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Learning more than one language at a time?

I see some people are learning more than one language at the same time. Is this a good idea, do you find it easier learning two at the same time? Or should I stick to one?

July 10, 2013



Yeah, one at a time makes so much more sense. Especially since you're studying German (the toughest language on here). The only reason you see multiple languages on mine is that I have studied/taught Spanish for years and Portuguese is very similar. Good luck to you!


I think you should stick to one at a time. I found going through the German course quite hard and time consuming. I would not have had enough time to start another language as well.


If you're learning your language from scratch, I would definitely stick to one at a time. This is especially true with Duolingo because you will learn many of the same vocabulary words in all your languages and 4/5 of them are so closely related that it's easy to become mixed up.

If you have outside knowledge of a language, I wouldn't count it towards this total. For example, I spoke French before starting Duolingo and have been learning Spanish in real-life classes. German and Italian are sufficiently different that (so far--I have only just begun German and am very beginner in Italian) I'm not having trouble learning them together.


Great, thanks for your replies! I'm only just starting to learn Spanish, so I'll definitely just stick to one for now.

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