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  5. "En krabbe behøver vand."

"En krabbe behøver vand."

Translation:A crab needs water.

December 4, 2014



I remember this by relating it to the word "Behooves" in English which connotates necessity in knowing something.

Villain: It would behoove you Mr. Bond to remember that I do not play nice.

Mr. Bond: Suck it Trebeck!


There are also those old German words like "Behuf" (noun) and "behufs" (preposition) that are related.


... og en krabbe i Danmark behøver øl.


Can someone get some water for this crab here, please?


I know that it is particularly well phrased but surely "a crab is needing water" is correct?


Without water, mr. Crab shall get thirsty.


Everyone does :p but in all seriousness, yes. Some species of crabs can live on land, but they still need their gills to be moist to be able to breathe. While most can be outside the water for long periods of time, the marine ones still need to go back in the water to resume their normal "breathing", which is the same thing fish do to get oxygen from water.

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