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Sick of wikipedia articles

It seems like the bulk of the immersion areas is wikipedia and, I would guess, people are often just cranking through these articles for the points. I wish there were a way to filter out these articles when doing immersion or that some sort of more formal arrangement get setup so that we are, at least, translating articles that need translation. As a side note the immersion algorithm is flawed since it claims I can read 96% of all real world pages, but I don't think that's a really accurate representation of where I am in reading comprehension.

July 10, 2013



I agree that translating wikipedia articles on subjects already covered well in english is a bit of a waste. But there are some articles on the french wikipedia that have information not covered in the english wikipedia articles, particularly those that cover french artists, places in France etc. If you translate one of these articles then you can merge the new information into the existing english wikipedia article (or start a whole new one if none exists).

I'm taking this approach with french music groups and artists. Recently I submitted the wikipedia article on the pop group Yelle, and once fully translated I will merge the new information from the french article into the english wikipedia article.


You'll start seeing more types of articles very soon. Have you tried uploading articles? The algorithm is based on words learned and concepts covered.

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