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New Idea for the Duolingo streak flames.

So I was thinking, it's way too easy to keep a streak going, especially if you just answer a single question right with timed practice, you keep the streak alive. SO, I propose something new.

Why not have different types of flames for different types of streaks? For example:

-Red flames can just be for getting at least 1 point a day

-Blue flames can be for getting 10 points+ per day, but not more than 24

-Green flames can be for getting 25+ points a day

-Gold flames can be for keeping a 40+ point per day streak.

This way you encourage users to do more every day, than just get away with doing only a bit just to get their simple red flame alive. Thoughts? I'd really like to get an official response on this from the Duolingo team.

July 10, 2013



Yeah i agree with this considering it's kind of lame that all you need is one point to keep a streak going. I personally think it should be a minimum of ten points, the amount that you get from doing one lesson, in order to hold a streak.


It's lame to have one point, even 10 points makes it seem like you only do one lesson a day, and that lesson could be refreshing a lesson you have already done


Streaks are designed to reward the pervasive learner and while there are changes that could be added, the "at least 1 point per day" seems to work well enough. It would be nice if my 100+ a day for a week were more visible or if the fact that I've only missed one day in almost 2 months.

C'est la vie


I don't think people get it, the streak system would still work the way it already does. It just so happens that if you work harder every day to get points, it will reflect on the color of your flame. It's not asking to take away anything this system doesn't already have. I'm not saying to up the minimum of 1 point per day to have a streak, it's fine that way because in the grand scheme of things, it rewards persistence. What I'm saying is, once you start getting 10+ points or more, your flame color will change to reflect it.


When I first read this, I completely agreed with you. On further reflection, however, I'm not sure I do entirely. Each of us are pursuing this learning experience within the bounds of the time we have available to us. A person with a very demanding job and a heavy responsibility at home, after work, could well be showing tremendous dedication just to find the time to do something on Duolingo, no matter how brief, on a daily basis. On the other hand, someone like me who is retired with all the time in the world on my hands, can spend as much or as little time using the Duolingo resources as I want to. If I rack up more daily points than someone else, that is not an accurate measurement of my comparative dedication to learning. I do recognize there may be some out there somewhere who consider keeping the flame burning on a daily basis paramount over the purpose Duolingo is designed to accomplish.


So that's how you have your 30 day streak hey ;) Seriously though I agree with you


Why not just keep it nice and simple like it is now? You're suggesting creating three new kinds of streaks when some users can't even figure out the one.


IG88-you have a huge streak and know lots of different languages, wouldn't you want more for better achievements you have to work harder for?


Come on, IG88. I think it's a great idea. Plus, the way you're implying to keep it at only 1 point a day for a streak makes me think you've only done 1 lesson a day for the past 142 days.


You need 30,000 points to reach level 25 in a language, so anyone could glance at my language levels in a discussion or view my profile to see my total points earned to know that isn't the case. You could also mouse over my points to see the number of points earned this week in a selected language.


RamsaySnow: "So you mean reward stupidity? How nice."

No, I mean don't needlessly overcomplicate a simple system. We already have points to indicate a user's overall activity and we'll apparently be getting a weekly points leaderboard soon also. We don't need four different streaks that would add confusion and clutter.


I think the streak is just to motivate you to come every day. The coins are there for the competition side of it. If you're coming every day and getting one point just to keep a streak alive, that's pretty pathetic. I think if you're available to get a point for yourself you're just going to stay and do a lesson or translate an article, etc. If I have half an hour to work on Duolingo and for whatever reason I can't get through a lesson in that half hour, I should be able to do a quick review of an old lesson just to keep my streak going, since with the time I have available I could not get through the lesson, but I work on Duolingo that day.


I just wish the streaks were set up differently, perhaps every 24 hours, not just day to day. The way my schedule works, I actually sleep until late into the afternoon, so after getting stuff done I can sometimes easily forget to practice before 12 AM, and I usually prefer to practice around 1 or 2 AM. I just lost my 15-day streak today in French because of that, actually :/ I did manage to get points in for Spanish, though.


A hundred percent agree!

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