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  5. "Her look expressed her joy."

"Her look expressed her joy."

Translation:Seu olhar expressou sua alegria.

July 10, 2013



Para me, aqui, a palavra "look" pode ser traduzido com aspecto ou aparência. i.e "The way she look". A aparência dela.

Eu usei, "Seu aspecto expressou sua alegria", penso que esta frase é quase certa, mas não foi aceita.

A lado disso, "aspecto" não me parece ser a palavra ótima para traduzir "look" quando isto significa : comportamento, jeito, aspecto, atitude


Is "O olhar dela expessou a alegria dela" correct or wrong or awkward sounding?


for me it sounds awkward cause you repeated "dela" twice. But yoh can say "O olhar dela expressou sua alegria" =)


Wowowow DL demands pretérito imperfeito way long before the respective lesson?!


What is wrong with olhada instead of mirada?


Could this sentence also be translated as His/Your look expressed his/your joy?


why is it wrong to say "Seu olhar expressou a alegria dela"


No, as well as "o olhar dela expressou sua alegria".


thanks, I seem to remember in my Spanish study that you should make an effort speak without any ambiguity


In this sentence is 'olhar' acting as a verbal noun but STILL referred to as the infinitive? Or is it another disguised term like 'chover' in 'Se chover, não vamos' which looks like an infinitive but is one of the conjugations of the future subjunctive?


Answering my own question, I now think this is another example of Duolingo just warning us to be careful - the spelling may be the same as the infinitive but, in this case it is a masculine noun olhar ... nm → look, glance , according to 2 out of 3 of my PT dictionaries!

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