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"Are your names Willem and Roos?"

Translation:Zijn jullie namen Willem en Roos?

December 4, 2014



Why is it "zijn uw" instead of "zijn jouw"?


Uw is just the formal way of saying "your". Also, "zijn jouw" is singular (referring to one person), where "zijn jullie" is plural (referring to more than 1 person) so basically you would use "zijn jullie" or "zijn uw" for the above sentence :) If it was a listening exercise that specifically said "zijn uw" though, you would have to dictate it that way.


Why "jullie" and not "van jou"? Every time I think I get it, It's wrong. Ha ha...


Jullie = your (plural)/ je = your (singular); van jou = yours (singular)/ van jullie = yours (plural)


Oh thank you for this ^_^


Accidentally turned Willem into Willen by pressing the n instead of the m. I know that's a word, but its strange it doesn't show up as a typo.


Well, as it turns out, Willem is a Villain (Not really, I just think it's funny)


The possessive pronoun grammar sheet I have indicates 'your' plural can be jullie or je. Is this incorrect?


That's correct. However, je is unstressed and since you are pointing people out (stress) you cannot use je here.


I find it harsh to penalise me when I accidentally put in "willen" :?


What you are saying then is "Are your names to want / want and Rose?". Maybe here it is a fairly innocent mistake, but a single letter can make a lot of difference.

To stick to English: Pace and Lace are only one letter different and very different, same with Now and Mow, Rub/Tub/, Blow/Glow etc.


Why not "zijn je namen willem en roos"? If you click on "your" it even suggests "je".


'je' is for single / 'jullie' is for plural

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