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Finished the Swedish tree in 5 days!

Guess I got a bit carried away... Even though I already know Swedish, it was a fresh experience. I was able to pick some new words here and there, and also revive the forgotten ones.

In spite of the fact that I live quite close to the Swedish-speaking Finland, I have never, in all of my 21 years, spoken Swedish with an actual Swedish person! I really think that DL kind of forces you to say those things aloud so above all this was good training for actually speaking the language.

Just wanted to say thanks to all those who contributed to the Swedish course: Tusen tack, kiitos!

Next up: continuing Spanish, a bit of Bokmål outside of Duo and somewhere in the future...German (somewhat close to Swedish, is it not? ;)).

December 4, 2014



Haha, congratulations! I was confused for a little wondering how you could finish the tree in such little time, but you explained. That's really cool, it should have definitely refreshed you!


When I did Swedish, I could not see a very big similarity. German is west Germanic and Swedish is north.


As a native german I have to say that there are a lot of similarities. Every time I'm in Sweden I can pick up a newspaper and read through most of the articles. I don't understand every word, but contextual understanding allows me to grasp most of the content. Swedish, to me, looks like a very simplified version of german grammar.

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