only mess up three times. I tend to get frustrated and give up more easily when I have to redo a skill 5 times in a row just to pass it, so the different system helps me to progress quicker and still learn everything I need to learn. Glad to be a part of that 50%! :)


I envy you and everyone else. I want to be part of it, sigh. And I got my sister to log onto her account that she never uses, and of course she is part of the 50% and not me. D: That's life though.


I am in the test group and have some mixed feelings. Like so many others, I HATED having to start over when I crashed on hearts, it was really frustrating. But now with the new system, there are no consequences to a wrong answer, so I found myself just typing as fast as possible to get through the practice. I got the same question wrong 2 or 3 times for the same reason, I just wasn't being careful. So it requires a bit more discipline, maybe that's just me.

Maybe one way around this would be to have the strength bar actually go negative. Right now, it seems you can't get less than 0. So even if you have 10 wrong answers in a row to start, the next correct answer puts you in the green, that's not an accurate picture of what happened.

The lingot thing is definitely an issue as enough people have already commented.

Thanks so much for trying new things and working to improve the process!


I like the second one (the blue one with the skill icon).


I am on this system as of today, I prefer it, less frustration when I get more than 3 wrong, though takes longer to get points when trying to monitor progress against others


I really like the visual cue. My lessons just switched from the first to the second and I definitely prefer it that way. :)


I LOVE it, I got switched to it for like 10 minutes but now it changed back to hearts :(




LOL, tell us how you really feel! :P I have the green bar. I think it's just fine. While I don't have the blue one, I don't see how it will motivate me any more or less than the green one. I just know that this is definitely better than the hearts.


I like the second blue bar better it goes with the blue of the website and it just looks better.


Loving this idea. No need to restart an entire lesson because you ran out of hearts


I actually really liked the heart system. I am sad to see that you changed it.


I love this new progress bar! I feel way less stressed when trying to complete a lesson. I also like how repetition comes into play instead of, "Nope! Out of hearts, you lose!". I wonder if you'll change the timed practice to this format as well?


Of course, the sentimental side of me shall miss the hearts. But I do understand & appreciate the science behind the new system. I vote for the larger, centered bar w/ the skill icon. Thanks so much, Duolingo Team, for all that you do & have done! ¡Abrazos grandes!


I am really liking this new way of progressing through the lessons. Oftentimes I would get discouraged and give up if I had done a lesson more than three times after losing hearts and wouldn't return for days. This way I can power through a lesson, really ingraining the words I know I'm not fully understanding. Thanks for this change! I have seen the green bar, but not the blue bar yet.


I love it! However, my bar is pink (I have a Stylish black background, so I'm not sure if it's Duolingo or me). I would love to have the green bar. The skill icon at the end of the bar is also great, I find very useful that it tells me how many exercises I did to complete the lesson. So, in conclusion, I think that the large centered bar with the skill icon, all in color green would be perfect. :-)


I am in the 50% that didn't get to try this out, but It sounds like something I would like better than the heart system! Most of the skill levels I can get though okay, but I have a mental block when it comes to Spanish adverbs and I've had to start over several times on the strengthen skills! However, with the new system, I may be up all night trying to get through one lesson!


Darn, I don't have it. The streak of this continues. Hopefully it'll be rolled out to everyone soon.


I think not having the hearts sound great! I like the blue bar idea better, as it gives you a visual of how close you are to achieving the goal. And I won't have to redo an entire lesson because I had typos!


Hi everyone,

I am pretty new to duolingo and I really enjoy it. I am a fan of gamification in education and I think this is one of the most useful adaptations of these concepts I have so far discovered.

But with great enjoyment also comes great curiosity. Curiosity why some of the following features are not already implemented. I am myself no programmer but I cannot imagine some of them would be too hard to implement and would increase functionality and enjoyment by a lot:

1) function to show only the words of one category (e.g. all verbs - without having to scroll through the whole list of words) (i am aware of the listing function but I mean like a dropdown menu that really only shows one category of words when selected - since all the words are already categorized anyway it couldnt be that much work to implement such a function?)

2) function to only show the infinitive form of the verbs (it is misleading to include all declanations of the words into your accumulated vocabulary)

3) more purely aesthetic/cosmetic items you can buy with lingots (like building up some avatar or something similar - something that besides your xp and level visualizes progress and rewards the brain)

Regarding the strengthbar, I personally like the blue one better. I am part of the treatment group with the green bar. Also, when filling the strengthbar without making a single mistake, you should still be rewarded a lingot. Making duolingo more accessible for everyone is no reason to take away enjoyment from the very motivated and competitive - at least in this case there is no tradeoff i can see.

Best regards,



This is so much better. I find the old system so frustrating, especially considering when you are on a roll you are able to keep running through the levels without interruption, but when you make too many mistakes, you are dumped unceremoniously back to the start, and have to scroll and page all they way down just to get to where you were...

The system more or less just says 'Go home' the way it is now, and it is even more aggravating when it is just for something like typing 'too' instead of 'to' or 'then' instead of 'than' or them, which is pretty much destined to happen on a smartphone keyboard. I am not part of the test group, but god oh god I hope it proves successful, so that I don't one day end up eating my phone on account of dumb typos that I can't avoid making...


An alternative might be to require that you finish with 80% or more correct, but for each wrong answer past the fifth one, offer to add five more questions for the price of one lingot--up to a max of maybe 50 questions in one lesson.

Then you could continue to offer the XP bonus based on number of wrong answers (0 gets 3 plus a lingot, 1 gets 2, 2 wrong gets 1 point, and three or more wrong gets nothing.) Lingots would still be worth something too.


Great idea. Thank you.


I do not like this method . I want back the hearts and lingot By Zero Error


This is a great enhancement - Thank you very much for the change


This is a really good idea. The hearts always get me frustrated since I hate restarting lessons. (P.S. The blue bar is way nicer!)


This is the system I've always wanted. You can welcome me back to Duolingo.


OMG! I want this!!! Please let me have this!! PLEASE!


I actually dislike this method, but hey, I'm new to it.


I think this new system will be a big hit! Already I have tried several lessons and I like it much better! I always got frustrated when I was on the last question and I lost that last heart!

However, I am disappointed to see that my mobile application has not changed. I will most likely be doing my lessons on the computer to try out the recent change until it comes to the mobile platform.


I love it! I could get soooo frustrated because of the heart system... and I feel like having no pressure will help learning much more compared to when you can ''lose''. Thank you so much!


Dear That is a good idea, I am new here, hopefully, you all can lead me here


Hard to figure out what is going on. I got at various times blue bars, green bars and red bars. Apparently it is impossible to get more than 10 points but hard to tell how many one has to get right to finish. Less satisfying than the earlier game but if the rules were clear it might be ok.

ONe difficulty is that when I lost a few point before by playing too fast I could slow down and finish. Now I have to slow down and play much longer.

What do the colors mean?


I really like the new bar. Great way to ensure you only move ahead once you're well versed with the material. The one suggestions i would make is bring back the lingot reward for completing with full hearts (or in this case, filling the bar with 0 mistakes). I felt that was a great motivator to keep repeating the exercise until i was fluent


As a part of the test group with the blue bar, I personally find it MUCH more motivating and engaging not to have to worry about losing a heart and having to start the lesson all over again. I did like the idea of extra points when one kept his/her hearts, but that's really a small price to pay for the new system. It makes me want to learn more, and also seems to allow me to retain the information in the lesson better. Thank you, Luis!

P.S. I, as many others in the comments section, prefer the blue bar to the old green one. It definitely adds a futuristic, progressive feel to the website that corresponds well with both feelings of motivation and Duolingo's general layout and color scheme.


I like it. The new way is less stressful.


I like the new system better. I have the green bar. I think it will help mastery and motivation and encourage long term memory, not short term remember-it-for-the-last-question.


Sounds like an interesting update :)


How will this affect lingots? I feel like there should be some more things to purchase with them, like maybe a free peek in a test? I don't really know what to do with mine now


I like the larger blue one.


No... I want this so much!!!


The second bar is prettier but dang it I wanna try. I guess I'm in the 50% that's not cool.


I was just getting very tired of the heart system yesterday, and when I started today, BOOM, progress bar! Nice work :)


I like it like this, especially if I do make a lot of mistakes but still finish it, I can always go back and strengthen my skills.


I saw this earlier today, and I really liked it a lot. I hope it stays.

Oddly enough, I only received it for 1 section. The rest of the sections are still 3 hearts and you're out. Is it supposed to be like that? After seeing the new format, I'd much rather keep it than go back to the hearts.


Really like it. As others have said - no more frustration through making a typo and having to restart! Good one! A big thank you to the efforts of the team behind Duolingo for continuously reviewing and improving it.


I'm loving it so far. I like how I can continue in the same lesson and not have to restart it again due to loss of hearts. I have the blue line graphic with the bubble at the end & I like it. As far as lingots go and as far as giving them away to others for encouragement, well, that can be handled with words of encouragement anyway and also with the up vote on the particular comment. Pues, sobretodo ... se me lo parece mejor (la nueva sistema). Now if I could only say THAT in Irish ... haha ... in time, in time.

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Bring back the lingot for a perfect score and the bonus XP for missing 3 or fewer questions. Take me out of the test group, please. Thank you.


hi holyT. What would you say if you could customize your Duolingo, I mean, choose the settings the way you like to learn better?

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erdnaluap: That would be fantastic! It would be great for other features, too, such as the presence or absence of the XP indicator. I would think that allowing such choices would not be too difficult, technically. After all, Duolingo already routinely divides users into A/B test groups with different features turned on or off. Have a (now more precious) lingot!


Any mechanism that leads me to believe I have learned something new today is fine by me. I am just grateful you have taken the time to try something new but you can paint the moon blue for me if it improves my Spanish!


I find it much more motivational and a better learning experience. It is brilliant. Thank you.


A thousand times "Thank You'! I was so frustrated with the hearts that I recently posted a request to "Cut Some Slack" ... this simple change has done just that! After just 3-4 lessons, I'm feeling much more empowered and enthusiastic.


I like it! No more failing on the last question because of a typo! Addendum: This is super helpful in German, where most of my mistakes are gender-related!


I definitely prefer the centered bar also I think when you get a question wrong it should take away more of the bar, Ithink 3 correct answers worth will be best,, thanks for the amazing upddate! ^^


I think you should have the option of earning hearts or using the bar. I agree that earning lingots for perfect lessons and beating the hearts was one of the motivations for doing the lessons. Just waiting for the bar to fill up does not motivate me nearly as much. I don't care what color the bar is...bring back the hearts!


Congrats! I think it's a much better way to learn, since sometimes I didn't mind getting the answers right, since I had all my hearts left, but now I have more motivation!


This is great! It removes a lot of the frustration, especially from losing a heart to a silly error like a spelling mistake in your native language. Now it's just 'Opps, that was silly.' and you do another question. Also it allows you to breeze through stuff you know, but automatically spend more time on things you need to. Thumbs up!


