Hej du!

I am new to Swedish with Duo Lingo. I would love to make some friends to practice with. I am heading to Sweden in February and I need a crash course on basic phrases. Tack!

December 4, 2014


Hej! Where in Sweden are you going? :)

Just Stockholm. I have a friend who lives there. Where are you from?

I see, Stockholm is a nice city! I come from the south of Sweden, the third biggest city called Malmö!

Across the Orsund from Copenhagen? I remember seeing a very long bridge connecting the two cities in a travel video. Are you in Sweden now? It pretty late there.

Exactly there! Both Copenhagen and Malmö are two nice cities. No, I am actually in Argentina right now, but in some weeks I am going back to Sweden.

Ah, it's summer time for you for the moment. Are you going home for the holidays? Sweden will be my first European country to visit. I am looking forward to seeing snow! I live near Seattle. All we get is wind and rain this time of year.

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