"We love our child."

Translation:Vi älskar vårt barn.

December 3, 2014

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I think these kind of questions (select all correct translations) - and especially this one - are way too simple. I never made a mistake in them and they have always been answerable by ruling the clear incorrect ones out. Thus without me having to think about the correct one.

And especially with this chapter. I would find it way more interesting if there were options like:

  1. Vi älskar vår barn.
  2. Vi älskar vårt barn.
  3. Vi älskar våra barn.

Then I would actually have to think about what it says.

I think in general they would be more interesting with options ranging different conjugations or spelling errors.

Is there a reason why these kind of questions are like they are?


These are definitely not easy for me.

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This has been implemented now.


They still seem relatively simple.


use keyboard option


They're not that easy, this website is for a range of different ages so I think Duolingo has done a brilliant job of making the questions easy enough for that range of ages. Also, before you reported this error you should have read the sign below saying "Stop the clutter! Please do not report mistakes here and read the comments below before posting" I know you couldn't have read any comments, because there wasn't any, but it said not to report mistakes or errors and that's exactly what you did, there is no need to say that you find it too easy, some other people think it's too easy as well, it's not just you, but if you find them unbearably easy, then just "test out" the one of the categories and you can get them done in one lesson.


I don't understand. What is the difference between var and vart? (Sorry, I cannot write the upper symbols on "a".) Or why is mitt different from min?


It depends on the gender of the word. If it’s an ett-word then you add the -t.


Oh, wow! Thanks!


Thanks as well.


Change your keyboard setting to Swedish. You can then toggle between Swedish and English


Ill try the Swedish settings to. Probably also helps me when i write Frisian.



What is the differnce between "våra" and "vårt"?


You've probably already found this out but: "vårt" is used with -ett words. "våra" is plural.


Why is "Vi älskar våra barn" wrong?


Because the sentence is our child and child is an ett word. Våra barn would be our children.


Wouldn't you use älska in this case since it is present tense?


Älska is infinitive, älskar is present tense.

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