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What do you do when you think the current best translation is wrong and it won't even let you submit?

¿Te haces un peeling en la zona del escote? Should you do a peel on the decolletage?

<pre>+0 Oops, that doesn’t look right 35% agreement with correct solutions from others. </pre>

Current best translation: Are you experiencing peeling on your neck? I don't think this translation about experiencing peeling on your neck is correct, although now that I think about it I think I should have said "use a peel" instead of "do a peel" - but I am only offered a choice to try another sentence and cannot submit mine.

October 20, 2012



I agree, but it is hard to offer a translation without a context. "Peeling" isn't an official Spanish word. So I would guess something like: "Are you having some peeling [of what??] around the neckline area?" as one possible option.

But best to get a context and a native speaker.


Even when you can't submit, you can still edit existing translations. Just click the "Edit" button and offer your suggestion. You can also edit your own submission.


Yes but if it has reached 100% done Duolingo won't accept changes. In some cases at least. People keep sending me the same edit for something that is 100% translated. it is not my final edit and I can't change it. Just trying to stop receiving the same edit from everyone!


I have experienced this "oops" response a few times, also.

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