Love the new format!


I'm really happy with this change. There were so many lessons where I ran out of hearts on the last or second to last question. This makes it a lot easier to do a lesson here or there without failing and having to redo lessons constantly. Thanks!


Great idea. I found the heart system made learning a side issue and it became more of a 'game', trying to get over the hurdle without losing hearts rather than assimilating what you're learning. this will keep the education bit burning brightly.


Thanks for everything here. Duolingo is an extraordinary learning experience. :)


I just tried it, and I really love the new version! I have the blue bar, and I think that one looks the best.


Fantastic! A much better system.


I just tried this in a new language. What I didn't like was that on the PC I can't see how long I have to go before the bar is complete. It should have some sort of gradation so you know where you are. On the heart system the fact that I was three bars away from the end would make me finish rather than come back later (that is on the mobile app though).


Luis, I agree with the rationale for the change and the desirability of adapting lessons to the learner. I also understand that analysis of data from learners in each group offers Duolingo an opportunity to demonstrate effectiveness or to test hypotheses related to learning. However, I am dismayed that, once again, I have been subjected to a major change without warning, without explanatory information BEFORE proceeding, and without the opportunity to choose whether to participate. The old progress bar combined with hearts provided me with a simple, concrete way of understanding my progress. Lessons and reviews were limited to 20 items, but these now seem to be open-ended, with an unpredictable number of items. For me, this means restructuring how I approach the learning task to fit it to my available time. I would be very happy if Duolingo limited these kinds of changes to NEW Duolingo users rather than imposing them on all users without their consent.


I really like the strength bar overall. However, this makes lingots a bit harder to get. I suggest that if you complete the lesson without any mistakes (same as the old heart system), you get a lingot.


I like the new mechanic much better. I didn't mind being booted from an exercise for lack of hearts, because I'm here for the practice and I can always choose to keep practicing. But this new setup provides a much more positive environment than the breaking hearts, and that helps keep me in an optimal state of mind for learning.


I just checked, and I am not selected for this new system. Please move me to it ASAP. Like [I believe] most people on Duolingo, I am more interested in learning the langauage than in playing games. As others have already said, the [losing] heart system is often frustrating and inhibits experimenting in favour of known answers.


For accurate results, they have to assign the groups randomly. Otherwise people who like the system will volunteer to test it, most of them will get better results and it will look as if the system was effective. If they assign randomly, they can find out whether it actually improves results for a range of people ;)

[deactivated user]

    I'm never part of the 50% ❤❤❤❤❤❤. I'm tired of failing!


    I've got the blue bar, and I really like it, to the point I can't imagine having the green one. The blue one just seems.. More encouraging? It puts your progress in the spotlight instead of an afterthought.

    (and god forbid, don't you dare bring back the hearts, they were nothing but a hassle; I'd finally get my bearings in a lesson but by then I'd have no hearts left, so I'd have to tiptoe through the lesson, using mouseover hints for everything in fear of messing up and having to start over.


    I want my hearts back. Why do people seem like they die in the middle of the game


    ~CLAP CLAP CLAP~ Awesome, very very awesome. But I am still waiting for the experience bar. :(


    I believe that this is a significant over the previous system. It seems better for actual learning, although it may be less favorable to those who like the "game" aspect of the lessons.


    I love this idea! It's so much more motivational and this way I'll be sure to practice my trouble areas as much as I need to, since I can't just miss three, get frustrated, ad try something else. Thanks for constantly improving our Duo experience! This site is seriously one of the most awesome free learning tools out there!


    The simple green bar is great! Also thanks for refunding the lingots. Those didn't come by easy for us. :D

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    And now they are even harder to come by.


    I wish there were things to spend them on too.


    I'm part of the test group with the blue bar, and I do like the design (and the hearts going away), but I agree with some of the others on the lingot/extra XP thing, and also the questions about "does this really help us learn it better?"


    Just tried the new strength bar and found it frustrating! I do not know where I stand how many questions till the end and will it ever end? I prefer the hearts, the rush it gives me to make it through to the end with no hearts left. (I have never bought a heart). I do not mind doing the lessons over. I find it more helpful to redo a lesson and realize what my mistakes were and make them right the second time. AT LEAST WE SHOULD BE GIVEN THE CHOICE ON HOW TO STUDY. HEARTS OR BAR. I feel stuck and not happy with duo for not letting me choose.


    Having tried the new system in Swedish, I prefer it to the old heart system. I do have a question, though. How will you advance to the next level in your language of study, since it is currently based on XPs?


    Hmmm, I was put in a test group midway through practise yesterday but today I'm back on the old format. Odd.


    I like the new system, but I have noticed that I am no longer being given a lingot when I finish a lesson without having made any mistakes. Has the lingot awarding system been changed as well?


    Thank you very much! This is soooooo much less frustrating! I like the large bar btw. But maybe it gets to easy and people concentrate less? I personally would suggest to loose 2 points on the baar for every wrong answer. That is still not too frustrating, but people will sconcetrate more to answer right.


    I definitely like this better! I always hated it when I made a stupid mistake on the last question and had to do it all over. This is not so disheartening! ;)


    This is great and makes perfect sense from a language learning perspective. With the hearts system, you were essentially punishing learners for making mistakes, by letting them fail the lesson and see the sad owl. But in language learning, failing and making mistakes is actually a good thing: it shows you are practising.


    please implement this asap!


    I know this has already been said, but I just wanted to throw in another data point for a much improved system! I have the green bar (just fyi). I wonder if another new use for the lingots could be to buy/upgrade to different styles of bar? maybe some that make the bar the colors of the flag of the language you're learning, others that just have silly patterns, motivational sayings (like spelling out "you're almost there!" as you get close), or even just some variation of roygbiv colors. Also, I just want to say that the 'bonus' lessons you can add for flirting and stuff is awesome! I really wish there were more of them though! Maybe some that are geared toward special topics like technology, fantasy, medicine, etc? Lastly, sorry to hear that Google is doing away with Luis Van Ahn's reCaptcha!! :( I hope your system was able to help translate change a lot of scans into texts.


    I don't really like this. I feel like it's making my lessons take longer; they were initially only taking about 5ish minutes, but now they are taking up 10 or more minutes.


    I'm in the greenbar testing group. I don't really mind the new way of testing, but I would prefer a way to earn Lingots from a perfect lesson. I'm a student and the connection at my school is spotty at best, so I often buy streak freezes incase the internet goes out on campus (and it has) and I can't continue with my streak. I have discovered that the app still gives lingots with perfect lessons, so I guess I can just not update the app until such a function returns to the website, but I really would prefer not to have to go to the app to do a few lessons for Lingots if I don't have to. The website is easier for me, it is easier for me to type then text.


    Came here to say this is a great improvement! Before, if I was low on hearts, I would stop trying to understand what I was doing and just work formulaically to get through the lesson without restarting. Now I focus more on the lesson until I really learn it. Please make this a long term thing!


    I am in the test group, and do not like the new system. Before I could sit and do a quick practice or lesson and know quickly if I mastered the skill, or didn't, and could decide to spend more time or not. Now, the lesson goes on...and on if I am not doing well, but I can't easily leave it, or I loose what I have done so far. I much preferred the hearts, as it gave me quick feedback on how well I was doing with that skill.


    It's much better like this :)


    so I do like the idea but the only problem I have is now it's much harder to earn lingots, where it used to be easy to get them for doing a lesson perfectly, even lessons you've already completed, now you can only get them by leveling up or finishing a lesson, and some lessons are pretty long.

    I feel like although i love the idea that now we can't fail a lesson by losing all our hearts, there should still be a reward for doing a lesson perfectly


    Not exactly an incentive, as we now get only 10 points instead of 13 for each lesson successfully completed, and moving up to the next level will take much longer.


    I like the idea of melding both the old and the new. Do away with the hearts, just don't take away the ability to get lingots. I like collecting them not so much for myself but to give them away to discussions or people that have helped me and deserve them but now I will be doing that a lot less.

    I can see the need to change certain aspects of the site, and think it was kind of cheating grinding the basics lesson and getting lingots but a good compromise could be that you only get lingots for completing new lessons and revising degraded ones. Taking away the latter feels a little harsh...


    I think there should be an option depending on whether someone prefers the strength bar or the 3 heart system.


    This is great! I like the strength bar more.


    It seem that I'm in the minority but I don't like the strength bar - yes, I have typos just like a lot of people here and yes, they have lost me a lot of hearts. (Especially since I'm learning Spanish from English and I'm not a Native English speaker). But I find that I am much less engaged in the lessons with the strength bar because I don't loose any hearts from the typos nor from any mistakes. So, even if I don't fully get a concept, I do know the answer after seeing the same question five times...


    Yay! I have the second type with the skill icon and it looks amazing! Also, being all the frustration from losing all hearts just before the end of a lesson taken away, I enjoy learning new lessons much more. Big thumb up. :)


    The streak keeps me coming back. I have family care issues that keep me busy day and night. The new system encourages me to do a full lesson versus getting a few points to keep my streak. My week has been exhausting. But I did a full lesson because I new I would get credit, learned more than I would have with the hearts. It is working for me. thank you


    So, how do we earn lingots then? It seems like I can't earn them even if I get all answers right..


    I have been using duolingo an insane amount more with the upgraded feature and for the first time translated some documents. Definitely either keep the feature or if you one day decide to do away with maybe leave in as an option to check. I love it.


    I support this totally. The heart system was always really annoying to me - this seems much useful and better suited to a learning environment. I'm not tense about the hearts - I'm just going on to the next phrase. Keep it, please!


    This is absolutely brilliant, I hated the hearts system with an absolute passion. This is everything I wanted and more, there is no doubt I'll be using this website a lot more now.


    I like the system with the bar, but I think something should be done about the lingots... It requires finishing 15 skills to be able to do one of the bonus skills... And I also like to do the full practice of 25 lingots, but it becomes totally impossible now. So it is actually not motivating me anymore if I need to finish 10 more skills of 6 to 8 subdivisions before I can test my knowledge completely... So a good solution may be to reward a lingot if you did everything right in a session.

    But overall I consider it to be an improvement!


    Can this be made optional? I think the heart method is more challenging, and is motivational for me. With the new system, I know I am going to get through the lesson - so it is less intense. On a tough new lesson, with the old system I really am forced to focus. That is helpful for me. I understand why some prefer the new method, but I'd stay with the old method if I had a choice.


    I can see following information in Lingot store:

    "Earn 1 lingot for finishing a lesson with full hearts"

    Will we get 1 lingot for a lesson without mistakes ?

    Anyway, this information should be adjusted to the new system, because there are no more hearts in the lesson.


    I really like this new feature! Without the hearts, I am more apt to take chances and not look at the answers before answering. This way I get a better idea about what I'm really learning and remembering. Also I'm more willing to take chances to see what other translations might work in an answer. This will give more flexibility and expand our mastery of Spanish. Thank you for changing this!


