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Finding friends to learn the language together

Hi everyone! I've been for several days on this site and I think it's really great. What I'm missing though is a FAQ section, because I have a couple of questions and I can't find answers anywhere. For example, finding friends to learn the language together, exchange information, etc. The site offers me to find friends on facebook, but my facebook friends are either not interested or native Dutch already. And I see this constant reminder on my page "Natasha, you are alone, find friends". Not fun :( So I figured out I can find people here who also learn Dutch and cooperate with them. How do I do it? Or let's say I want to start a new course. I want to talk to people first who have already done it just for a feedback. It would be handy to see the list of people who are learning this particular language. Can people exchange private messages? What set of skills do I need to contribute to making a new course (besides the knowledge of the language)?

December 4, 2014


[deactivated user]

    Private messages cannot be sent, but you can go to the course at the course selection page, then go to the profiles of the developers, and look at their lists of followers. From there, click "Follow" to make some friends, particularly ones interested in your course of choice, or who have completed it.

    As far as making friends who are interested, this is difficult for me as well. I would very much enjoy a friend (irl or online) who is competitive on Duolingo or at least has a deep interest in learning languages.

    To contribute to making a new course, you have to know both languages [meaning the language you wish to contribute to, and the language of the people you wish to teach it to] inside and out and submit two essays [one in one language, and one in the other] without any grammatical or spelling errors, so it's far beyond the skill level of most people, but if you're skilled enough, head to www.incubator.duolingo.com and get started.


    Thank you! That was very helpful :)


    Hi TashaZlt, for future reference, besides the Help section here at the bottom, there is an unofficial wiki with a FAQ:



    Thanks, georgeoftruth!

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