"Den fula flugan flög."

Translation:The ugly fly flew.

December 4, 2014

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Flyg, fula fluga flyg! Och den fula flugan flög.


"Let us flee!", said the fly,
"Let us fly!" said the flea.


So they flew through a flaw in the flue.


I guess you could use that as a preparation before singing


I feel like I have to write a children's book now.


Why should we use "fula fluga", but not "ful fluga"?


You're talking about (or more specifically to) a specific fly, so it's still in the definite even though you don't have the article.


I don't get it. Does it mean that you can basically use indefinite form of the noun when speaking of something definite?


Look at it this way. Let's say we're talking about a really filthy person. You could say e.g.

  • That pig!
  • The pig!

Though the second is a bit less idiomatic, the point is that it's in the definite because you're not talking to it but rather about it.

However, if you were to speak to that person directly:

  • You pig!

It's no longer in the definite because you're addressing the person.

English makes this less obvious than Swedish, but it's the same general principle.


Albeit a bit ridiculous, is it possible to say "Den fulla fula flugan flög"?


aaaaaand now we see where the Swedish chef gets it...


It is, though that's not part of the tongue twister (but maybe if should if you wanted to make it even harder ;-)). Translates to "The drunk, ugly fly flew".


Is there a Swedish phrase like 'tongue twister'?


Yes! Flyg, fula fluga, flyg. Och den fula flugan flög. 'Fly, ugly fly, fly! And the ugly fly flew'.


I had to research sj-sound tongue twisters, because I think that is the most horrifying possibility in Swedish. Now I wish I hadn't:

Sju skönsjungande sjuksköterskor skötte sjuttiosju sjösjuka sjömän på skeppet "Shanghai"



Try saying THAT ten times fast.


give me a moment to untangle my tongue again...


Here comes an old chestnut from Eastern Europe:

En rysk forskare experimenterade med en fluga. Han säger “Flugan, gå!”. Flugan gick lite och forskaren noterade resultatet. Då, han drog ut två av dess lemmar och upprepat hans befallningen. Flugan gick, så han drog ut två lemmar till. Flugan gick fortfarande, så han drog ut de två sista flugans lemmarna och upprepat hans befallningen igen. Flugan rörde sig inte längre, så forskaren noterade att efter att alla flugans lemmarna har dragits ut, blev flugan döv.

I honestly don't know if I got it right, but I just couldn't resist translating this :)


That ugly fly flew is not accepted, doesn't 'den' mean that as well?


Yes, if you put the stress on den. I've added it now.


Why is it fula not ful?


Flygenflygaflögalfy flygöf, is how my tongue feels.


Apparently this is a song sung by Swedish children? Sort of like a nursery rhyme?


No, it's just a tongue-twister. :)


This is better than "lille lila lådon."


Nice sentence, Team DL Swedish! Made me smile. :-D


A flea and a fly got lost in a flue The flea said let us fly The fly said let us flee And the both flew out of the flue

En lopp och en fluga gick vilse i en rökgrop Loppan sa att vi skulle flyga Flygan sa att låt oss fly Och de båda flög ut iv rökröret

It took me ages to translate that into swedish.


Pretty good, with a few minor mistakes (some of which may be typos). As a native speaker, I would translate it as "En loppa och en fluga gick vilse i en rökkanal (not sure about that one; flue isn't a word I use often, so I relied on google translate for that). Loppan sade, 'Låt oss flyga.' Flugan sade, 'Låt oss fly.' Och de båda flög ut ur rökkanalen."

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