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Poor understanding of German grammar

I have just translated two sentences. I thought my translations were fairly accurate. I clicked on "Best Translation" in both cases and found they contained grammatical errors. The translator did not seem to know that 'sie' means 'she' when followed by a verb in the singular and 'they' when it is a plural verb. Also, in one sentence, the suffix '-in' was not recognized as indicating a feminine noun. I think the translations may have come from Google Translate. How they could be considered the "best" I don't know. Surely, there should be some check that the translations are free of grammatical errors when they are submitted and before thy are evaluated as good or bad.

October 21, 2012



It's unfortunately done on the basis of up-votes. Use your votes carefully and encourage others to do likewise.


The most useful feedback for me from this site is to see how those with a better understanding translate the same sentence. However, I've recently noticed a significant increase in the same thing as Tomk123 and the comments on the articles indicated that the translators thought the content too hard for their level of german. I can understand the idea of up-votes balancing any bias to literal translation but if the article is already 100% translated, what's the probability that peole will take time to rate it? Wouldn't it make sense to avoid the problem in the first place by suggesting articles within a difficulty range that matched the current level of the translator instead of by overall popularity? e.g. by deciding how much of the content overlapped the vocabulary or grammar that they had already covered in the lessons?


I think there is an (albeit poorly functioning) attempt to do that built in to the site. In any case, in a year or so I would expect translation quality to skyrocket as more of us become fluent.

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