    I've realized, languages such as French, which i struggle with and stop learning because of little mistakes like plural modification, has become easier to learn with this new bar format. i can make as many mistakes without dreading having to repeat a lesson (which is disheartening).

    thank you duolingo!


    are there no lingots anymore? I have got a few units right without any mistakes and have not been 'rewarded' with lingots.


    The heart "game" was enjoyable. It made language acquisition fun - the new bar method is rather like going to school. Boring. I would prefer to see the hearts re-instituted. Otherwise my Rosetta Stone will again look attractive. It would have been more productive to work on ensuring that your translations and hovers were far more accurate! Linda


    but what about the full heart bonuses?

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    Love the strength bar format. Hate the red color bar you started using today... makes me feel like I got them all wrong. Keep the green colored bar, it's more positive.


    The red bar is ugly and means stop. Put back the green bar, which means progress and success.


    I'm in love with this idea. Though some might say it's a bit...

    puts on shades - disheartening.



    sigh...gifts lingot


    Please sir, I urge you to get rid of the system for coach. Check other posts from other users. Most users are not pleased with this new feature.


    Please sir, I urge you to get rid of the system for coach. Check other posts from other users. Most users are not pleased with this new feature.


    I would like to ask something. I have installed Duolingo on my android and there the changes are not made. I uninstalled it and then installed it again. Still no changes. Can anyone explain to me how could I continue to practice, but with the new ”no hearts” rule? Because on the android the hearts are still there. And if I continue practicing on the android and then on the computer, what I did on the android is not recognized. Thank you.


    I was switched from the green bar to the blue bar today. It has the little number there that shows how many questions you've answered. I don't like that portion of it at all. It only frustrates me more if I'm on a frustrating lesson. I prefer the green bar. Not because it's green -- I could care less about how it looks -- but because it didn't taunt me.


    I like this system more than the hearts. Here are my reasons.

    Sometimes I found some very difficult lesson I was not able to pass. There were a few sentences I didn't know and whenever I saw one of these sentences I knew I'll answer wrong. After few attempts I decided to try it the next day, but the next it was the same. And after some days I gave it up and didn't return to that lesson for weeks. Now I'll pass it and after a few days the strength bar will go down and I will repeat it.

    Before when I had only three worng answers, I was checking the hint of every word I wasn't 100% sure just to not make a mistake. Now I prefer to try it even if I'm not very sure because the worst what can happen is that I'll need to answer one mor sentence instead of repeating everything.

    Some said that they are missing a bonus (lingots and more XPs) for making no mistake. It is nice to have some motivation, but for me better motivation is the fact that I finished some lesson and I keep full strength at as much lessons as possible.

    I usually use the Android app while sitting in the bus, but since I discovered this feature I prefer the web app. It's simply less frustrating.

    I hope this feature will be in the Android app soon. It would be a nice Christmas gift.


    I think it is an excellent idea however the punishment when you do a mistake is too light, when there was the hearts the difficulty level was bigger than now and consequently the level of retention was bigger too . It should to be more harder than now.


    Honestly astonished that DL thinks the type of strength bar is some major innovation in language learning pedagogy! Look at the goals listed in the original post and please tell us how this bar change will do anything toward those lofty goals . . . Glad everyone is so excited, but PLEASE stop pretending cosmetic changes are about actual learning . . . green, blue, red, purple . . . WOW.


    I reckon you should use a combination, both the strength bar and the hearts. I'm in the test group, so I've had the strength bar for a bit now. It's great for learning new material since it keeps cycling the questions round, and has a bit of wiggle room for mistakes. It's less stressful.

    But for "Strengthen skills" section it gets really frustrating. I use it to measure my overall progress with the language and test my skills. With the heart system, practice was stressful in a positive way, and I would rake my brain for the correct answer to not lose a heart. Now I have no set goal (eg. complete with full hearts) to measure my progress against, and no consequence if I get something wrong.

    The point of Duolingo is to teach language, and you say you want to be more adaptive to individuals? Perhaps once the strength bar test run is over, you could release both forms of measuring lesson progress and allow individual users to specify which they'd prefer in settings. It is obvious some people find the strength bar far easier to work with, but others find it less motivating since there is no risk or reward.


    I reckon you should use a combination, both the strength bar and the hearts. I'm in the test group, so I've had the strength bar for a bit now. It's great for learning new material since it keeps cycling the questions round, and has a bit of wiggle room for mistakes. It's less stressful.

    But for "Strengthen skills" section it gets really frustrating. I use it to measure my overall progress with the language and test my skills. With the heart system, practice was stressful in a positive way, and I would rake my brain for the correct answer to not lose a heart. Now I have no set goal (eg. complete with full hearts) to measure my progress against, and no consequence if I get something wrong.

    The point of Duolingo is to teach language, and you say you want to be more adaptive to individuals? Perhaps once the strength bar test run is over, you could release both forms of measuring lesson progress and allow individual users to specify which they'd prefer in settings. It is obvious some people find the strength bar far easier to work with, but others find it less motivating since there is no risk or reward.


    Aw. I 'miss the challenge of either trying to complete the lesson with all three hearts left, or trying to complete it at all if I lose all three hearts near the beginning.

    Now, if I make too many mistakes, it feels like the lesson is going to go on and on forever.

    If this new mechanism is going to stay, it would be great is there could be an indication of how many answers I got wrong, both during the lesson and at the end.

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    There are way too many comments to read, so I am going to offer my opinion without reading further. I liked the hearts because it was like a game, with lives to lose. In fact, Duolingo's motto used to be something like "Learning, gamefied." I also liked getting extra xp by finishing with all my hearts. I dislike that I now get 10 xp whether I struggle forever or ace the lesson.

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    There are way too many comments to read, so I am going to offer my opinion without reading further. I liked the hearts because it was like a game, with lives to lose. In fact, Duolingo's motto used to be something like "Learning, gamefied." I also liked getting extra xp by finishing with all my hearts. I dislike that I now get 10 xp whether I struggle forever or ace the lesson.

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    There are way too many comments to read, so I am going to offer my opinion without reading further. I liked the hearts because it was like a game, with lives to lose. In fact, Duolingo's motto used to be something like "Learning, gamefied." I also liked getting extra xp by finishing with all my hearts. I dislike that I now get 10 xp whether I struggle forever or ace the lesson.


    An excellent idea, I like it very much. Note that should be added counters for right and wrong answers to the Strength Bar (e.g. 30/10 20).


    I find the "Strength" bar very ineffective, in fact, demotivating. I've used Duolingo for probably 2 years, off and on (mostly off). The "Strength" bar is meaningless. For example, I have not been on Duolingo for a few months, and my Strength bars are still showing 3 our of 4. There is no indication as to when or where I should review.

    So I use Duolingo for a while and then I lose motivation for it, and go on to something else.


    I may be in the minority, but I really miss the hearts. I feel like I'm breezing through lessons that I haven't really figured out yet. Before, if something was challenging I was forced to try the lesson again and again and again until I got it right. I feel like I learned more the other way.


    I'm glad I found this explanation. When I stopped seeing hearts I thought I'd gone nuts. I also noticed that my lessons were taking longer to complete, because you simply add new questions when I miss some. I think this will allow me to take chances on getting the accent marks correct since I won't get kicked off the session for losing my hearts.


    but when I finish the segment the amount that it shows I earned is not the same as is shown on the scale to reach the next level????


    Actually, I was disappointed when the hearts were eliminated, because I was focusing on getting the most correct and fewest incorrect responses. Of course, now that can be done easily by seeing my number on the bar when it fills up. What puzzles me now is that when I fill up a bar, the points I receive don't seem to be related to how many correct and/or incorrect responses I gave. Why is that?


    Actually, I was disappointed when the hearts were eliminated, because I was focusing on getting the most correct and fewest incorrect responses. Of course, now that can be done easily by seeing my number on the bar when it fills up. What puzzles me now is that when I fill up a bar, the points I receive don't seem to be related to how many correct and/or incorrect responses I gave. Why is that?


    I feel the same. I have tried to get an answer about what is meant by the number since it seems to have an inverse relationship with correct answers.


    I like it, the funny thing is my wife's has the heart system while I have the strength bars, I am able to progress much farther, I often find myself sitting in traffic for a few hours and I don't even notice as I just keep on going in DuoLingo


    The heart system really compelled me to repeat and repeat and had a postive effect on my retention, spontenaiety and easy of speech and comprehension over time. So even though I lost hearts due to silly erros, the ultimate outcome was broader and deeper comprehension over time. Also, the hearts made me want to compete, I was gaming for something and by removing them you remove that motivation too.

    I would suggest allowing users to select the heart scoring system from a drop down menu giving users a choice. The psychology of learning and retention varies. For me the heart system is most effective - so keep both.


    The heart system really compelled me to repeat and repeat and had a postive effect on my retention, spontenaiety and easy of speech and comprehension over time. So even though I lost hearts due to silly erros, the ultimate outcome was broader and deeper comprehension over time. Also, the hearts made me want to compete, I was gaming for something and by removing them you remove that motivation too.

    I would suggest allowing users to select the heart scoring system from a drop down menu giving users a choice. The psychology of learning and retention varies. For me the heart system is most effective - so keep both.


    The heart system really compelled me to repeat and repeat and had a postive effect on my retention, spontenaiety and easy of speech and comprehension over time. So even though I lost hearts due to silly erros, the ultimate outcome was broader and deeper comprehension over time. Also, the hearts made me want to compete, I was gaming for something and by removing them you remove that motivation too.

    I would suggest allowing users to select the heart scoring system from a drop down menu giving users a choice. The psychology of learning and retention varies. For me the heart system is most effective - so keep both.


    The heart system really compelled me to repeat and repeat and had a postive effect on my retention, spontenaiety and easy of speech and comprehension over time. So even though I lost hearts due to silly erros, the ultimate outcome was broader and deeper comprehension over time. Also, the hearts made me want to compete, I was gaming for something and by removing them you remove that motivation too.

    I would suggest allowing users to select the heart scoring system from a drop down menu giving users a choice. The psychology of learning and retention varies. For me the heart system is most effective - so keep both.


    There are two SEPARATE questions. 1. Does getting rid of hearts engage more users in Duolingo? [IMPORTANTLY - how is Duolingo measuring engagement?

    1. Does the heart system improve retention and motivation of those who stick with it? or is their no effect?

    It seems that these questions are better addressed in more controlled experiements. I would suggest (1) recruiting duo lingo users into an experimental and control group (2) half get the heart system the other half the new system (3) each group must log the same number of hours each day using both systems (4) a sophisticated follow up test would measure differences in: (i) retention; (ii) listening comprehension; (iii) reflexiveness/reaction time; (v) speaking; and reading comprehension

    I'd be happy to help duolingo design the protocol; its my field.


    I really like the strength bar. Because I don't have to worry about not being able to finish a lesson if I make one-too-many mistakes, I'm willing to take risks such as trying an alternate translation to see if that works and to guess at new words. As a result, I'm learning more. It's a great change to the way we do lessons. Thank you!


