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  5. "Good advice is expensive."

"Good advice is expensive."

Translation:Goda råd är dyra.

December 4, 2014



"Nu är goda råd dyra" means that it is important to find a quick solution to a problem.


Is bra really incorrect here?


It was just missing. Added it now.

I might add that "god" is idiomatic with "råd", but "bra" works fine too.


Varför kan man inte säga "Gott råd är dyrt"? Alltså singular. Tack på förhand!


"Nu är goda råd dyra" is a Swedish idiomatic expression, so it makes sense to us to use the plural form. And you can't say just "gott råd", it has to be "ett gott råd". So, what would "ett gott råd" be in English, "a piece of good advice"?


In another example, "Jag gav honom ett gott råd" (IIRC), "good advice" is accepted as correct for "ett gott råd". Should it not be in this case as well? I.e. should "Ett gott råd är dyrt" not be accepted?


Ok for the expression. But does that mean that råd can't be used in the singular? Or that people in general just use råd in the plural, or as an unquantifiable noun?

In other words is "Det var ett gott/fint/stort råd" never used?


It is countable in Swedish and "det var ett gott/fint råd" is a correct sentence. We don't say "ett stort råd" though. If you mean "great advice", then I guess "ett jättebra råd" works fine :).


I wrote "gott råd är dyrt" and Duo corrected gott to goda but left dyrt alone. Would anybody ever say that? I thought both endings would have to agree.


It's not an accepted answer, but I seem to recognize this from other courses. Duo doesn't always show all errors. When there are several errors in the input, it will often just point out one of them, at least I've had that happen to me many times.


Ah, that's interesting. Maybe it takes words from various accepted answers and doesn't always get it right. Thanks for clearing it up anyway!


Apart from it being an expression, is there any other reason why bra is not accepted in place of goda?


It's accepted now.

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