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  5. "Cucino soprattutto dolci."

"Cucino soprattutto dolci."

Translation:I cook mostly desserts.

July 10, 2013



Haha! I wrote "above all" because that was the translation of soprattutto in a previous sentence, and now it's supposed to be "mostly". Anyway I never cook desserts, I make them. And cooking "sweets" sounds rather bizarre to me, somewhat like cooking candy.

As a British person commented earlier, dinner is called tea in England - and they also call dessert pudding. No wonder we're surrounded by puzzles here. Linguistics and semantics are truly wondrous things :-)


Cooking sweets? Sorry but yuck!


Did you know you make candy by cooking sugar


I agree - we Brits would translate dolce as pudding


Tea and dunner are not synonymous. Dinner is the main meal It is usually an evening meal now but a school dinner is a midday meal. Christmas dinner is usually a midday meal. Tea is a light meal. It is usually eaten in the late afternoon. Dinners have two or three courses. A tea has tea, cakes, and usually sandwiches.


Should it be acceptable to write ' i cook mostly sweet things'? I think there is an ambiguity around the word dolci (see conversations below) that includes all these sweet foodstuffs


In America we don't "cook" sweets or desserts - one bakes baked goods, or probably makes candies/chocolates/other confections. I've never heard anyone say they "cook" these items


In the UK, or at least when i was growing up, 'sweet' can mean any type of desert.


In Britain, we have cooked desserts such as spotted dick and plum pudding, often served with custard. It is impossible to make custard without cooking it.


I tried I mostly cook desserts, a 5hat is 5he word orde I would use in zenglish(American) although I would say bake rather than cook. I continue to grow in undertandig of a stdent in my HS Englush class I taught who wrote in Italian word order,, although hersoech had NO acent or pecularities. Poor girl had a reputation among teachers when I got her as a Jr. Thank heavens for my Italuan background! In a hispanic town noone had fiured out her dificulty!


Why Duolingo does not give translation tips as "mainly" and "mostly" if these are two and only acceptable translations for this sentence?


...agreed, because i said "especially"


Duo accepted my "especially" lol


It accepted my "especially" as of 3/4/2014


'Puddings' was not accepted 10/19

[deactivated user]

    This might be the literal translation but it's not the way you'd normally say it in English. The proper translation should've been "I mostly cook desserts"


    Quite the priority change going from above all else to a mere "mostly"!


    I mainly cook puddings marked wrong. Reported Apr 2020.


    Why put "most of all" if it is not accepted as a clue?


    I said this too! I reported


    shouldn't "most of all" be accepted?


    Accepted at end of sentence on 11.10.14


    why is it tutto and not tutti?


    Which is difference between ''dolci'' and ''caramelle''?


    A better translation would be "primarily"; "I primarily cook deserts."


    "I cook mostly sweet things" should be accepted. As others have pointed out, you don't cook sweets.


    I wrote "I cook sweets mostly" and it worked


    I cook above all sweets, does not make sense in English, I mainly cook sweet things would be better.


    Since when did we start cooking sweets?? Hahaha


    The wkoman should speak more clearly! I heard dolce not dolci


    The male voice in 'turtle' mode seems to say 'cucina', not 'cucino'.


    I agree, listened to it loads of times and definitely cucina.


    Are "candies" just toffees or boiled sugar sweets? Not sweets as in puddings? Sometimes it would be helpful to have both US and British alternatives.

    [deactivated user]

      Duolingo considers "I almost always cook desserts" to be incorrect.


      Because the 'English' involved is almost always some dialect from the USA. It's like how the Spanish course is actually Mexican, and the Portuguese is actually Brazilian.


      When i wrote i cook mostly puddings, i was marked wrong! Im english, desserts is an americanism!


      I don't call dinner tea but I do call sweets puddings! I translated it as " Above all, I cook puddings" and was marked wrong.


      the English word Puddings should be accepted


      I am a native English speaker (UK) and I NEVER, repeat NEVER, say dessert. We ALWAYS eat PUDDINGS!


      I am not an English speaker, but I like to have an ice cream as a dessert. Just out of curiosity, would call it pudding as well?
      Pudding is a certain thing and you cannot (I would think) call every dessert a pudding.


      We have always talked of"sweets" (which can also mean the small sweet treats made, for example, of boiled sugar, which are sold in small packets or loose from jars) or"puddings". In my family we have never described the sweet course after the main course as a"dessert". It's "pudding" or"sweet". "Pudding" can also have a more specific meaning to do with its main ingredients usually including flour, milk and eggs, but puddings can also be savoury. I suppose, like Italian, there are very specific meanings and common usage. In common usage, we in our family tend to use the word"pudding" or "pud" and never dessert. But we are quite traditional and I'm probably much older than you so perhaps my English is becoming outdated.


      Obviously DL uses American English in their teaching

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