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Show native language(s) icon

It would be great to display users' native language(s) on his/her home page and along with his/her language level(s)

First,that can help other users to identify that user's "credibility" in relevant discussions

Second,if that happens,the native language people could directly skip the lessons of his/her own language and automatically become a contributor or lesson tester(I konw you've beening working hard on this)

Third(not sure if practical),People might not use their native language to earn points

Note: one should not change the native language(one can choose whether to display it)once it is set

so far , tell me your thoughts :)

July 10, 2013



I like this idea. We may do it :)


Yes this would be cool cause I'd love to see what some native languages out there are on here.


agree with you ;)


I think this is great, especially when the DL team releases the tools to add our own language of interest.. It would be cool if we could search for others with the same native language :)

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