    I understand the reasons most people like the new bar system but for me it decreases excitement and motivation to practice because of the following reasons: 1 - Possibility of failure makes me try harder. 2 - The feeling of accomplishment was better before, especially when I finished a lesson with full hearts. 3 - Sometimes I felt thrilled because I had no extra hearts and I was not sure about the last answer. This is a very good thing. 4 - Failing a lesson meant that I was not good enough and this does not bother me at all. It is quite the opposite as the old system makes more clear which skills I had to practice more.

    I hope that, in the future, we can choose between the existing bar systems, because now I realize that I love the old one.


    I understand the reasons most people like the new bar system but for me it decreases excitement and motivation to practice because of the following reasons: 1 - Possibility of failure makes me try harder. 2 - The feeling of accomplishment was better before, especially when I finished a lesson with full hearts. 3 - Sometimes I felt thrilled because I had no extra hearts and I was not sure about the last answer. This is a very good thing. 4 - Failing a lesson meant that I was not good enough and this does not bother me at all. It is quite the opposite as the old system makes more clear which skills I had to practice more.

    I hope that, in the future, we can choose between the existing bar systems, because now I realize that I love the old one.


    talloCosta, I couldn't agree with you more! I was also much more motivated by the heart system. Someone recently posted here about how we can supposedly get the hearts back. I'm going to try it!


    Can you post a link to where it says how we can get our hearts back, or say how to find it if it's in this discussion? I really dislike the new mechanism almost more than I really liked the hearts mechanism.


    Hola BarbaraMorris! Como estas? :) There is a post by a user named SoroushiForoushi almost at the end of this thread, in which he/she explains how one can supposedly get the hearts back. I tried it, but couldn't make it work. I messaged this person directly to ask for more information, so we'll see.

    I know we are in the minority with a preference for the hearts system, but I'm with you - I really liked the hearts, and I dislike the strength bar so much, I'm wondering if I'll even keep using DL now. It's an amazing resource, especially because it's free, but that may not be enough to keep me going long-term, without the fun and challenge that the hearts system provided.


    Thanks for the pointer to SoroushiForoushi's post. I wonder if maybe that doesn't work any more because they completely removed the Hearts system.

    About staying with Duolingo, you could take on two other challenges: 1) keep your streak going and 2) keep the completed part of your tree gold.

    Keeping my streak going gets me to Duolingo every day even if it is just to review one lesson. The nice thing about lesson review is that it doesn't use the strength bar, but instead just does 20 questions, so even if there are no actual hearts, it's still easy to see that it was a perfect lesson. At least at the end of the lesson. It does miss the excitements of either still having all three hearts or of not having any hearts left and still trying to complete the lesson.

    If you want to try keeping your streak going, you can buy "Streak Freeze" from the Lingot store. That allows you to miss one day. Then if you miss one day, your Streak Freeze goes away, and you have to get at least one point the next day (and buy Streak Freeze again for the next time you miss). I think I have had to buy Streak Freeze about 10 times so far. (But in my defense, at least half of them have been because I was a couple of minutes after midnight or because I was travelling (I think it uses your home time zone to track when you get your points).


    Sounds like that probably is the case, that the hearts system has been completely removed so there is no way to access it anymore. I'm so disappointed. But I appreciate your suggestions on how to stay motivated to stick with Duolingo.

    I will try to stick with it; who knows, maybe Luis or one of the powers that be will listen to our minority at some point and allow us to have the hearts back, or some other version that would give similar enjoyment.

    I have been trying to keep my streak going and have bought the "Streak Freeze" a few times myself. I've gotten up to around 60 twice, but I work as a registered nurse, and sometimes have a crazy couple of days where it seems all I can fit in is eat, sleep and work! But I will keep trying. I have my minimum set at 10XP; I will back it down to 1XP for those crazy days or when I feel like I really don't want to be there, but do want to keep my streak going.

    Also a good idea to try to keep the tree gold. Regarding the lesson review, I do still get that dreaded strength bar on my phone, where I use DL the most. But maybe the desktop version won't have it. If so, maybe I'll start using DL there more. Hasta luego!


    I like this system, I was just really surprised when all of a sudden the hearts were gone :D


    @Luis; Well the one that I see when I log in is the larger, centered bar that includes the skill icon, which I like better than hearts but, I don't think the heart system should be replaced at the expense of earning Lingots. I would still like to receive a Lingot when I don't get any answers wrong, i.e. for a perfect game.


    Well the one that I see when I log in is the larger, centered bar that includes the skill icon, which I like better than hearts but, I don't think the heart system should be replaced at the expense of earning Lingots. I would still like to receive a Lingot when I don't get any answers wrong, i.e. for a perfect game.


    Lingots seem to have disappeared completely as a reward with this change??


    Can I change to the new system?


    I would like to be able to repeat a lesson if I choose to. Some concepts in a lesson are more difficult than others and I would like to stay on them until I am comfortable. For example: A lesson may be teaching tener que, and the other que phrases along with numbers. Lesson 0/1 will be tener que, 0/2 puesto que, the 0/3 will introduce numbers and so on....

    Well, If I am still struggling with tener que.. I know that it'll come up again in the lesson but I may want to work on it and the concepts of it while it's fresh before Duo introduces something else that I don't know. Then for Tener que to pop back up in level for instance 1/1, now I'm looking into veintidos or some other word giving me trouble is the lesson can sometimes be a bare.

    Can you guys PLEASE bring back the option for us to repeat the lesson if we choose to, it would be greatly appreciated.


    I agree completely, although I've never had the option to repeat the lesson.

    One trick I use to get around this problem: when a lesson comes up with something I am struggling with, I sometimes deliberately make a mistake in the answers so the question will come up again as part of the same lesson.


    Thanks BarbaraMorris, We used to be able to repeat lessons inside levels but, I guess I will have to do that too, until Duo allows something different.


    I only tried it once. At this point, I much prefer the heart system but realize I may change my mind with more attempts.


    Mine doesn't show up


    you may not be in the trial. It was only for 50% of the users of duolingo at the moment. :-(


    Gracias por consiguiendo eliminate de las corazones


    Like it better than hearts




    Por favor ponga esta barra también para los que aprendemos inglés desde español, los corazones esos son insoportables., fastidia mucho cuando se acaban y entonces tienes que volver a comenzar, este nuevo sistema es muchísimo mejor y no cansa.


    I m part of the lucky 50%...personally for me an improvement this new bar. Although i use duolingo only for twee weeks now, those hearts ❤❤❤❤❤❤ me up couple of times because of stupid english spelling mistakes or because translating extremely weird sentences without any context. Now you don't have to start all over and remember how duolingo wants you to exactly write it down, although it can be wrong or at least strange.......


    I absolutely love it! I have earned more than twice as many points as I usually accomplish in one day. Keep up the good work and thank you for the improvements.


    Génial! J'aime ca!


    I am in the test group with the centered bar with the skill icon, and I like this system very much. While I miss getting extra lingots when I finish a section without error, overall this system is much better.

    My only comment is on the color of the strength bar. Originally, mine was red, which made me think I was doing something wrong; I expected it to change from red to green as I approached the end of the lesson. Now my bar is coming up green, which feels more comfortable.

    Thanks for all your hard work. This is a wonderful program for learning languages.

    • 2803

    I just completed my first lesson using the strength bars. This is a much better way to master a lesson! It was always frustrating to lose hearts for careless typos and have to repeat the lesson, even though I understood the material. I feel that this is an enormous improvement and I thank you.


    I like this system very much. It is definitely much less frustrating than the heart system. I echo many of the sentiments below. I would prefer that the progress bar still shows the increments of each excercise (question, phrase, whatever) so that I see how many questions I have left to complete the lesson.


    This is so much better than the heart system! Now it take more time practicing a lesson without running out of hearts! I think this will help better reinforce vocabulary.


    This is a massive improvement. I love it.


    I much prefer this new system... repeating the whole lesson because of a final mistake was very annoying. Thanks Luis.


    Just want to say that I really like this strength bar feature. It's a great way to review what I learned in the regular exercises. It was challenging enough that I felt like I was still learning, but not so difficult that it lowered my confidence. I hope this feature stays. Thanks!


    I really like this change! Keep up the great work


    Thank you for explaining this so thoroughly! =D I'm not part of the A/B testing yet, but it sounds like a fantastic improvement.

    dances No more outright failing lessons because my phone "auto-corrected" me one too many times!


    Really good improvement. A lot less disheartening (sorry!) when you make an error, feels more motivational with the bar. Good work guys!


    Definitely a great idea. More engaging in my opinion.

    [deactivated user]

      This sounds marvelous, wish I was in that test group.


      I do not know if I will like the change to the strength bar. However, I like the idea and look forward to using it. I did not like the hearts they were helpful in some ways but also problematic. They could increase motivation but were also stressful. I would plan on doing 2 or 3 lessons but not be able to move along because of losing all of my hearts. I did not mind losing a heart if I did not know the material but I could forget to insert a space between 2 words and lose a heart. There were many simple reasons that did not show a lack of knowledge but could result in a lost heart. They did help you to focus more on paying attention to little details but I considered it to be negative feedback.


      I prefer the larger one with the skill symbol, as due to my computer screen I can't see the bar with the other design, only the progress on it


      I too like the new format that replaces the heart system. Now when I get one wrong, I am assured that I will see the question again without having to lose all of my hearts and start the lesson over. I feel more inspired to do the lessons with this new format. The blue progress bar is preferable, but the green bar will work just as well.

      Thank you for this change and thank you for the whole Duolingo experience. Truly amazing!


      Luis, I think this is great plan. I think it will really help me learn new languages. I like the blue bar better than the green one.


      Love the blue bar please keep it, far less frustraing that hearts. keep up the good work Luis


      I like the new system, I can practice more! The second design of the strength bar looks better than the green one.

      Edit: this is just my opinion, I respect yours saying you don't like this new feature. I don't see the need to downvote me just because you don't like my opinion (as I don't downvote you because I disagree with yours).


      I agree with you, I got the second strength bar and find my self looking forward to my practice time more than when using the heart system. Can I keep it even if others don't what it?


      As I see, a majority likes this new system, maybe they will keep this new feature.


      thank you. i almost thought we wasted a heart refill for nothing. I did realize that my lingots went up, and i had no idea it had anything to do with this.i am so glad for this new update, thank you.


      This is it! Please keep this. I used to quit after losing because I didn't want to start again (I have lost on the last translation so many times)


      I'm so happy to be among those that get to test this new metered testing. It is hugely better than the hearts method, and much less discouraging.


      Seems an excellent idea to me - the three-heart system was frequently frustrating. While having to do the whole thing over occasionally had pedagogical value, I would get very annoyed when I was felled one or two items short of completion by a typo (or unwanted autocorrect) on my phone, or by recalcitrant speech recognition on my PC. For practice's purpose, such annoyances often drove me directly to the timed exercises - the rushed quality of which detracts, I think, from the efficacy of the practice.

