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"The farmer works on the farm."

Translation:Oibríonn an feirmeoir ar an bhfeirm.

December 4, 2014



It accepts both "...ar an fheirm" and "...ar an bhfeirm". Which dialect uses which? I'm assuming the standard is the eclipsed form.


Both are acceptable in the standard now. Ulster Irish lenites, and the others eclipse.


I thought i read somewhere that feirmeoir and feirm were spelt feilm and feilmear in connemara. Is this not correct?


Why isn't "sa" accepted here?


sa replaces i + an (which in English would be "in the," not "on the").


Is this the explanation of the eclipse (or lack of eclipse)?

  • feirmeoir doesn't change, as it's masculine
  • feirm changes to bhfeirm, as it's feminine.


feirm is eclipsed because it comes after the preposition ar and the singular definite article an, as explained in the Tips & Notes for the Eclipsis skill.

ar an bhfeirm, ag an bhfear, chuig an mbean, leis an mbuachaill, as an mbuidéal, roimh an gcluiche, etc. The gender of the noun is not relevant.

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