"On Monday, Wednesday and Friday?"

Translation:Il lunedì, mercoledì e venerdì?

July 10, 2013

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Why is it 'al lunedì' and not 'a lunedì'?


I am almost positive that it's because you must use the definite article "il". If you decide to also include "a", it would be "a"+"il"= "al"


why isn't it su?


The definite article (il) is used before the days of the week to indicate a repeated, habitual activity.

  • Sabato gioco = I am playing on Saturday (this, next Saturday)
  • Lei non gioca mai il sabato. = She never plays on Saturday(s)


Thanks dnovinc, I was wondering this too, and should've known better. I wish the translation word for word was better with regards to this. TomSFox, the direct translation is there to help you, it should not lead you astray. This person was fine in asking why. No need to be so rude about it. I was confused as well.

Granted, of course we know not to take word for word for heart, but really Duo should be more diligent about its translations. (How many times have we had an English translation go awry simply because we posted "it's yesterday's bread" instead of "it's the bread from yesterday" or something equally innocuous?)

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