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Can I lose my streak if I don't meet my daily goal?

I got 11 XP today, 13 xp yesterday, 12 XP the day before, an 1 XP before that. So I don't know how could I have lost my streak.

I read in other comments that not meeting the daily goal might do that, but I don't think they are related. I hope not... Now I set it to 1 XP.

Thank you!

PS. I think this has happened before. Some of my "streak freeze" have been disappearing. I use mainly the Android app.

December 4, 2014



Yes. Don't meet the goal, don't extend the streak.


Thank you! I wish I had know this before. I don't think that was mentioned when the little sign appeared telling me to select the daily goal. It all makes sense now.. so many lingots lost in vain :(

The streak was always about not missing a day's practise. I think Duo should make a point of that when it tells people to select the daily goal.


I agree totally - I am assuming that it is the new Android update that got you. Before that DL had been trying to tempt you on the PC web version to select a daily coach target but you could just ignore its siren call. The android app was updated a few days ago and a few days after that happened I came onto the Android app to find that it had automatically by default selected a daily target for me - 20 I seem to remember - and the Android app only allowed you to lower this to 10. So I logged in on the laptop and changed this to 1, This seems to now also be applied to my Android activity. I agree that it is very bad that DL didn't flag this and they don't seem to be replying on this thread. I also have an entirely separate technical issue with the new Android update but they haven't replied to this. Have a lingot as some small compensation.


Yes, you have to meet the daily goal order to extend your streak as Alexis said. As well, you need to connect via wifi to DL on the app to make sure it realizes that you've done stuff. :) Best of luck learning.


Thank you! +1 for both!


Thank you, <3 very kind of you. Just to clearify what I meant about connecting to DL was that if you are practicing offline and want to continue your streak, you can learn your lesson however at one point during your DL day schedual you must connect to wifi for it to count towards your streak. :) Best of luck.


That’s weird. I haven’t reached my goal but it extended the streak


This thread is five years old and the information is obsolete. Earlier this year, the system was changed so that now you only need to do one lesson to extend your streak, regardless of your daily goal.


Wish they had explained this. I just lost my streak because I didn't complete the number of lessons to meet my daily goal. Is it possible to take away a lingot from duolingo for failure to clarify (or the 7 I would have gotten today if I had completed an extra lesson yesterday!)?


The Android app keeps the streak going, even if you don't meet your goal, but the Chrome app doesn't.

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