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Looking for advice for attaining C1 Proficiency in Dutch After finishing The skill tree.

Hoi, iedereen! Ik ben een amerikaanse die wil nederland wonen.

That's as much confidence as i have in my skills so far i'm afraid. Anyways! I have set a goal to learn Dutch to at least C1 proficiency in a years time, whether or not that is attainable i can't say. Though i'm certainly willing to put an inordinate amount of time into it to see it happen, i hate the idea of struggling at all with the language so i want to be thorough.

So, If anyone has some great suggestions as to what i could do now that i have finished the skill tree, i'd greatly appreciate it. I'm already scouring dutch news sites, attempting to read as much as i can even though i'm afraid it's still over my head. Listening to dutch youtube personalities as well but it's all unorganized, any suggestions would help greatly. As for this great site, i'm going through the skill tree over again and plan to keep doing it for as long as i need, still, it may not be enough for such a high proficiency goal.

Thanks again!

December 4, 2014



I'd say, practice with whatever interests you. If you are an avid news follower, watch/listen to/read Dutch news, if you're into music, listen to Dutch music, if you like reading, read in Dutch, if you like comics, get your hands on some Dutch comics.

Next to that if you're watching people speaking Dutch (e.g. on youtube) it can help to repeat out loud after them, for a number of reasons: to increase your confidence in speaking, to help you remember words/sentences and to train your (facial) muscles producing Dutch sounds.

If you're looking for some specific materials/weblinks, just reply to this message, let me know what you're looking for and I'll have a look.


I would appreciate your best recommendations, or rather places where i could find a wealth of things to listen/watch or read. Seems it's hard to find something closer to my skill level, it's all native speaking level.



To point you to some specific things, I would need to know what you're interested in. But this could already help you:

  • jeugdjournaal.nl news aimed at kids (10 years old?)
  • Alfred J. Kwak a children's cartoon (really good if you ask me)
  • news nos.nl or nu.nl can be easier than some other texts, since often you will (roughly) know what it should say
  • Komt een man bij de dokter… jokes acted out
  • other sketch shows you can find on youtube: Benidorm Bastards, Draadstaal, Jiskefet, De Vloer Op (I guess the order is roughly easy to difficult)
  • read a book in Dutch that you already read in English


I think that trying to read a lot is important. After you have the basic grammar down, lack of vocabulary is the big hurdle. With a limited vocabulary, I find that listening to spoken text can be quite frustrating: you are never sure whether your listening skill is lacking or you simply have never heard/seen the word before.

Find yourself some children's literature and grab a dictionary. If you have no idea what a sentence means, look up words until you do. The nice thing is that you can find books at basically any level, from books for toddlers to those for young adults, to actual literature. It might take some trial and error before you find one that is neither too boring nor too difficult.


Thank you, very common sense approach. I am surprised at how many words are still unfamiliar to me and that seems like the best place to start.

Thanks for commenting.

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