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Why doesn't this site work with Chrome? :(

October 20, 2012



Working just fine on Chrome 22.0.1229.94 on Win7 x64


^ Confirmed most recent chrome works 100% on win7 x64. U have most recent flash / java / etc?


It's always worked on Chrome for me...


Works with Chrome in Windows 7 SE and Chromium on Xubuntu for me.

Try clearing your cache. That tends to be the first thing to try when browsers don't work as expected.


I've been having problems too and I have already tried clearing the cache. Sometimes on questions that I'm supposed to respond with a written answer, the text box doesn't show up. Also when I place my mouse over a word it doesn't give me the meaning in english. Sometimes it repeats the word I see and sometimes it is unresponsive. This is a new problem for me and I hope it gets resolved soon. I'm on Chrome Version 22.0.1229.94 and on my Macbook Version 10.8. I haven't tried another browser yet.


The speaking and and listen-and-type sections don't work for me. Might have to do with my settings regarding plugins, though.

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