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  5. "É um cadáver!"

"É um cadáver!"

Translation:It is a corpse!

December 4, 2014



A cadaver is a dead body used for study and medical purposes, while a corpse or dead body is used to describe a body not used for such purposes. Sorry if this sounds morbid, I just meant it as an explanation of the term differences.


Would it also be correct to use the English word "cadaver" ?


For those whose first language is not English: In this vague sentence, "corpse" and "cadaver" can be used interchangeably in English. However, I believe "cadaver" is the preferred term in the medical or scientific setting, whereas "corpse" or "dead body" are used in police cases. As in, "We are studying a cadaver in my anatomy lab" and "The detectives found a corpse in the trunk of the car." Also correct, "The detectives found a dead body..." and even "The detectives found a body..." Hope this is helpful!


I suppose it would, but I'm not completely sure if there's a difference between "cadaver" and "corpse" (and now this sounds kind of morbid).


I've noticed in Brazil the people don't like to use "cadáver", because they think it is a very morbid word

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