Translation:My grandfather has given me the name of the street.

4 years ago


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Nearly every sentence in all of the exercises that have the words har and på, the popups are wrong.. it always translates to "wearing" and "is wearing".. even though like this sentence, that's clearly not the case.

Curiously, when I hover over the popups right up at the top here, they are correct, however if I cancel this dialog and go back to the question I was just on, the popups are wrong.

At any rate 90%+ of the sentences with the words har and på in them are not about wearing anything, but that is what is shown to the user.

Just thought I would point this out if someone didn't know that the popups at the top here are not what are being shown to the users.

4 years ago

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is "navnet på X" the standard pattern for saying "the name of X"? eg navnet på hunden, navnet på bogen

3 months ago
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