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  5. "Jij drinkt te veel koffie."

"Jij drinkt te veel koffie."

Translation:You drink too much coffee.

December 4, 2014



I don't believe in 'too much' coffee


Agreed, there's no such thing as too much coffee.


Jij spreekt te veel.


Can you use te for the other meaning of too in English? Like "Ik spreek Nederlands te"?

[deactivated user]

    I am not native but i think you can't. Ook will be better for that sentence like German auch "Ik spreek Nederlands ook"


    What is the difference between "te veel" = too much and "zoveel"=so much? thank you


    It's just the same as in English, to say someone drinks "so much" coffee, you're just stating that they drink a lot, but "too much" is of course that they drink too much of it. It's self explanatory, really


    How do you use "Te" in other sentences without putting it before "veel"?

    Can "Te" be used alone?


    'te' actually means 'too', so if you say 'This bread is too big', then this is 'Dit brood is te groot' :)


    Thanks By the way my native language is Spanish (Argentinian spanish). I couldn't respond on the other comment. It wouldn't let me


    I tried "Je drinkt te veel koffie".

    Is 'jij' a more-formal use?

    Is it falling out of use?

    If it were important, then I would that the producers include an excursion into the difference!


    You can also use je here, unless it's a type what you hear exercise due to the difference in pronunciation.

    Other than that there are sentences in which emphasis is required, for example pointing someone out/making a comparison. In those cases only jij will be accepted.


    El2theK, your emphatic & pointed example reassures me!

    I've regular difficulty transcribing duolingo's mechanical voice on account of what I hear as a lack of even temper: some phonemes, in sotto-voce, pass beneath mine ear

    ... American Media's become notorious for its frequently "regionless" accent: I'd enjoy even an artificially even pronunciation; and learn to pick-up dialects, subsequently.

    Again, my thanks, El2theK; and to duolingo's producers!

    ... while I'm wishing for features; and while I'm learning to teach mine email-client that duolingo's messages are Important... maybe duolingo's main menu might Illuminate its 'Discussion' button when there's "news" for the user within!

    And coffee! - Hurrah!! - So,, yes: if I were a moral-scold telling you that you drink too much coffee, I'd use the 'pointing-at-you' form!!!

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