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Irish and Gaelic

One of my Social Studies teachers is Irish. She can speak Gaelic, as it is taught in Ireland and you can't get into a a high school without knowing it in Ireland (Maybe it has changed since she was a child) I want to be able to speak Gaelic to her, because it has always seemed cool, and she is probably the only person for miles that I could speak to. I want to use Duolingo, but I'm not sure if Irish and Gaelic are the same. It may seem stupid, but nothing I found on Google helped!!! If you have an answer, it would be great if you could tell me!!!

December 4, 2014



"Gaelic" isn't a language - it's a group of languages that includes Irish, Manx and Scottish Gaelic. The language of Ireland is called just "Irish", or "Gaeilge" in the language itself.

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There are also a few variants of Irish itself; it really depends if she is a native speaker of one of the dialects or just learned it in school. Here in Dublin I still haven't spoken to anyone who admits to speaking Irish, even after all those years of compulsory education, and some of them even have Gaelic names.

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