      I understand that some might object to the reduced gaminess of this. Perhaps there could be Lingots conferred for quick completion of the lesson - e.g. under a certain number of exercises required? Carrots can be quite effective without sticks.


      @tnel1 : do you have a red thermometer with bubbles regardless of the skill concerned? That is interesting. I also see a thermometer with bubbles in it, but the color of the bubbles depend on the color of the skill's icon. So green for nature, red for medical, blue for science etc.


      I really love this new system - the heart system was ok but I felt like I was being punished more often than not, and having to start over wasn't very motivational to me. This new system emphasizes learning a concept and helping you through where you get stuck rather than making you start over. This really makes me want to keep plowing forward on my Irish tree!


      The green bar take too long if you are having trouble when the lesson but is better than the heart system.


      I really like this new format. I find it to be more encouraging and less enraging. If my strength bar is hovering right around the center point, I'm going to stick with it and not quit. I don't want to lose all that progress after all. I find that I am staying with the practice longer which helps pound the new information into my brain better. This is much better than leaving the lesson feeling beaten and defeated.


      I am really excited about this change. I feel much more motivated to try to spell things out (especially in French) rather than cheat and look up the spelling. It has already helped me to gain confidence in my ability to learn French. Thank you.


      Awesome idea, Luis! I'm really happy to see gamification improvements. I felt like the heart system punishes people too much, there should be more positive interactions with the app than negative ones, and I think the new strength bar will make the experience more positive.


      I agree and I'm excited to see it again. I want the new blue bar all the time. But some people seem to prefer the hearts. Maybe you can give people a choice between the two?


      I love this idea. I am using it right now, and I think it will really help people to learn the language better.


      I guess its takes some getting used to, and I understand the idea behind it, but sometimes I only have a short time to do a lesson. It takes me longer to get through a lesson. I also have a better idea of how much further I need to go to finish, and the extra heart is well worth the 5 lingots to finish the lesson so I can go on to something different. The practice rounds are there to help me repeat things I need to work on. I probably spend as much time but I like coming back several times than having to spend a long time on getting it completed.


      Great Idea! The object and goal of the application is to have individuals learn a language! They should be able to rate themselves on their new knowledge and not on the accuracy and skills of their typing....


      This popped up for me for one lesson yesterday (with the second progress bar type – the egg one), and I loved it! Logged in today and I was back to the heart system, which upset me a little. I think the progress bar system works a lot better.


      I just did my first lesson on the new format and like it. I would really like the level progress bar back . That I really miss.


      I have the new system in my reverse tree and the old heart system in my original tree and I have to say that I really like the new system. As Luis has said, if it is a topic you are struggling on you need to do more before you finish a section so I am finding it really useful. Also with things I'm finding easy i can spend much less time on that in practice. For once a new concept gets a definite thumbs up from me!


      I love the strength bar. I really hope it stays.


      I want to have this


      Please give us back a lingot for a perfect finish on an exercise. Otherwise, I do like this change.


      I like the blue bar design myself, but I seem to have found an issue. On my Spanish for English speakers course and my Gaelic course, I have the updated layout. However, on my English for Ukrainian speakers course, it is the old style. Why would the same account have some courses using the old style and some the new? Or is it that the Ukr->Eng course just hasn't been updated yet?

      I am going to make a separate post for this question because I see it getting lost in this thread.


      I like it. I have the bar with icon and it's fun to see how many exercises I have to do to fill the bar, however I liked being apple to collect Lingots by getting full hearts in a lesson. Is there something that is going to replace that?


      Apple? (Autocorrect lol). i agree with what you're saying.


      I am one of the lucky ones on the new system. It is a massive improvement to my learning experience. I am less frustrated and I find that I am more motivated to spend more time in learning languages. Thank you and keep up with the good work duolingoians.


      This is great! A willingness to make mistakes and learn from them is important in language learning, and losing a small amount of health for mistakes rather than a full life certainly makes me more willing to possibly be wrong. I don't "cheat" by googling gender or using the mouseover translation with the strength bar the way I do with the hearts. And the bar might allow you to still give some credit, or to take less away, for those 'Almost Correct' answers. But I did like getting lingots and extra XP for doing well under the heart system. Maybe those rewards could still be given for finishing without using many (or any) extra exercises. Plus I echo all those other people: the big bar with skill icon is better than the small corner bar.


      This is a great new concept! I like the reinforced learning without losing hearts and having to start a lesson over. The skill bar is a big improvement. Muita Obrigada! :-)


      Two comments: One positive and one negative.. The positive: Sometimes if I'm tired and trying to get a Duolingo lesson in before bed, if I've lost all of my hearts I stop, rather than return and try again. With the new strength bar, I am motivated to ALWAYS finish a lesson. The negative: The new bar takes up a lot of room on top. Therefore I'm always having to use the cursor to scroll down to continue.


      Hello Luis,

      I completely support the strength bar lesson experiment, this will make using Duolingo a much more enjoyable experience, and it will probably decrease the number of people who give up on Duolingo without finishing a course first.

      I look forward to seeing this feature added permanently.

      Thank you, -John Jr


      I think this was is a tremendously good idea, I'm enjoying it. The hearts were so aggravating sometimes.


      Great idea. I'm not using it at the moment, but from what I can tell, the second one looks a lot better.


      I shed no tears at the loss of the hearts. And I prefer the simple green bar design. More in keeping with the overall site design.


      I think it is an improvement. The hearts were ok, but this means you can just keep going until you get it right. I never do the timed stuff because that is about typing skill not language skills, though I guess that could be good for someone who wants to improve their typing.


      I do think the new strenght bar provides a much better learning dynamic, however, I wouldn't loose the hearts altogether, they make it all so lighthearted;) Maybe if you finish your strenght bar without mistakes you can still earn hearts, and I am sure there are plenty of uses for them etc. I think a combination of these two systems would be great ~ thanks for a great learning experience! Sandra


      ps I am in the 'test group' and I also notice that the amount of points now accounts to 10 no matter how you got there. It would be nice to still have the score somehow reflect how well you went through it. My two cents, the more ways of encouragement, the better. On another note, I never understood how I moved from one level to the other, it would also be nice to somehow include that in a bar or something else. Lastly, the use of lingots have become kinda obsolete in the new model, I would really like them to come back in some form. Most importantly, I thing the strenght bar is a good move;)


      I have been using the program all day and I really like the change from the heart system. There are a few glitches in the program, like not properly recognizing speech properly. This still happens but it is nice to not have to redo the entire lesson just because the program doesn't recognize what I'm actually saying. I would much rather do a longer lesson than have to start over.


      Much rather this form better than three lives. Less frustrating!


      As usual, we'd love to hear what you think! LOL. You have never listened to what users thought about the design. That is seriously dark humour.


      As one of the lucky 50% (thank you very much!) I find this very helpful because I tend to lose a lot of hearts due to typos, so even if I know the answer I was always having to go through the lessons more times than necessary. This will save a lot of frustration on my part as well as give me the opportunity to go through more lessons each day I'm here. Great idea!


      I definitely like this idea!!!!! I think it would help me learn better


      I like the bar better than the hearts, for me a better way to learn : )


      This sounds great.


      when is it going to introduce


      Cool idea! I like it.


      I like this idea as now I don't need to retry many times for a lesson which I'm not familiar. The disadvantage is - It becomes much harder than before to get lingots! I can get lingots via pass the lesson with full heart (it is the easiest way) but now I can only get lingots by level up or finish a skill


      Can you still get a lingot for repeating a lesson? That was my big incentive to go back and practice. I seem to recall not getting one aster repeating a degraded lesson. If that's the case i definitely think it should be put back like it was. It's called 'practice' when we repeat a lesson, not 'cheating' (another comment said redoing easier lessons was cheating... NO). If repeat lessons are not granted lingots, how are those of us who have already finished the tree supposed to get them?? And as far as leveling up is concerned, i can no longer see where i am with respect to the next level. Why take away that little box? It was useful. I love the strength bar vs. The hearts, but why throw out the baby with the bathwater??


      I like the big bar. Only thing missing are the extra lingots for good performance.


      Much better - friendlier when I am short on time. I'm a streak freak so I need to be able to whip through on days when I don't have time. Just did day 385. Streak freeze has saved my streak a few times less than a handful, but thank goodness for those saves.


      I really like the new system with the strength bar because i really often had to start a session because of just some typo, but i wish for a few improvements. - i intuitively looked in the settings to set a higher number of right answers to fill the strength bar - a higher loss for a false answers would be really nice - its really necessary, that there is a reward for filling the strength bar without a failure (maybe 3 extra XP for a flawless session and with every mistake on less extra XP)


      The simple green bar is great i like it and thanks for refunding the lingots :D


      love it love it love it!!!!


      Excellent stuff. I agree with the positive response from other users here as losing the last heart on the last question has been a real bugbear! Excellent work!


      I very much prefer the new format. Whenever I would fail the hearts in a lesson, I would feel frustrated and back down to a easier lesson. I felt that I had wasted my time. Now, I can keep going, reinforcing my understanding when I make mistakes, but knowing I will be able to complete the lesson. It makes a whole lot more sense to practice till you get it.

      I was often extremely frustrated when I would run out of hearts for a stupid reason, such as mistyping an English word. The heart system didn't differentiate between a typing mistake and a language mistake. I know the difference and can still feel good about knowing the correct answer, ignoring the small penalty of the strength bar. The Heart system could easily black out the entire lesson.

      Great change!!!


      Currently, I am loving the new system! Using the old system, after 20 questions I was always replaying the lessons to continue practicing words/phrases I had missed. The new way kind of does this for me by keeping me engaged in the lesson longer when I mess up more frequently. Great job Duolingo. Im glad to see you all are proactive with this learning tool. :)


      I often thought about this when doing lessons, so thanks for reading my mind! Really like the new system and I'm excited for what's next.


      This new approach is much more satisfying. Although it seems as if some lessons take forever until I've mastered them, it is much more encouraging than having to go back to the beginning every time.


      What does the small number in the bulb on the right of the larger bar signify? It comes up when you successfully complete a strength bar.


      I believe it is the number of questions you answered, right or wrong.


      I can't say whether I like or dislike it yet, probably because it is a change I am not used to yet. It does seem like a good idea... There is one thing I would like, though. Little marks on the bar to show how many correct answers are needed to fill up the bar. Maybe it's just me, but I liked the bar before, since it showed how many questions were left.


      I definitely like the new system, way better! Also, it seems the text-to-speech improved somewhat. I am happy to see that DL gets better and better, fantastic!


      I like it and I consider it a progress. The new blue bar keeps the frustration away (especially when you are not a native English speaker or become a victim of a typo) and focuses on learning.


      Gut gemacht ! thumbs up :) an excellent Idea!


      I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It seriously encourages us to continue studying! I don't think it hurts progress because at the end of the day if you finish one exercise too "quickly" with the system, the system will make the next exercise harder


      Definitely prefer this new system. But why do I see the new one only on my computer but not on my iPhone or iPad? Is this eventually going to be seen on all types of devices?


