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Ideas for spending coins

As another user pointed out it would be really cool if we were able to 'buy' things with the coins we are earning. Obviously I am not expecting real life items but perhaps we can brainstorm some ideas / get some feedback from the experts? In my mind you would still retain your 'score' (which currently is the coins, replace it with 'score') but be able to spend your coins.


  • Other 'more fun focused' lessons (eg region specific slang/ curse words/idioms - have the ability to lock inappropriate content out if the user is deemed to young so parents can let their children loose on here without having to worry). I think some of these can be really important to know especially if it sounds similar to another 'innocent' word.

  • Access to 'games' for example such as randomly generated crossword puzzles in a language you select, with all the clues in that language.

Would love to hear your feedback / ideas...put your gamer hats on

July 10, 2013



That would be cool! Perhaps you could spend them on virtual trips to places that speak the language you're learning, then you could get a postcard from that place. It would be cool to see your collection of postcards grow as you visited more places! :D


I like that idea a lot! Then the users learn about the countries where a language is spoken, giving them some cultural background information. That would really add to the Duolingo experience. Excellent idea sir!


Yeah that way people learn how the language is used in different regions and countries. For example a commen mistake people who have learnt Spanish in Spain make when they go to Latin America is to use the verb 'coger' which people from Spain use for 'to take/drink' ie 'I drink a beer, I take the bus' etc. In LA they use 'tomar' which also means 'to take/drink.' Now 'coger' in LA is actually a vulgar way of saying 'to have sex' (use your imagination here) so if you use it insted of tomar you are actually saying 'I have sex with the bus, I have sex with the beer,' which I imagine can be quite embarrassing though let's face it, quite hilarious.


An avatar with purchasable features would be delightful.

Or perhaps some kind of abode that you could decorate, furnish and expand with components characteristic to a culture you're learning the language of. Id est: earn coins from Italian levels and you can unlock Italian renaissance art, or earn coins from Spanish levels and you can purchase Mudejar architecture or distinctly Spanish fauna for your garden.

Is that technically an avatar too? Can a locale be an avatar?


This seems so goofy.

I love it.


this is such a good idea I would love it and possibly also use duolingo way more because of this feature. I would want to collect everything! duolingo pick this up please!!!


kinda like a language mini game sort of thing. you could do different games in a language your learning or just fun quiz things, you could be learning and having fun!


Pretty much! Also, to use the example of the crossword puzzles, you could give people the ability to post their own crosswords for the whole community to answer. Have the ability to translate the clues similar to the way the articles work perhaps. Building the crosswords could even be a seperate mini game ie. you are given a word and have to try and explain the word in the language you are speaking. IE. "how would you describe a horse?" and you would write "It's an animal with four legs, wears shoes and eats hay." etc Perhaps use the answers from this to generate the crosswords. When I was with my Spanish tutor he always used to explain words to me that I didn't know in Spanish, and it improved my skills drastically. I imagine this would work in a similar way by having to construct your own explanations.


Also, maybe you could buy virtual gifts for your friends to encourage them or to thank them for help.


ya, maybe extra lives for a lesson?


I like the idea. Perhaps we could buy language related souvenirs for our home page. A virtual bottle of wine for French or some tapas for Spanish.


Yeah or nice trophies you can display on your profile. Not a bad idea.


What about trophies with a leader board for the trophies?

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