"The woman cooks."

Translation:Kvinnan lagar mat.

December 3, 2014

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Isn't this wrong? I answered 'Kvinnan lagar' but it is supposed to be wrong... The sentence is not asking for food, and by saying that someone is cooking, isn't it obvious that is food?


in swedish you have to say lagar mat, because lagar by its self can mean to fix or mend something


"Fix" can be used similarly in English, typically I think with "up." For example: "Let me fix you up something to eat." Cool parallel!


I see... Thank you!


So if you wanted to say 'the woman cooks soup' would you just say 'kvinnan lager soppa'


yes, but lagar*


If id want to say "the woman cooks the chicken", would it be translated as "kvinnan lagar kycklingen"?


Can you say kvinnan kocker?


No, that would make no sense.


Thanks, Google translate su*ks then though, as they translate "The woman cooks" as "kvinnan kockar".. I found somewhere that on Swedish you have to say what you cook so that would make sense i.e. like Kvinnan kockar pasta if that is the true then it makes sense, but google translate is still wrong :))


Kockar is the plural of a cook (chef), kvinnan kockar means the woman chefs. In swedish you say 'the woman cooks food', not just 'cooks' so it is kvinnan lagar mat

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    So I assume "lagar mat" together make up the word "cooks" and it's not that "lagar" itself means "cooks." If that is correct, do we always follow this rule - for example if I wanted to say "the woman cooks a chicken" would I say "kvinnan lagar mat en kyckling" or would I drop the "mat"?


    you drop the "mat"!


    Damn Swedish is so confusing after doing the Dutch course :p


    For all i know as it's written in english, the woman could have been cooking Meth. So the english sentence should ideally be changed as it's really the same rule.


    Basically kock is the noun. And lager is the verb. In english they are interchangeable. They aren't in Swedish.


    What is the difference between "kockar" and lagar mat" ?

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      "Kock" is translated as the noun "cook" (i.e. a chef). So "kockar" would be multiple cooks (or multiple chefs). "Lagar mat" forms the verb "cook" - so you could say "kockan lagar mat" which I suppose would be "the cook (or chef) cooks."


      you're othervise correct but it's "kocken* lagar mat"!!


      lagar mat lagar mat lagar mat

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