      The iPad app is frustrating - I can't get a heart refill, but I do bomb out by losing hearts.


      I really like the new system. It is so much less frustrating than the old one because it doesn't fail you, and it doesn't give you the same sinking feeling of losing a heart. I've rage quit lessons so many times because I was on the last question and out of hearts and I didn't want to have to redo the whole thing again. This method is so much better for trial and error learning.


      This feels so much better than the hearts. I feel far less anxious in attempting new lessons because sometimes I have days where a make a lot of simple mistakes, and with the hearts system I felt like it was a bit of a harsh punishment. Now with the strength bar I feel way less stress/pressure, and am more likely to advance at a better pace.


      Any idea when this will be rolled out to the other 50%? One of the two DuoLingo users in my house has the new system, and I am jealous...because it is not me!


      It'll take some weeks until they gained sufficient data.


      I'm really happy with the new system. It feels like more of a positive incentive to keep going, rather than having three strikes out and having to start over. Overall, I'm very happy with the Duolingo. It's fun trying out what I've learned on my Danish father.


      I prefer the new system to the old one.


      I have the second of the two bar strength visualizations, but my fill color is red. I don't like it as much because in school/learning situations red usually means wrong/bad.


      The color of the bar is dependent on the lesson group you are working on. For example the idioms are purple and your bar will be purple when you do idioms.


      love it. loads better. cleaner, simpler, less random and definitely less frustrating than losing hearts for dumb mistakes in my native language. thanks!


      I'm in the other half that uses the old system - I want in on the new system!


      I found the new system much better to learn. Before I was cautious and preferred to not test to see if I really knew or not, because I could lose the whole lesson. After a few tries, I noticed that now I can make a mistake and learn from it and not be as frustrated as I was when I had to redo the whole thing just because I tried some new translation or without checking some word that I was not sure.


      I like the new system better than the previous because I would get very frustrated at nearly completing the lesson but then have a tough question towards the finish and end up losing all my hearts and having to redo the whole thing. Sometimes, this would happen a couple of times on the same lesson. Now if I miss a question, I just have to answer another correctly and I'm back in the game. Thanks Duo!!


      I want to try it out but sadly I am not part of the 50% on which the new system is being tested :(


      I like this concept a lot better too. If you could fix the audio that would be great. It doesn't pronounce the words clearly. For instance, I did the "feelings" module (#2) and every time it asked for "il y a encore de l'espoir," I kept hearing "il y a un coeur de l'espoir." The "encore" was coming out "un coeur." Thanks.


      Great idea! the training does extend a little bit but thats part of it! besides not losing is a great thing because i lost many times with only one last answer to go... Only a couple advices, keep the extra lingot / extra xp if you do the course (or training) flawless. Please put back the small correct noice after each exercise (it sounds dumb but it feels so empty without it!) haha


      I think this is a wonderful idea, but since I am part of the 50% stuck with the old Duolingo and everyone around me has the new version, it's a little frustrating.


      What a wonderful change!


      I love it! It made me more focused on learning the words and concepts than worrying about the hearts. I found that I was less frustrated and discouraged as well!


      thats good, but it would be better if you returned us our yellow bar ((


      It was indeed a very good idea! I found it more funny and comfortable.


      The idea is good and it should be combined with good aspect of the hearts system. If you score a 100% you should be able to get that precious Lingot. That is really encouraging and wouldn't put me off if I'd make a small mistake. Keep up the good work


      I much prefer the new bar as it seems to reward success, whereas losing hearts felt like punishment for failure. Also, I have lost the bar which showshow you're progressing on a level and this gave me incentive to pass a level. Is it possible to get it back please? Great language course. Many thank.s.


      I think that the best idea in this situation would be to keep the heart system, but also allow a user to use the new strength system if they would like. Personally, I find that uses the heart system really challenges me because I want to pass, and with this new system that is a worry that I do not have. I feel more challenged using the hearts, but also would like to have a time when I can simply practice without worry of failure. Having both probably won't happen, but I feel maybe it would make all happy.


      I agree. The app still uses the old system.


      Is there a way to gain the extra XP that one could gain from finishing with spare hearts? :) By this I mean, with the old system we could get 10-13 points but can we now only get 10 a lesson? Thanks!


      I love the new changes. I was aiming to complete just one lesson or practice session a day and squeeze it into my busy morning routine. Failing a session became very demotivating. Now there is a clear path to victory every day and the time frame is more predictable than when you fail a lesson once (or twice). I haven't missed a day since I've seen the changes!


      Excellent! Must less frustrating than the hearts approach!


      I haven't read all of the entries which generally seem to be gushing praise at how wonderful the change is.

      Maybe I'm the lone voice of dissent; it's now easier. you can get further knowing less and by being less proficient.

      If you treat this entirely like a game and points are all you care about then this change is great.

      The fact is, you can now progress while knowing a topic less well with great big holes in the knowledge you have of your language(s).

      One simply proceeds by accruing points for the aspect of each topic you do know and lose points for those you don't. If you know more than 50% of the words/phrases in your topic then you will by the law of averages, eventually make it through.

      The hearts system made progress by those who didn't know what they were doing a lot harder and I thought this was good; you should know your stuff properly before proceeding .

      Completely undermines the credibility of the whole exercise and makes Duolingo mean a lot less.

      But you gamers will get your points...

      Bring on the negative votes - the truth can hurt....


      I care nothing of points and lingots, nothing. I want to learn German, with or without Duolingo. Already, my learning on this site has accelerated. When I had to repeat a lesson before, much of what was repeated was what I could already do easily. In this new heartless scenario, the areas of my weaker knowledge are repeated. I love the repetition. In the losing-heart scenario, I used a lot of outside buttressing to answer questions: charts, dictionaries, etc. Now I wing it, and if I get it wrong I learn from my mistake and get it right the next time. As I am covering a lot more ground now, I am answering questions more quickly and depending more on my memory and deep understanding, as I would have to in a real conversation.

      I respect entirely that different people assimilate and process new information differently. I respect entirely that the three-heart system may work well for you and for many others. But the fact that it works less well for me does not make me a gamer. :) When I'm done with my German tree (maybe in January?), I intend to review it for practice until I can do it in my sleep. Duolingo has been a great, great tool.


      If what you say is true, it is an argument for revising the underlying scoring algorithm for progress. This is not the same as arguing for or against the progress bar concept itself. IMHO, the progress bar is a much better way to manage practice sessions.


      I understand what you are saying but there is one aspect of this new feature that has definitely improved my learning. In the past, I was afraid to experiment with an answer because, if I did and was wrong, I'd get dinged and might have to do the lesson again. So, I played it safe, always answering what I thought the tolerance range for Duo was and I advanced that way which really hindered me. Now, what I really like, is when I think the answer should be "blah-blah-blah" I type it in w/o the fear of getting it wrong. If I'm right, then my learning just went up monumentally. If I'm wrong, I learned from that as well. I do get your point and if you were a "slacker" this system might advance you but sooner or later, it would catch up with you. But if you are someone who is really "on your game" then this system REALLY works.

      It never was about the points which you can't do much with Duo anyway... I just don't want to repeat a lesson where I know 90% of the material. In the past system, if the repeated lesson would have focused solely on what I missed, then I might not have minded it as much. In this new system, if you notice, anything you miss will get asked again in some fashion before the lesson ends. You gotta love it and that truly is learning.


      There is a torrent of comments in favour of the new system.

      Just be frank with yourselves - that is because it is easier.

      What is your objective? To learn the language or to get through the tree?

      Mine is to learn the language.

      I am learning two. Using the new system, I have just turned I don't know, 10 or 12 of my skills gold in a fifth of the time I would have taken before this new system.

      Do I know that language better - NO! Am I going to get through my tree more quickly, hell yes!

      If you get stuff wrong because of silly rushed errors, here's the answer - don't rush.

      If you are no longer referring to outside sources - what does that tell you? Not that you are learning more, for sure. You are winging the predictable answers and playing the odds.

      I am a teacher in the British school system; for years, cynical politicians have made exams easier and surprise, surprise, results have sky-rocketed.

      Unfortunately, standards have plummeted and kids have left school knowing so much less.

      But ask those kids and their parents if they would vote for the new lower standards and they would give a resounding yes! Their children are 'doing so much better'.

      It's a shame that Duolingo has decided to play the student engagement Joker onto the Ace of Standards.

      There goes credibility and utility; in place we are making the ill-informed mass happier.

      This was never a game for me; it was an enjoyable educational journey but here we are, credibility destroyed and the whole thing becoming a joke.

      Great idea to begin with Duo but where are we now?

      Expect so many negative votes for posting the truth - go on, surprise me.


      howard1000: I'm also one of the minority that wants the hearts system back. It was a lot more challenging and fun for me, but I'm wondering about your comment, "If you treat this entirely like a game and points are all you care about then this change is great." For me, the "gamer" aspect of the hearts system is exactly what made it more engaging and enjoyable, even if I did lose a heart for a mispelling or a "dumb" mistake. It made me more careful and attentive, which is a good thing. And I notice that I earned more points, or XP, on the hearts system than with the strength bar. You got the bonus XPs for any hearts left at the end of the lesson, so you could earn 13 XP instead of the 10 XP with the new system. No reward for a perfect score, so I have less motivation to try my best. I think we agree overall, I'm just not sure what you mean about the "gamer" aspect. Ciao!


      I'm loving the strength bar! Great idea!


      I only got to try it for one lesson. Then it went back to the heart system and I had to repurchase my add a heart. I liked it though. It saves me from stupid typing errors and saves time from stopping and starting practice over and over when having trouble.


      It would be nice to have a fun way to practice spelling specifically. The words are long and this is always a problem for me even if I understand what I am hearing and saying.


      The change is welcomed. I think the new format is a superior way to learn. It removes the frustration of redoing the entire exercise. I found when redoing a lesson I would quickly respond without looking carefully at the example - which does not assist learning.


      I'm a regular DL'er and today got the surprise of the strength bar (with skill icon). Initially, I was not happy with the change...who likes unexpected changes? And it took me twice as long to finish the lesson! BUT I see the positives, including not being afraid to risk an answer that I think, but am not positive, could be correct. This is a big plus because it expands my options for correct words/phrases. (And because now I don't get stressed by the risk of losing hearts.)
      This change is also a bit of a negative because it was actually kind of exciting to gamble on an answer & "win" a heart! But I'm sure the DL team will think of something to keep the "fun factor" in DL. All in all I do like the change because I think I will learn more. And thanks for all your work on this....it is appreciated!!!


      I love it! This method is much more effective for my learning style. Thanks!


      this should also help me with learning the sentence structure of the language better than having to do the entire lesson over again


      i've been using duolingo for a few months now, its the best systom ive used for spanish EVER. this update just made it better. thank you duolingo teamyoou've helped me alot :) your the best :D


      Just a question how this is going to affect the points system and lingots. I just did two lessons with the progress bar version. On one, I missed two answers. On the other, I didn't miss any. I got the same 10 points for both, rather than 13 points and a lingot for the perfect round.

