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  5. "Zulk bier drink ik niet."

"Zulk bier drink ik niet."

Translation:I do not drink such beer.

December 4, 2014



I translated: "Such beer I don't drink" but the correction said the word order is not used in English. - but it is if you want to stress something. Eg "such a dress I'd never wear". Bit old fashioned, but still used.


Agreed. It's not wrong in English. It's a stressed form. I am a not a fan of when they tell us the rules of English. I know non-native speakers use it, but I would prefer they just not accept something than do the same thing for the language you're learning from as the language you're learning. Does that make sense? Maybe it's being an English teacher or living in multiple English speaking countries, but it annoys me to be told I don't know the rules of English.


I translated this sentence as you did, Suzy. As you and Gement point out, this is not the way we would normally say it these days. However, it is still correct - just a way to make the point more emphatically, so I've reported it and hope it will be accepted in the future.


A lot of these "zulk" sentences have this word order with the object first in the sentence. Would it also be correct/idiomatic to say "ik drink zulk bier niet"?


Yes, that sounds fine too. There would be less stress on the beer.


Would it be correct to answer, "I don't drink this kind of beer?"


Yes - much more common, in my view.


"I don't drink this type of beer" not accepted for me but have reported


I suppose you could be unhappy with the way the beer is kept or served, not what kind or type or brand it is. A warm can is about the only beer I would turn down!


why not such "a" beer?


Maybe zulk een bier?


Difference between "Zo'n bier drink ik niet" and "Zulk bier drink ik niet"?


My English is not very accurate, but does "I do not drunk such A beer" make sense or not?


Either "do not drink" or "have not drunk" would be appropriate, depending on whether you were speaking of the present or the past. "Do not drunk" is incorrect.


"I do not / don't drink such beer" is correct in the present tense. ("drink" is present; "drank" or "have drunk" is past.


I think the guy meant to focus on "A" and mistakenly typed "drunk" instead of "drink".


why is "such beer" and not "such a beer"?? Obviously I am a non native speaker :p


Because the Dutch sentence has no article as well. So it's a general statement that doesn't refer to one particular beer.


Are all the forms of "zulk" essentially the same as 'that kind of' or 'like that' which are used much more frequently in english? Or are there common dutch phrases similar to these also?


Personally I don't know. But to be honest "that kind of" or "like that" are far more natural translations for this sentence, but they don't seem to be accepted. No English speaker actually says "I don't drink such a beer" in English. So, it's a bad translation given by a non-native, even if, technically, it's correct.

This kind of things would undoubtedly be misleading to someone who is learning both Dutch and English (in this case).


"I don't drink such beer" is only an English sentence in an extremely theoretical sense.

Duolingo's intuitive method has a lot to recommend it, but a little more explanation and more idiomatic editing skills would be good.


Zulk(e) en z'on can be used in the same way?

Zulk or Zulke + noun & Z'on + noun


Both "zulk" and "zo'n" sound good to me but I may be wrong. Note though that "zo'n" is the contraction of "zo een" . Not "z'on".


Welk bier drink je?

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