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  5. "Katten vender tilbage."

"Katten vender tilbage."

Translation:The cat returns.

December 3, 2014



Catman: The Dark Knight Returns


Actually, I believe that this is the cat in question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gp-H_YOcYTM


Yes!! That was the first thing I thought of when I saw this sentence :)


I looked in the comments just to see if someone was on the same page XD

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I was thinking about that : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mc4y-P1Uuw0

(the french version of the song is just great, by steve waring xD : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acQgAH-y6C4 )

The part where the cat is put in a meatgrinder gave me nightmares when I was a child lol


Cat comes back should be the same as Cat returns


Both are accepted now.


I typed "the cat turns back" but that was marked wrong. I read someone on here ... think it was "mads-lime", explaining in another discussion that "at vende tilbage" means "turn back", and "at kommer tilbage" means "go home". Which is why I wrote "turns back". I don't think he's wrong as he seems to be a native speaker to me. Hope someone can explain more.

On the subject of some of the new verbs introduced in this lesson, I understood that "returnerer" means to return an item or an object, not "return home" or "return" to some place.


I also wrote "turns back". What would "the cat turns back" be in Danish? Can a Danish speaker please help? Mange tak.


Before anyone asks, at vende has absolutely nothing to do with the French verb venir despite looking similar and appearing to mean the same here. Vende means to turn.


Though interestingly, at vende is closely related to the English word "went", as in the past tense of "to go".


Fantastic Studio Ghibli film :p


Witch is the difference between "vender tilbage" and "returner", could be like, " vender tilbage" it's the same as "came back" or "volver" in spanish and "returner" as "return" or "devolver" in spanish?


I just asked my Danish friend and she says it's like this: "returnerer" is very uncommon in daily language and you would only really use it for returning an item to a shop. The verbs "kommer tilbage" and "vender tilbage" are synonymous.


I'm not sure about the Spanish words, but "at vende tilbage" means to go away and then come back again (could also be at komme tilbage) whereas "at retunere means "to return [something]"


I had to give it a shot with "the cat comes back," too. (It wasn't accepted.) Still good to know the difference. Tak!


Interesting, since in Afrikaans there is a saying "Die kat kom weer" or (rather directly translated) "The cat comes again/back". Made me think about it and I thought it was rather cute. Carry on.


The cat comes back?


The very next day.


Huh, thought he was a gonner.


I guess he's here to stay.


Before I checked out the available words to make this a literate sentence, I thought the cat was going to the market to buy or sell something (vend). And don't forget 'the cat goes in the cat goes out, 'coz that's what cats are all about". Sorry. I'm a pet sitter.


is vender tilbage an expression? it does not translate to returns as in English. is the phrase "at vende tilbage"?


Katten i Hatten Vender Tilbage!


Great anime movie!

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