      It seems like there should still be some reward system or faster advancement for perfect rounds. Otherwise, though, I don't miss the frustration of the hearts and debating whether to use the refill or not whenever I'd lost three.


      I can't wait until this new system gets implemented for everyone. I haven't been able to surpass my current lesson because I keep running out of hearts before I can beat it,.


      This sounds like a much more natural idea, I think it will be very helpful for first-time learners as well as people just trying to remember what they learned in high school.


      This is a really good idea, this new system helps you understand it better because you must practice it until you get it right. I hate it when I get a question wrong because of a dumb mistake-I hit enter just as I notice my mistake (sometimes on the last question) and I'm like noooooo!


      I like it. It's so disheartening when I lose a heart over a typo or stupid mistake. (Pun intended!)


      Is there some way that WORKS to "unfollow" a discussion? I posted a comment to this thread, and ever since then I've been getting dozens posts in my mailbox regarding this change. I keep clicking on the "unfollow discussion" tab (which has worked before) but it doesn't make a difference. HELP!


      What "unfollow discussion" tab are you talking about? Is it the "Unfollow Discussion" link that can be found near the bottom of those dozens of posts in your mailbox?

      The other way to unfollow is to find the green box with a checkmark and the words "Following discussion" at the top of the discussion, and click on it. If the checkmark vanishes and the words change to "Follow discussion", you have successfully unfollowed it. (As this discussion is stickied to the top of the discussion stream, it should be easy to find, but if you'd like to check for more discussions that you may be unwittingly following, merely switch from the default "popular" discussions tab to the "followed" tab.)


      I tried both. I clicked on the bottom link, and I clicked on the green box and got ride of the check mark. It STILL keeps piling these messages in my mailbox. I have "unfollowed" discussions before, but it doesn't seem to let me this time. But thanks for trying to help.


      Hmm. Well, option three is to report it. Try going to https://www.duolingo.com/help and telling Duolingo about the problem through the "Contact Us" box at the bottom of the page.


      I don't know about you guys, but I personally felt much more accomplished when I finally finished my lesson at approx. 55 questions than I did when I failed to complete the same lesson after redoing it 5 times. I had just started the past imperfect lesson today, and though I was excited to finally be learning the past tense, my enthusiasm quickly dwindled when I could not seem to get past the lesson's finish line. It was only when I moved to my computer, found I had the updated bar (centered blue), that I was able to complete the lesson.

      A lot of my issues stemmed from the 3-questions-left-and-I-lose-my-last-heart problem, as many have mentioned, and I find the new bar to be most helpful.

      Thank you Duo!! Although I was skeptical of it about halfway through, the excitement that I felt when I finally finished was fantastic :)

      Merci beaucoup Duo pour ton travail! (If that was wrong, I trust you french speakers to let me know ;) Merci!)


      This sounds great. Though I hope it doesn't mean the end of the timed practice thing, too. That is great for getting your brain to recall things rapidly, rather than pondering a response for a few minutes.


      Great! How do I test it or where do I sign up. Sounds like everyone else who has commented has already tried it.


      I LOVE IT. please don't take away the strength bar. It is the best thing ever.


      I love the strength bar idea, thank you! I have been given the green bar which is fine by me but I'm happy with either of your bar options. The best thing about it is that I am more willing to have a guess without 'peeking' now which is more benificial to me as I often used to peek on the last question or two if I wasn't quite sure because I was so scared of losing my last heart on the last question.


      I echo all of the previous comments regarding stupid english spelling mistakes made because of speed. This new bar sounds great. :))


      Personally, I strongly favour the second design including the skill icon. Having the icon present gives learners a stronger motivation, it's a visible goal so to say. However I'm not sure about the blue colour. The Duolingo green is a very calm yet modern colour whereas the blue is much more vibrant and, thus, hectic. Not ideal for a learning atmosphere.


      DEFINITELY better than the hearts!


      This method is a way better than the heart system, now you have to continue your ex. if you get wrong you just need to practise more and not redo the entire exercise. Please keep this new method!


      Loving the idea.

      You just need to update the lingot store. Down under "what is a lingot" still says full heart earns you 1 lingot.


      Nice change! keep up the good work


      I like the blue bar. This program is amazing.


      The new system is much better in my opinion. I wish it had been in place when I originally completed my French tree. I do hope you will stick with this format. I also do think the blue bar is aesthetically more pleasing, but I not have a strong preference.


      My experience with the new system so far has been great. I would constantly have to redo lessons because I accidentally butcher the spelling of a word (ashamedly, this happens to me most often when I'm typing in English). Good on you, Duolingo, for a great addition. It makes Duolingo more about actually learning the material.


      I don't mind the change, it does save the frustration of completely restarting an exercise. As many people have already said, it would be preferable to return the added xp and lingot for a perfect run.

      Although if you also made it necessary to use the correct accents for the extra xp and lingot then it might encourage me to actually include accents.

      I have the green bar now; I would say that the blue bar above is more aesthetic.

      Otherwise, thanks for keeping us informed and for your excellent site.


      when will this be implemented for the other 50% ?


      The heart "game" was enjoyable. It made language acquisition fun - the new bar method is rather like going to school. Boring. I would prefer to see the hearts re-instituted. Otherwise my Rosetta Stone will again look attractive. It would have been more productive to work on ensuring that your translations and hovers were far more accurate! Linda


      thank you it is so nice


      Hi Luis, this looks like a really good idea! Could you include me in the test group? :-)


      I like it better than the heart system. I get more practice if I need it and if not I breeze through it. thanks for changing it :)


      i like it also and i can say they same like Carryengelbrecht. But how can i get lingots now. And when can i learn spanish in Duolingo with german????? My English is not so good and so i make many mistakes in english not in spanish. :))


      Considering the fact that I heard about and joined 8 days ago and I'm now on an 8 day streak to learn spanish I'd say this system is working very well for me. [for reference: I am using the larger centered bar with the skill icon] it really motivates to keep going and learn the things you don't know.

      What I'd love to see at some point is a system where you can mark nouns (possibly even some verbs) in higher or lower priority/importance. I allready love this site they way it is :p but it seemed like a handy idea to me


      Unfortunately, I'm not in the test group, but the promise of this new function has already gone a long way toward replacing the motivation I lost when the coach was implemented.


      Either system should be optional! It should be a choice similar to that between regular practice vs. timed practice.

      This way, people can get used to a lesson without the 'game-over'-discouragement using the progress bar, whilst they can use the heart-system as a kind of 'test,' or as a way to earn some extra lingots.

      Both systems have their pros and cons, and everyone has to their own learning preferences, so being able to alternate and/or choose between the two would be best.

      P.S. whilst not in the test group myself, I've tried out both bars using the account of family members. Either bar (green/blue) is fine with me, but the blue one looks cooler :) I personally prefer the bar system over the hearts-system, but my sister is of different opinion, and she convinced me that the hearts-system has its own merits (e.g. it forces you to pay more attention to spelling).


      I love the new system! With the heart system I would often lose my last heart on the last question and have to do it again, but with this system that will never happen. This new way doesn't affect the challenge but it makes the game less rage causing.


      Thanks Duo for you continued effort to try and keep Language learning fun and directed at us the users.

      I just have one comment/suggestion I am finding that I am spending a lot more time on lessons and never finishing them. So would it be possible that these two systems be options in the setting page? Like the: microphone, speaker, voice auto play, and sound effects. Thanks for all you work and support in Language learning.


      This is a terrific change! I love not having to redo a lesson because of losing hearts. It seemed I would lose my last heart on the last question—frustrating! I do kind of miss getting a lingot for a perfect lesson, though. But, the main point is learning, not lingots.


      I'm in love with this idea. Though some might say it's a bit...

      puts on shades - disheartening.



      It's funny because the strength bars thing removes hearts from duolingo.


      When does it go into effect?


      The heart-system was one of the reasons i started my own site (www.mivoca.com) to practise. Now i see they will use the same system on duolingo. Happy to see my system works...


      I has been said many times, but I also support lingot rewards for a perfect score with the new strength bar format (and the same for the timed practice). Other than that I really like the strength bar, it's much more motivating than the three heart format!


      gj duo lingo the new system makes it so that if you rush you dont end up with a bad score. For example you have to spell dont don't or it wont count it is a good fix!


      I'm still with learning Spanish, this time it's adjectives (don't know if that matters, but anyway) I now had the centered bar but in red and at the end a 'thumbs up' and a question-counter. The end of that bar I liked, but the color I really didn't like. Please make it green. At first I thought it would turn green, but it didn't. It turning green would perhaps be an alternative motivator.


      The color of the progress bar (in the version with the egg on the right) is the same as the color of the skill.

      PS: Posting the comment once is enough: I deleted the to other copy of your comment.


      I don't think the color should resonate with the type of vocabulary/grammar you are learning, for me it has nothing to do with what I'm learning at that moment but with my progress in itself, and especially red is not a positive motivating color in my opinion. Maybe there is another way to implement the lesson-color... the bar could be that color but fill up green as progress is made, like the mastered skills turn golden on the language tree

      PS: I didn't post them on purpose, it's either a glitch or my connection is faulty, but I've had several posts in my inbox from this thread where there were duplicates, too, so others had this problem also. Thanks for deleting the other posts, I just saw I can do so myself.


      I think Duo made this choice, well.. more accurately, is A/B testing this choice, with the idea that the color will help you remind under which skill you currently are and so to help you to know what to answer/what type of vocabulary is wanted.

      Personally, the color of the bar has no importance for my motivation.
      Having it associated with the skill: why not. However, since there are only 3 or 4 color used, it's not really discriminating: a lot of very different skills will have the same color. But, on the other hand, having some variation in the design make it a little less routine.

      Anyway, at the end of the day, Duo will chose what to do (keeping this progress bar? if yes, which of the two tested versions? and probably other tests) with respect to the result of their statistical tests. So logically it'll be the best solution IN AVERAGE, so for sure everybody will not like the choice. ;)


      The strength bar makes me more likely to guess, instead of doing the safe thing or looking it up. That's good, because that's how we actually speak any language: make our best guess and deal with the consequences. But my brain misses the little squirt of dopamine that came with lingots, so it might be good to incorporate a reward of some sort


      My fiancee has the new setup and I have the old. One thing we noticed was that it seems that the new one always gives out 10 xp per lesson, whereas the old gives out anywhere from 10xp to 14xp, based on how well you do. I'd love to see scaling xp in the new system. Other than that, I prefer the new HANDS DOWN.


      How can we switch from the mean green bar to the blue bar. I get about half-way through and my green bar splats and I quit again. The blue bar looks a lot cooler!


      So unfortunately I am not in the test group. It sounds really good. I have had many frustrating "just let me keep going" moments! After all, at the end of the day I just want to learn the language, even if I don't get any points for it, let me keep going. That being said I did just earn a lingot for a perfect revision lesson today. Probably will be my last?


