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Glitches & Problems In Duolingo.

The DuoLingo community is forever growing, but there are some errors. like on the Lingot store, it still says that you can get one Lingot for having full hearts at the end of a lesson, even though there aren't hearts anymore. This needs to be addresses because the new people to DuoLingo may be very confused. There is also a glitch that my brother taught me, and i do not use it, and he did not discover it, so don't ban him. He doesn't take DuoLingo very seriously, so it doesn't matter if he has them. The glitch was a way to skip all questions in a lesson but the last question. The way that the glitch is preformed is by loading the lesson, then disconnecting from the internet, either by Wi-Fi or by unplugging the Ethernet cord. you can just type in any letter / sentence and it can't check for the answer, so it will default to correct. the reason that this works and the page doesn't just crash is because all the questions are already loaded onto the page when you load it up. I really hope that I helped in the making and improving of DuoLingo, because this would allow people to fake being smarter than they actually are, because of the display levels in forums. -Enrico Rodolico P.S. Maybe I could get an extra few Lingots for being the first person to report this glitch?

December 3, 2014



If you think that glitch is bad then why did you just tell everyone on duolingo how to do it


Not to be offensive, but this (if you can tell) was posed at the creators an coders of duolingo. i keep on talking about how they should fix this, and it is all as if i'm talking to them not you. if they read this, then soon the glitch will be patched


sorry, I don't understand what you mean by "even though there aren't hearts any more"


They Removed The Hearts System For Gaining Lingots

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