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Is the TTS reliable?

Or is it full of mistakes? Im especially interested in the pronunciation of s and s.

Also, does Swedish have any silent letters word finally or initially?

December 4, 2014



It's far from perfect and has a rather funny melody to its pronunciation. For many sentences it gets it relatively right though.

Swedish does not have any specifically silent letters, but quite a handful of ways of spelling the sje- sound and tje- sound respectively.

S can be tricky, since our retroflex R loves to merge with the S into a tje-sound, even across a word space, which is why it'll often be heard as very similar to the english sh-sound.

Are there any specific cases you're wondering about? Or examples?


My second question was because I know Norwegian has a silent t in its definite article and its respective pronoun and silent d in the clusters ld and nd. From your answer I get that Swedish has no such cases(except for dj and gj).


Oh, yes, shouldn't have forgotten those. Word initial gj- dj- lj-, but you seem aware already. :)

In spoken Swedish, the K in words that end in -skt often becomes silent. Thus "Engelskt" will likely sound like engelst.

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