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  5. "Hvad snakker du om?"

"Hvad snakker du om?"

Translation:What are you talking about?

December 4, 2014



If you would prefer (like me here) to have written "taler" or "siger" instead of "snakker", then it is a very handy commentgroup on Talking about things in Danish... https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4957496


Thank you for posting this link here, it's very handy.


Can any Danish speakers opine on the pronunciation of "hvad" here? This seems quite a bit different than I've heard it pronounced by other electronic voices. Just wondering which I should trust more.


Kinda like 'vel' but, you know, Danishified.


    Forvo.com can be very useful if you have a query on pronunciation, if you search for "havd" there are also a lot of example sentences


    The d is not always voiced in everyday speech or does not seem to be voiced. When voiced it is like the English thbut with the tongue behind the front teeth. Does that help at all?


    Not a native danish speaker however i did some youtube videos on pronunciation of vowels and the letter D. Mainly because i have found the danish are real sticklers for pronunciation. It helped alot.


    Does Danish have a word equivalent to "worüber" in German? If this sentence was in German, it would be "Worüber sprichst du?" which make it simpler.


    wondering the same thing


    Is "what are you saying" also a correct translation?


    This could also mean what are you chatting about


    I just say, in real life and here "what are you speaking of ?" and by chance it is accepted. I am not here to learn english nuances, let alone to translate to colloquial english or slang. For me, "May I have a beer" is not exactly the same as "Hey Mac, fill it up", even if the latter is heard a lot more often.


    Language changes over time and nowadays I don't hear anyone say "about what are you talking?" The modern day sentence in English is indeed "what are you talking about?" Colloquially where I am from, you can also say "what on earth are talking about?", "what are you jabbering on about?" Or even "what are you banging on about?" But that's more if someone is talking nonsense or talking too much lol often times it's said playfully.

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