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Translating vs. Immersion

I have a request for a simple new feature:

Ever since the change in how real-world translation is encountered in Duolingo, I've been trying to find a way to simulate the old experience. I looked forward to translating real German sentences. When I go to the Immersion tab these days, I have a very hard time finding articles that have not yet been translated. I just read over other translations and approve them when appropriate. I know that ensuring a high-quality translation is in the better interests of Duolingo, but I find looking over other people's translations and never doing my own stultifying. Doing my own translations makes me feel like I'm making progress in my learning.

Is it possible to implement a tab in the Immersion section for untranslated sentences? Or perhaps to re-implement the older mechanic where one translates a sentence, then grades someone else's translation? Perhaps others hated it, but it was my favorite part of Duolingo.

July 10, 2013



if you click the new tab you can find all sorts that haven't been translated?


Yes, it would be nice to be able to choose the old or the new way--translation or immersion. Like you, I find checking other people's work, only, quite boring, and I have done few "immersions" since this new method was implemented. I get to the suggested page, look at someone else's translation, and think, "oh, another time!" and find something else to do.


I don't know what the old way was, if you can tell me, out of curiosity, that'd be great. Though now, you can go to any article and to its right is pie chart. The black area represents percentage of the article translated and check, the grey is percentage translated only, and in white percentage not translated. So if you want to look for articles that have not been translated look for articles that have a lot of white in the pie chart.

And if it helps, below the pie chart is a ratio. I believe is, sentence translated over total sentences. Basically tells you if the article is long or short.


Thanks, RKSMT, I'll gIve that a try.

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