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  5. "Hvorfor er du derhenne?"

"Hvorfor er du derhenne?"

Translation:Why are you over there?

December 4, 2014



Good thing the first time I get confronted with derhenne is an audio. I would love to have had it in a writing task before this.


Yonder should be accepted as a translation for «derhenne»; even though it is sort of archaic, it is more accurate of a translation.


First time I hear of yonder... Shouldn't the course instead focus on current language?


what's the difference between derhenne and derovre?


does that become derhen if im going there?


What does the 'henne' mean in this word? 'Der' means 'there' and there are words like 'derinde' which literally mean 'there in'.


To be quite honest, when I saw "Hvorfor er du derhenne?", I literally translated it for myself in Afrikaans: "Waarom is jy daarheen?" - "Why did you go thereto / that way?" "-henne" and "heen" and even the German "hin" mean "to a remote point/location/purpose [Dutch Van Dale], away from the speaker [Der Sprach-Brockhaus]". My Afrikaans dictionary also says: away, gone, somewhere. http://ordnet.dk/ddo/ says sub verbum "hen" : dels udviklet af "heden" 'herfra', dels fra middelnedertysk hen 'bort, væk' [partly developed from "heden" meaning "here-from" ("hiervandaan" / literally "from here" in Afrikaans), partly from Middle Low German "hen" meaning "gone, away".]


One of the "correct" versions is: Why are you yonder? Where/When in the English speaking does/did one say this?


No one really says "yonder" anymore unless maybe in a western/cowboy movie. The best modern translation is "over there." The idea is that it is "there" but not something close that you are pointing toward. In Spanish this is distinguished as allí versus allá


Because the grass is greener here. ;)

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