"Ancora mi chiedo come lui abbia fatto a trovare i miei numeri."

Translation:I still ask myself how he managed to find my numbers.

July 10, 2013

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This is a very strange sentence in English


Proprio quello. Cosa sono "i numeri" e come se li trova?


Would this be another way of saying: "I still wonder how he managed to find my telephone number" ?


That would be singular, "il mio numero"; unless the speaker has more than one, which is actually rather common.


Asked myself = wonder ???


According to Collins Italian English dictionary (under trovare) "far trovare qc a qn" can mean "to help somebody find something" but there is no "far a trovare," nor is it fare a trovare found in any listing of idioms with fare that I can find. Interestingly however, if one puts in "I still ask myself how he managed to find my numbers" one gets both translations with both "abbia fatto a trovare" and "sia riuscito." (In earlier lessons Duo used "riuscire a " to mean "to manage to, be able to, succeed at").

Could this have just been:

Ancora mi chiedo come lui abbia trovato i miei numeri (I still wonder how he found my numbers)


Ancora mi chiedo come lui sia riuscito a trovare i miei numeri (I still wonder how he managed to find my numbers).

Perhaps Civis romanus, Pierbona, Sandrabruck, or another native speaker might comment?


I totally agree that riuscire (to manage) would seem to be the correct verb here. I'm not Italian though, so confirmation from a native speaker would be much appreciated.


Ancora mi chiedo come DL abbia fatto a trovare = managed


Would this also or accurately translate to "come lui abbia fatto "= he was able to"?


"I still wonder how he came to find my numbers."


FIND OUT my numbers should be accepted. Please fix.


Could I also say: 'come lui abbia trovato...'?


There is a mistake in the program. The correct answer is found and you cannot choose this answer. Only choice is find and that is not correct. So you cannot go further.


No -' managed to find' is correct. You cannot say 'managed to found'.


In other exercises: - An imitial "ancora" = "even" - "Mi chiedo" = "I wonder"

This leads me to thinking that the following would be a good translation. Any advice from native English/Italian speakers would be much appreciated.

"Even I wonder what he did to find my numbers"

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