      As I am in the control group I can only comment on what I have read from all these comments. I think it sounds great, as like many others I get demotivated by repeatedly having to restart lessons and thereby waste time redoing questions that I have already passed. Some people have implied that the new system makes it easier, this doesn't seem right to me as I would hope more time is spent on the hard questions (assuming that the algorithms are picking up things you stumble on correctly).

      I can see the reduction of rewards might reduce motivation, though of course the extra XP and lingot rewards may be added in again if the system is accepted. My way of progressing is to restart a lesson if I lose a heart in the first 5 questions, as I know I am unlikely to make it to the end successfully (I am a slow learner in languages!) so after several restarts I might sometimes get through on a clear run (extra XPs and lingot) having had several practice goes at the lesson. So with the new system getting a clear run will be much more difficult as it will need to be done without the practice attempts. Therefore the benefit for me will be in not wasting time and in getting a true reward for a clear run. I wish I could test it out though!


      This is amazing; much better than the heart system. Sometimes (MOST of the time) I would know something perfectly, but would type too fast and get it wrong, or accidentally press enter before I was done...


      I have noticed that even though there are not hearts here, there are still hearts an the iPad and on the windows phone. Is there any reason for these different formats?


      Because it is still being tested it wont be worth the effort of updating the apps until there is a decision to accept it as the new system.

      [deactivated user]

        I MUCH prefer the heart system. Can't you give us the choice? It works so much better for me as a learner. Also given that I have very limited time to access the site, I prefer the strict limit in the number of questions per lesson. I fell much less drawn to the lessons now.


        Just to address the time issue. Having used both I can tell you that if you complete the task without making errors the time taken will be the same. If you make several errors then of course it will take longer but under the hearts system you would have failed and had to repeat - which takes longer still. Although under the new system a lesson could last forever you can still quit whenever you like.

        [deactivated user]

          I actually like having to repeat. Trying to prevent a repeat is highly motivating. Its part of the "game". That's why up to now I've been recommending Duolingo. Its a fantastic example of gamifying learning. No consequences, no game.


          Yes I can understand that. For me though, on balance I prefer the new system.


          Hopefully, we will get reward extra xp for any extra questions we answer. I really want that new system on my account.


          Has anyone else changed from the green bar to the blue? It seems that with the green bar, you do 20 lessons and it's over, you get 10 XP. With the blue, on untimed, yesterday I got 17 straight correct and that was the end, I got 10 XP. So are you having to answer less questions to get the 10 points?

          Sorry if this has been answered already, there are a ton of posts here and my lunch is almost over.


          I already much prefer this option. It's quite negative when you run out of hearts and sometimes I don't then have the motivation to do another lesson. But with the new entered bar that moves up and down, I find myself immediately going on to the next lesson.


          Love this! Will cause me to train more. I also have moved up from Casual to Regular based on this.


          I wasnt one of the 50% who had the 3 hearts replaced with the strength bar -- PLEASE add me to that group. It seems like a much better system.


          The new bar is a really good idea. I like the larger centered bar


          Maybe virtue is in the middle. both solutions maybe are the best solution.


          good idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          I use Duolingo with about 50 high school students and having them on two different systems has been an eye opener. Every student that is now on the strength bar system prefers it. Good riddance, hearts!


          Love this - much better than the limited heart system! Much more motivational...also enables one to persist through learning challenges. Nice!


          I welcome this change. I am already more engaged knowing that accessing new material is a matter of sticking with it rather than a time consuming cycle of fail-repeat-fail. Thanks for making this change.


          Love the new format. Perhaps if people who feel strongly about the heart format still have the option to still use this in the future, it might be a good idea. But for now I love it.


          I love this innovation. I often lose hearts due to spelling errors and masc/fem mix ups in French. This system allows me to complete a lesson I otherwise know quite well without failing due to minor mix ups.

          One thing I worry about is earning Lingots; I'm currently saving up for the Christmas bonus skill in French, but now I cannot earn a bonus lingot for full hearts. Is there an equivalent way to earn lingots with the new bar system?


          This is much, much, much better than the heart system! Well done!


          Did my spanish lesson today and wondered where the hearts had gone. Assumed there was an application error or some styling mistakes in the CSS at first, but then realised it had changed. Gotta say I like this way better than hearts, as I've failed several tests on stupid spelling errors as english is not my native language. I got the blue bar and it looked very nice, would prefer that over the green one.


          I love it! I love the larger, centered bar with the skill icon. When I kept losing hearts and had to start over I would just get frustrated. Now, I can just keep working on the skill until I've mastered it. Even though I might spend the same amount of time, not having to start over makes a big difference for me. Thanks!


          I love this over the heart system. I also like the blue bar that I saw when I was practicing. I think it's a nice change from the green that's everywhere!

          It's so much better to not be penalised for making a stupid mistake (too many times this has happened and I've not been bothered to strengthen skills again), and I think this bar system will be much more encouraging than having to re-do an entire lesson.

          The only other feedback I have is - give us our xp bars back!! Please!!


          The lingots/store page is now out-of-date with these changes. It still references hearts. I'm also kind of curious as to how the concept of lingots as a currency will continue to thrive on Duolingo. You could previously purchase an emergency heart with them, but currently the only things available are one-time purchases, streak freezes (which isn't really hugely incentivized other than awarding you more lingots for maintaining a streak), and double-or-nothing which is another lingot-related thing. Once you've purchased all add-on material, what's the purpose of lingots? It'd be great if you continued adding supplemental course material.


          I just got this new format today and don't understand what the numbers mean. I was working along and when I got to "30" I was finished with the lesson, but that didn't translate into 30 points, only 10. I don't mind the new format, but the numbers need to MEAN something.


          The numbers are the sentences you've translated.


          The central bar for me is red... this is purely a personal stylistic opinion but I would much rather it be green... red is a negative colour, green feels much more positive. I know it's stupid, but it's the little things...


          Honestly astonished that DL thinks the type of strength bar is some major innovation in language learning pedagogy! Look at the goals listed in the original post and please tell us how this bar change will do anything toward those lofty goals . . . Glad everyone is so excited, but PLEASE stop pretending cosmetic changes are about actual learning . . . green, blue, red, purple . . . WOW.


          I reckon you should use a combination, both the strength bar and the hearts. I'm in the test group, so I've had the strength bar for a bit now. It's great for learning new material since it keeps cycling the questions round, and has a bit of wiggle room for mistakes. It's less stressful.

          But for "Strengthen skills" section it gets really frustrating. I use it to measure my overall progress with the language and test my skills. With the heart system, practice was stressful in a positive way, and I would rake my brain for the correct answer to not lose a heart. Now I have no set goal (eg. complete with full hearts) to measure my progress against, and no consequence if I get something wrong.

          The point of Duolingo is to teach language, and you say you want to be more adaptive to individuals? Perhaps once the strength bar test run is over, you could release both forms of measuring lesson progress and allow individual users to specify which they'd prefer in settings. It is obvious some people find the strength bar far easier to work with, but others find it less motivating since there is no risk or reward.


          I think this is an interesting new development and am happy to work with it. Here is my only critical comment. One of the strengths of Duo is that for a commuter like myself, the ability to "finish" a lesson in 10-15 minutes is one of the key strengths. While I understand that to still be true on the mobile app, it is still applicable to the web version for me. 10-15 minutes is a good range of time per lesson, success or failure. Those are my two cents.



          Great improvements! What's the number in the bubble for (in the above graphic, it's "2") and does it have an effect on anything?


          It tells you how many questions were given you, but does not otherwise do anything. Some like to use it to decide if they can move straight on to the next lesson or they would do better redoing the current one.


          Bug: From Android app (still with hearts) I can buy Heart Refill for 4 lingots. But in some day it disappears by itself. I have done this three times already before found this topic :-)


          I love the new system. Keep up the good work with the innovation and customization.


          I have to say I really enjoy the new system. Getting close to the end of a lesson just to have it cut short because I ran out of hearts was really frustrating and made it difficult to continue my studies in some difficult lessons. I would much rather be able to continue a lesson despite having mistakes than be rudely interrupted each time. It was like "Sorry, you got too many wrong, now stop learning and come back later to try again." At least now we can stay in the lesson and actually be able to LEARN what we are doing wrong and correct ourselves more quickly.

          Also, I like the blue bar over the green one. Just casting my vote there :P


          I find the "Strength" bar very ineffective, in fact, demotivating. I've used Duolingo for probably 2 years, off and on (mostly off). The "Strength" bar is meaningless. For example, I have not been on Duolingo for a few months, and my Strength bars are still showing 3 our of 4. There is no indication as to when or where I should review.

          So I use Duolingo for a while and then I lose motivation for it, and go on to something else.


          This system is so much better than the old one. When are you going to make it available for everyone?


          I think it is available for everyone.


          I know some people like the strength bar but me and my friends do not however since some people do like it could you please make it so its an option.I learned easily with the hearts i remembered it better but with the strength bar its like an endless battle for me so please try to make it an option.


          I hated the dropped hearts but there was some kind of glitch for me that did not credit me one day and I was very sad to be reset to day 1 since I was proud of where I was. I now have 429 lingots and not sure what to do with them aside from buying tests but my streak is just at 10. I can't even remember (or find out) the count I was at before it was lost. I had bought a streak freeze which I took on Christmas day but since that made two in a row missed, I was back to square one. This seriously decreased my motivation. I don't understand how the bar works and this is why I'm looking at this thread right now.


          I hated the dropped hearts but there was some kind of glitch for me that did not credit me one day and I was very sad to be reset to day 1 since I was proud of where I was. I now have 429 lingots and not sure what to do with them aside from buying tests but my streak is just at 10. I can't even remember (or find out) the count I was at before it was lost. I had bought a streak freeze which I took on Christmas day but since that made two in a row missed, I was back to square one. This seriously decreased my motivation. I don't understand how the bar works and this is why I'm looking at this thread right now.


          Overall I think the new system is better, but it was very motivational for me to get those extra points for having hearts left over or to get a lingot for having all three hearts left. Is there some comparable reward with this new system?


          Overall I think the new system is better, but it was very motivational for me to get those extra points for having hearts left over or to get a lingot for having all three hearts left. Is there some comparable reward with this new system?


          Overall I think the new system is better, but it was very motivational for me to get those extra points for having hearts left over or to get a lingot for having all three hearts left. Is there some comparable reward with this new system?


          No longer feeling like a failure when I miss a few things during a lesson and then having to start from scratch is fantastic! I no longer feel as frustrated when I just happen to type something wrong since it doesn't push me closer to having to start over.

          I can't wait until skill strengthening also has this so the feeling of accomplishment is there without the fear of failure.


          When will be this implemented on Duolingo App?? Excellent learning system. It's way more effective than Hearts :)


          oh this sounds like a brilliant idea.


          THANK YOU. No more frustration and