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"In een brasserie kan men lunchmaaltijden eten."

Translation:In a bistro one can eat lunches.

December 4, 2014



'Lunchmaaltijd' is not on woordenlijst.org. It's eather lunch or maal(tijd)


Van Dale doesn't like it either.


Can "men" not be used just like "people" is in English, even though of course people is not singular when used in this context. So, In a brasserie people can eat lunch.


I'd say so. I'd definitely say that before I said 'one'.


The possible solutions list "In a bistro 1 can eat lunches".

In English, one can't be written as "1" in this case. One is being used as a pronoun - not referring to a cardinal number.


Is er een verschil tussen "eetcafé" en "brasserie" ?

Just found that "brasserie" is actually a french word meaning "brewery" (or "brouwerij" in dutch). Can someone please explain ?


Why can't you say; Lunches can be eaten in a bristo. Is there something wrong with it?


Yeah. In your sentence, 'lunches' becomes the subject and the sentences changes into a passive voice. So, it's not a correct translation for the Dutch sentence (where 'lunch' is the object, and the voice is active). :)


O yeah of course. Thanks for your help!


I think it's a legitimate translation. Just because it's not a passive construction in Dutch doesn't mean you can't used one in English.

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